bilbl_superHow many miles have you logged towards Bella’s Summer Challenge this week?

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope the past week was a good one for you, and you were able to get in lots of fun & fitness.  I left for a teaching conference last Monday – Thursday, but I’m really proud to say that I logged in lots of miles even though I was traveling.  In fact, because we walked around Sacramento so much, I think I got in more miles than I might’ve if I stayed home.  Either way, it was a great week. Here are my totals as of this morning, including this morning’s workout:

2014-07-14 10.54.00

That’s a total of 46 miles in this week!  It was a lot of walking, but also included elliptical, swimming, and a lot of biking this weekend.  As a reminder, the TIU girls say that biking miles should be divided in 3.  So if you biked 12 miles, you’ll count that as 4 miles.  I myself just count the time spent doing the activity to keep the math simple.  So, since I biked for 70 minutes on Saturday, I counted it as 7 miles.

This week I’m going to fit in some fitness classes, something I love but haven’t been doing yet this summer.  In addition, I want to make sure to get in some swimming and biking, along with lots of walking.

What’s your goal this week? What workouts do you have planned to get those miles in?  Feel free to check in below, or message me on Twitter or Instagram.  And don’t forget to use the hashtags: #150bybacktoschool and #BellasSummerChallenge

So far it looks like I’m the only one using any of these hashtags, at least from my search on Instagram this morning:

2014-07-14 11.16.302014-07-14 11.16.41

Be sure to grab this chart if you’d like a visual way to track your miles.

2014-06-23 12.15.30

bilbl_superThis week I’ll be traveling to Sacramento for a teaching conference until Thursday, but that’s not an excuse not to workout.  The hotel we’re staying in has a fitness center and a pool, and we always walk to/from the convention center and all of the restaurants for our meals, so staying active will be relatively easy.  Since I’m not sure which cardio machines the fitness center will have, I’m just going to put “cardio” on here for now, and will fill in the specifics when I get to the hotel later today. Here’s this week’s plan:
Monday: evening swim
Tuesday: cardio/swimming + TIU: Take Me to the Sea (shoulders/arms/abs)
Wednesday: cardio/swimming + TIU:Daisy Duke Workout (3 rounds)
Thursday: cardio/swimming + TIU:Beach Yoga w/ Karena
Friday: elliptical + long walk w/ Sofi + TIU: Santorini Bikini + TIU:  Sleek & Slender Abs
Saturday: walk w/ Sofi  + TIU: LYB w/ Kettlebells

And don’t forget that I’ve started a little challenge of my own – getting in 150 miles by the time I have to go back to school for my first teacher workday on August 15. I’d love for you to join me.

I post my daily workouts on Instagram, so follow me (or look at the sidebar of this blog) to see what I’m doing!

bilbl_superHow many miles have you logged towards Bella’s Summer Challenge this week?

So my idea of posting the weekly check in on Sunday kind of went by the wayside this weekend. LOL.  I guess I was having too much fun on Sunday Funday.  In order to keep things consistent from here on out, I think I’m going to move the check in post to Mondays instead.

This week I clocked lots of miles toward the #150bybacktoschool -

2014-07-07 06.39.04

I’m really proud of how many miles I got in this week!  41 miles in one week is awesome (if I do say so myself!), especially considering it was my birthday week.  But I did make a habit of going to workout first thing in the morning most of the days, and on the days I didn’t hit the gym, I did a ton of walking and biking.

This coming week I’m going to be in Sacramento for a teaching conference – I leave later this afternoon and will return on Thursday afternoon.  One thing we do a lot of while we’re there is walk, so I’m pretty confident that I can log plenty of miles.  The hotel we’re staying at also has a pool and a fitness center, so I really have no excuse not to get in some activity.

What’s your goal this week? What workouts do you have planned to get those miles in?  Feel free to check in below, or message me on Twitter or Instagram.  And don’t forget to use the hashtags: #150bybacktoschool and #BellasSummerChallenge  Be sure to grab this chart if you’d like a visual way to track your miles.

2014-06-23 12.15.30

Belated Birthday Post

2014-07-02 08.34.13

I really love this quote that I found on my birthday; it fits perfectly.  I’ve never been someone who is afraid of getting older, mostly because I don’t feel (or look) my age.  In fact, I really enjoy each new birthday, since it’s always been my own private holiday. This year was no exception.

While the actual day of my birthday (July 2nd) was pretty calm, and a bit boring, if I’m honest, the days leading up to and around my birthday were phenomenal.  I was taken to happy hour, two dinners, and had a really nice date (more on that in a minute).  I received so many great presents, and I feel really grateful for the outpouring of love that everyone showed me.

What a transformation I’ve made from this year to last.  Last year on my birthday, I was just about 6 weeks post-op.  I felt great and had so much hope for what I would be able to accomplish over the next year.  Even I had no idea just how fantastic things would become:


This year I am feeling and looking my best.  I am at a really healthy weight, am able to accomplish fitness goals that I’ve never before even attempted, and I just feel amazing.  I’m living the life I always hoped for myself, right down to the fact that I’ve started dating a really great guy.

I don’t want to go into much detail, because we’re still in the very early stages, but I really like him and the feeling seems to be mutual.  When friends have asked me in the past what I’m looking for in a guy, he meets every single one of the things on my wishlist, right down to the fact that he’s Italian.  He’s smart, well educated, has a great job, has finesse and class, enjoys sports (and roots for the same teams that I do!) and he even has a dog.  We live within 5 minutes of each other, and have a lot of things in common.  He’s completely chivalrous and treats me so well.  Beyond that, he makes my heart skip a beat and puts a permanent smile on my face.  I love that we met at the beginning of my summer vacation and we have all summer to get to know each other and go on fantastic dates all around the Bay Area. It’s been years since I’ve felt this way about anyone, and I really don’t want to jinx anything.  But suffice it to say, I’m really happy.

I have a great feeling that this 43rd year of mine is going to be the best one yet!

bilbl_superHow many miles have you logged towards Bella’s Summer Challenge this week?

I thought it would be nice to write a check-in post on Sundays because Sunday is a day that ends the week or begins a new week, depending on your perspective.  I spend a lot of time on Sundays reflecting on what I’ve accomplished and planning my workouts for the upcoming week.

This week I’m pleased with my progress toward the #150bybacktoschool.

2014-06-28 12.45.03 These miles include yesterday’s Giant Race 5K, lots of neighborhood walks with Sofi, and an elliptical session.  I have to admit, I did let myself start my mornings slooooowly this week, and didn’t get in as many workouts at the gym as I usually do.  But I think every once in awhile it’s okay to have more of a milder week, especially considering all the events I’ve been able to enjoy this week.

I have tons of celebrations planned for the upcoming week, too, but I’m determined to get in stronger workouts and to log more miles.  I’m going to get back to C25K, do a spin class or two, hit the elliptical, swim, and of  course, walk with Sofi. I’m giving myself the goal of getting 24 miles in this week.

What’s your goal this week? What workouts do you have planned to get those miles in?  Feel free to check in below, or message me on Twitter or Instagram.  And don’t forget to use the hashtags: #150bybacktoschool and #BellasSummerChallenge  Be sure to grab this chart if you’d like a visual way to track your miles.

2014-06-23 12.15.30

bilbl_superHappy Sunday morning!   My weekend has been really fun so far.  Yesterday I participated in the Giant Race 5K with my friend Di, and we had the best time walking and chatting.  We liked it so much that we decided that next year, we’re going to run the 5-miler.

The race started early – at 7:30am, which was good because it meant we avoided the heat and had the rest of our Saturday to ourselves.  I really think the race shirts were adorable, don’t you?  That’s the SJ Giants’ mascot, Gigante.

2014-06-28 12.33.43


2014-06-28 07.04.52

Of course I made us take a pre-race selfie

The course itself was really flat for the most part, although there was one small incline. I definitely think that next year I’d appreciate the challenge of running the 5-mile race.  One really cool aspect of this race was that the finish line took us onto the ballpark green.

2014-06-28 12.39.37

For a while I’d been questioning whether or not I wanted to continue participating in 5Ks.  Whether I wanted to run them, walk them, or just skip them altogether.  When I was doing my own run/walk intervals, I found myself nervous every time it was time to run, so I told myself maybe I should just walk 5Ks from now on.  But every since I’ve re-started C25K, I’ve actually enjoyed the running segments.  The difference is that I’ve slowed myself down and just focused on improving my breathing.  Yesterday’s 5K was fun, but not challenging enough for me. So I’ve decided that in the future, if I find a 5K that I want to participate in, I’m going to run it.  (Hopefully I still feel this way after the MOOnlight 5K I have coming up on July 12, which will be the first 5K I run all the way through).



We’ve hit the time in the summer that is both a blessing and a curse for me.  A blessing because celebrating special events with friends and family is always fun.  A curse because these memory-making events always come with indulgent foods and drinks. Still, I feel lucky to have so much to celebrate over the course of these two weeks:

  • Italian Heritage Night at the SF Giants (Tuesday night)
  • My dad’s birthday (Wednesday night)
  • A Silpada party (last night)
  • Impromptu BBQ w/ my parents (tonight)
  • SJ Giants baseball game (tomorrow night)
  • Dinner out with a friend for my birthday (Tuesday)
  • My birthday (next Wednesday)
  • 4th of July
  • My friend’s annual 5th of July party

At each of these events, I’m going to make the best choices possible.  For example, Wednesday night at my dad’s birthday dinner, which we had at a local bocce court and restaurant, I ordered steamed clams and mussels in a white wine/tomato/garlic broth.  Healthy and very delicious, but we also had red wine. Which is fine, and wouldn’t affect my weight loss, except that I had a beer at the Giants game the night before, and I had cucumber sangria at my party last night.  See what I mean?  None of these choices alone are bad; but together they make it hard to lose weight.

Which is honestly why I didn’t weigh in on Wednesday.  I’d had an Italian sausage (no bun), beer, and a bit of kettle corn the night before at the game, and I knew it would put me up on the scale, even if it is just water weight.

Now I’m not saying that during this next week and a half I’m going to throw everything out the window and eat with wild abandon while lazing around at home inactive. That’s just not me anymore.  I’m still making good choices, I’m still eating small portions, and I’m still working out as much as ever.  But at this point in my weight loss journey, indulging a bit and working out equals maintaining my weight, not losing. 

Which I’m fine with – until July 6th.  I’ve decided that I’m perfectly happy to maintain my weight loss for the next week or so.  I’m actually really happy with the way I look and feel right now.  I’m proud of all that I’ve accomplished and enjoy seeing the person who looks back at me in the mirror.  But I still weigh more than I’d like to, so I’m not quite ready to call this my goal weight.  Not just yet.

So beginning on July 6th I’m going to get back to my weight loss mode.  I want to drop another 30 pounds, and while I know it’s going to be a lot harder to do it now that I’m at this weight, I know I can do anything I put my mind to.  Those 30 pounds aren’t going to come off in just one summer, but I can lose 1/3 – 1/2 of them if I get back to being a bit stricter with my food choices.

Which is not to say that I can’t have fun this summer, but I want to keep my ultimate goal in mind. My journey isn’t over just yet, and I’m excited to continue on with it after this brief rest stop.


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