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20120714-084746.jpgI think I really am becoming a fitness superhero! I’m thinking of joining a local community center so I can take more fitness classes. In addition to my normal membership at 24 Hour Fitness and my 1-month pass at the yoga studio, mind you.

It all started when my favorite Zumba instructor ever, Lollo, recently commented on one of my first posts about Zumba. In her comment, she mentioned that she’s teaching at a local community center that’s less than a mile from my house. So I looked up their schedule and was amazed by the classes they offered!

1. Spin Yogi (30 min spin, 60 min yoga) – Lollo teaches!
2. Mat Pilates (for beginners) – Lollo teaches!
3. Zumba – Lollo teaches!
4. BellyDance (24 hour doesn’t have this anymore)
5. Hot Hula (this sounds so fun!!!)

They offer lots more, but those are the ones I’d definitely go to. Well, I’m not quite ready for Spinning Yogi, but I can get there.

The cost is $29.99/mo, and I don’t have to sign a contract. They’re actually offering 3 months for $75, which saves $15, so I may go with that one. Considering that I only pay $99/year ($8.25/mo) for 24 Hour, I think I can fit this in my budget, at least for July, August, and September. I have nothing but time on my hands until August 15, and since these classes are offered in the evening, I can absolutely fit them in when school starts back up. I could easily spend $25-30 on something a lot less healthy.

So I’m going to go in on Monday and sign up!

Who am I? A girl determined to have fun with fitness while reaching her goals.

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Tonight I tried Pilates for the first time, and since I wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into, I tried to look up information about what the class was all about before I got to the gym.  I didn’t find too much specific information about what the actual class would entail because I wasn’t sure what 24 Hour Fitness’ spin would be on the class.  I knew there wouldn’t be any equipment, but I wasn’t sure beyond that.  I did find out that Pilates was developed as a way for ballet dancers to recover from their performances, and that it developed and strengthened core stability.

Last I looked, ballet dancers and I don’t have too much in common in terms of appearance, unless you count this.  Still, I wanted to give it a try, since one of my goals for the new year was to try out new group exercise classes at the gym, and I’ve been curious about the lengthening aspect of Pilates.

I really liked the fact that the class was at 7:30, which actually surprised me.  I thought it would be a struggle for me to drag myself to the gym, but it wasn’t.  When I got home from work I ate a piece of string cheese, and went on a walk with “the crew.”  When we got home, I ate dinner a lot earlier than normal (at 5:30) and had some time to myself to relax and watch some t.v., but I wasn’t relaxed enough to prevent me from leaving the house.  So, I’m going to see what other classes are offered at the same time.

When I got to the class, yoga mat in hand, I felt comfortable, seeing a wide range of people of every age and size.  Although just like yesterday’s belly dancing class, I was by far the biggest in the class.  But I wasn’t deterred by that in the least.  I was proud of myself for being there, for taking the leap into the unknown, which was pretty scary.

I did wish I wouldn’t have worn such a snug-fitting top.  With yoga, it’s important to have a top that isn’t so roomy that it can fall over the top of your head as you bend and move, but that doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with Pilates, because most of it is done on the floor, and there is little bending over from a standing position.  Other than outfit, I felt good as the class started.

So in a nutshell, I’m too heavy to do most of what was required in Pilates.  The opening movements before we hit the mat were fine, and I actually enjoyed the way the class was headed.  I could use my strong leg muscles and hold my abs in and feel the burn, which I loved. Once we went down on the mat it was a different story.  The first move required that we get ourselves into a ball – to hug/hold our knees with our hands and curl up.  The problem with that is that my stomach and hips are too large for me to be able to get into any type of ball position, but  I thought that I’d just do the move as close as I could.  When the teacher said we were going to roll onto our backs (still rolled into a ball) and then propel ourselves back up, and back and forth and back and forth.  When I tried it, it hurt my back and I really couldn’t maintain the position.  The next move was better because it was basically just doing a crunch with our legs in the air; the instructor even complimented me on my form.  But the following move hurt me more than the first, so I sat it out.  But then the next one hurt too, and at that point I had to admit that at this weight, with this girth, I’m just not Pilates-ready.  And in the back of my mind I told myself that I really didn’t want to risk injuring my neck/back by doing something I simply wasn’t ready for. Especially since the instructor wasn’t offering any sort of accommodations that I could try.

I left the room halfway through the class, feeling dejected, but quickly realized that I stayed for 30 minutes, which is 30 more minutes than I’d done last week at the same time.  And while I would’ve loved to have mastered the moves, I have to accept that my body is twice as big as most of the people in the class, so of course I’m going to have some limitations.  And it just gives me something to look forward to.

Because, I WILL try Pilates again, so stay tuned.

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Ever since my sister and I went to the gym on Saturday, I’ve had a fire within me that is amazing. I’m feeling inspired, renewed, and invigorated. And better yet, I’m ACTING on it. I’m not just “making plans,” but I’m completing them.

And I’m proud to tell you that yesterday I went to the belly dancing class on my own, by myself; not because my sis was joining in, because she wasn’t able to come along.  I enjoyed myself and I can feel that great muscle soreness today, which is no doubt a combination of the Zumba on Saturday, the belly dancing on Sunday, and the two long walks each day.

A quick picture of me before belly dancing.  The hip scarf really helped me get in the mood.  It’s actually purple, not blue, and I think it’s beautiful. I figure that if the people behind me have to look at an “ample” butt (to put it mildly), at least it can be nicely decorated, right? 😉  I definitely felt more “official” by wearing it.  The class was fun and I was confident throughout it.  I may not have had all the movements down exactly right, but I felt as if I was able to keep up well even though I was the largest person in the room.

I love it when I can actually feel myself changing mentally. I turned a corner this weekend, and I have unlocked something within myself that means I’m going to move out of the “planning” stage into the DOING. (Bella Does Life!)

With that said, I’ve asked ScaleWarfare to keep me accountable from here on out. I sent her my workout plan and I’ve asked her to call me out if she doesn’t see that activity on my daily log. And then I thought that I should really make it public so that you guys could help out with the accountability checks. If you’d like, follow me on Twitter so that you can tweet me a kick in the pants this week.

Workout Plan, Jan. 23 – Jan. 28:

Sunday – dog walk*, SharQui Belly Dance (done!)
Monday – dog walk, Pilates**
Tuesday – dog walk, Wii Zumba
Wednesday – dog walk, Intermediate Step or Aqua***
Thursday – dog walk, Physical Therapy
Friday – dog walk
Saturday – Zumba, dog walk

*The dog walks have been about 30-45 minutes and a fairly good clip. I usually burn about 180 calories, which is decent.

**Tonight’s Pilates class will be my first one ever! I’m nervous about it, but I’ve been curious to try it and the only way to find out if I’ll like it is to go to it. Any suggestions you can offer before I take the class would be much appreciated.

***Which one should I do? I’ve never tried that particular step aerobics class, but I love doing step aerobics. (Fun fact: I had to take PE in college, and one of the classes I took was step aerobics). I also love the Aqua class. Decisions, decisions… help me figure this out and vote in the comments.

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 13Action
When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

This prompt is perfect for me because I am someone who is full of good  great phenomenal ideas but who sometimes lacks the follow through on said ideas, especially when it  comes to weight loss.

Since I always have lots of ideas brewing and bubbling, I’m just going to focus on the one that seems to give me the most trouble – working out.

2010’s mantra for weight loss was Take Action.  And I’ve made significant strides towards that aim, but if we’re talking strictly in terms of results, the mantra wasn’t very successful.  And one reason why is because I tend to have grandiose plans that I can’t realistically accomplish.

So in keeping with that, I’m going to try something new – keeping it simple.

24 Hour Fitness has streamlined lots of their procedures in order to make things simpler for their members, including check-in.  Now instead of having to remember my card (or remember where I last put my card), all I have to do is type in my phone number, and along with a scan of my fingerprint, I’m all checked in.  Easy peasy.

And getting to the gym really isn’t as difficult as I make it out to be in my head (why do I build it up to be this big deal?).  I have the gym bag packed with clothes, shoes, headphones –  even a towel – all I have to do is drive there and spend 45 minutes or so giving it my all.

In order to make this action – working out at the gym – more pleasurable and something that I’m inclined to look forward to I’m going to start trying out the classes they offer because they’re more fun than just hitting the elliptical machine for 35 minutes.  Although some days that’s a perfect workout, too.  But when I’m feeling more social, nothing beats a fun group exercise class.

So for this week, (which is all I want to commit to) here’s the plan: All of the days will include walking Lulu, but if I have no other organized exercise, I’ll walk her for 45 minutes.

Monday: core (deadbugs, crunches), elliptical
Tuesday: off day
Wednesday: Aqua Aerobics
Thursday: Bikram Yoga
Friday: off day
Saturday: Zumba
Sunday: SharQui – Belly Dancing

Now that the plan is in place, all that’s left is to turn it into action.

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I’ve been looking forward to writing this post all weekend, but finally have the time to sit down and do it now.  (On a side note – this has been one of the best weekends in recent memory, and I’ve spent most of it alone with Lulu, at home.  Sometimes I think we all need quiet weekends.  I definitely needed the “recharging” time).

I had been looking forward to meeting my new trainer all week, and I went into it with the mentality that the trainer was going through and interview with me.  I wanted to make sure that these training sessions (I have 17 of them) were used doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.  (As much as I loved training with Jimmy, there was a lot about our sessions that I realized I didn’t really like – all those football drills weren’t resistance training, which is what I sorely needed).

Robbie was friendly, confident, and shared many of the same philosophies that I did regarding training.  He agreed that our time together would be much better spent using weight machines, doing core work, and using bands for resistance training rather than doing cardio or those drills that I used to do with Jimmy.  I’m really glad that he said that from the get-go.  As soon as I told him that my doctor had outlined a nutrition plan for me to follow, I was surprised and encouraged to hear that he wasn’t going to try to get me to follow a certain prescribed diet plan.  Also, once I told him that I’m taking 12 different vitamins (again, as prescribed by my doctor), he completely backed off the whole “you should buy these protein supplements” spiel. Robbie took my weight and measurements (neck, chest, waist, hips, biceps, calves, thighs) so I’m looking forward to seeing my progress in a month’s time.

What I didn’t share with him was that I was going to get LapBand surgery.  I’m not exactly sure why – I’m committed to the surgery, and I know it’s the right choice for me, but I really didn’t want to hear him say that I wouldn’t need it to lose the weight as long as we “stuck to a rigorous training schedule.”  Because I tried that a year ago and it didn’t work.  (As we know, food is 60-75% of the equation, and that’s the part I have the most trouble with).  I told him that my doctor wants me to lose 30 pounds by Jan, and he said that he thinks that’s totally do-able.  (I’m actually hoping that I lost the required weight by the end of December, and I think that’s fairly reasonable, considering that there are 10 weeks until December 31st).

Robbie asked me what kind of a trainer I liked and I told him that I try to live up to or exceed the expectations placed in front of me.  That I’ll give it my all for as long as I can.  I don’t want or like having a “Jillian Michaels” type of trainer who yells at me, because I don’t find that motivating.  I told him that I love to learn, so I want him to teach me.  He said that his approach, after the initial two weeks where he’s going to observe and see how far he can push me, was to educate as he trained me.  He said that he wants to see me 2-3 times a week, and I told him that I could commit to 2 for sure, but 3 might be pushing it, depending on the week.

The thing is, now that I’ve moved to my new place, I really can’t afford personal training sessions right now.  They’re basically $50, which would mean $400/month if we meet twice a week.  I don’t have that much extra cash at all.  So, I’ll use these 17 sessions, which will take me to the end of the year, and then I should’ve learned enough to continue the weight training on my own for a while.  Because at the beginning of next year I should be undergoing the surgery and recovering for 2 weeks, and then I can continue weight training on my own.  At the end of May when I get my bonus check, I’ll revisit the idea of buying more training sessions and see if I feel like I need them.

I’m excited to get back to the gym on a regular basis, and I think Robbie will be a good trainer.  I don’t think he and I will have as much of a flirty rapport as Jimmy and I had, but I don’t think that’s a negative thing.  I think we’ll be able to keep it at a professional client/trainer level, which is perfectly fine with me. We’ve set up next week’s training for Tuesday/Friday, and I’m looking forward to it.

Proud Moment: After my training session (which lasted an hour, rather than 30 minutes like I thought), I was a bit worried about getting home to Lulu, but I decided to hit the elliptical machine first.  It felt great to be back on it, and I was doing great until about 10 minutes into it, when I had  a bit of a coughing fit.  I recovered and kept going, but decided that 20 minutes was going to have to be enough, because I really couldn’t push myself past that.  Still, I burned 415 calories, and felt amazing afterward. I really liked going on Friday afternoon, because I felt like I had already started the weekend off on the right foot before it even truly began.  I’m going to make it a habit to go to the gym on Fridays from now on.

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(Yes, I know that it’s Saturday, making this post one day late, but since I’m on Spring Break, I figure I’m allowed a little leeway, right?)

J/K....No, this isn't how I spent my spring break. 😛

Saturday, April 10 – Off.  I wasn’t feeling very well today, so I spent most of the day resting.  I had a bad headache, and I think the stress of the previous week finally hit me.

Sunday, April 11light housecleaning.  Today I didn’t do too much other than laundry, a few pots & pans, and picking up the bathroom, but hey, I still earned 4 APs.

Monday, April 12
Today I was determined to get in some great activity.  Since it was pouring rain outside, I really didn’t want to even get in the car and go to the gym.  The rain seriously makes me want to stay in and read a book or watch a movie, but I told myself that I could do that later, after I got in some serious exercise.  This spring break week off is supposed to be all about working out, after all, so I wanted to get right to it.

I read BitchCakes’ blog all the time, and I am always impressed in the workouts she does.  She’s been talking about the Punk Rope classes that she takes all the time.  It looks like so much fun because it incorporates all the fun parts of recess, but for adults.  Plus, jumping rope is such good exercise.  I checked out the site to see if there were any classes offered in my area, but unfortunately, it hasn’t made it to the Bay Area yet. If it ever does, you better believe I’m going to join in on one of the classes.  So, I decided to buy the DVD and a jump rope for myself at home.  I hit the purchase button before I realized that they had a starter kit available that was cheaper and included everything, plus a cool CD of music. I figured it was my bad that I hadn’t been a bit more careful before hitting “purchase,” but then to my surprise, Tim Haft, president of Punk Rope, emailed me to tell me he was refunding me the difference and sending me a starter kit anyway!  How cool is that?  I hadn’t had time to try it out up to this point, but today I had nothing but time.  Ok, guys, I think I’m going to have a few scars on my legs from my uncoordinated attempts to jump rope.  LOL.  I kept whipping myself with the jump rope.  Finally I just decided to try the DVD without the rope, but still jumping and moving my arms as if I was.  (I’m sure I’ll get the jump rope thing down in time, but right now I’m just not there yet).  I could only last for about 10 minutes before I was just gasping for breath.  What a workout!  Still, I earned 2 APs for those 10 minutes, which is awesome.

Since the Punk Rope workout only lasted a few minutes, I decided to do some Wii FitPlus today, as well.  Today I did a more intense workout on the FitPlus.  I did the 3 minute short run, 3-4 times trying the obstacle course, a few balance games, and then I did 10 minutes of free step.  The free step is supposed to allow you to watch t.v. while you do the step for 10 minutes.  The FitPlus said the goal was to do 800 steps in 10 min., but knowing how competitive I am, you know I had to break that to smithereens, right?  Of course I did.  In 10 minutes, I did 1199 steps!  I was pissed that I didn’t get to 1200, but I’ll save that for another day.  Altogether I did 38 minutes on the FitPlus and earned 4 APs.

Monday’s total: 48 minutes and 6APs.

Tuesday, April 13 – Off.  The lazies got the better of me today.  I spent most of the day watching t.v., reading, and hanging around the house.  The weather wasn’t helping at all.  I get so uninspired when it’s raining.

Wednesday, April 14 – I was completely stunned and happy with my weight loss on the scale, and it definitely inspired me to hit the gym and do 33 minutes on the elliptical.  LOL.  I know that 33 minutes sounds ridiculous, but I do this weight loss program on the machine and it just so happens to be 33 minutes, including the cool down.  It’s a great interval training mode with 2 minutes of Level 4 at an incline of 1, 2 minutes of Level 7 at an incline of 10, repeated for 28 minutes.  My heart beats out of my chest the entire time (in a good way), and I really break a sweat.  I love it.  The cool down is always the best, because I drink a whole 32-oz of water while I’m listening to some mellow grooves.  5 APs earned.

Thursday, April 15 – Today I had plans to meet Ish for coffee at a Starbucks not far from my house, and since the weather was finally beautiful and sunny, I decided to ride my bike there, rather than driving.  It’s 1.1 miles from my house, according to my map App on the iPhone, and let me tell you, I was definitely out of breath by the time I got there in just about 10 minutes.  It felt good to take the beach cruiser out for a spin, and even better to have a destination.  I like aimlessly riding my bike, but that’s usually more fun with a friend, so when I’m by myself, I like to have a destination.  After our gab session, I rode for another 20 minutes, because I wanted to get in at least 30 minutes total.  It was awesome feeling my thighs work while I rode.  I earned 3 APs.

Friday, April 16 – I had a ton of fun planting gorgeous flowers in my windowbox, while earning 3 APs.

All in all, I had a fantastic week off.  I didn’t do too much in terms of sightseeing, but I sure did a lot in terms of stacking up those Activity Points!  I earned a total of 21 APs throughout the week, which is great.  The better thing is that I put a lot of variety into my workouts which made them that much more enjoyable.  I know many of you love the gym, and I do like going, but for me, I like being out and about and enjoying the scenery a lot more than I like being inside the gym walls.  Mixing it up helps me stay inspired to keep up with my workouts.

Stay tuned for next week, when I’m going to try a new class at the gym.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, everyone!

So far my spring break has been good, albeit a bit quiet.  No huge plans for the week means I’m free to do anything I’d like to, which is great, but also leaves me feeling like I need to get out and about a bit.  The weather is not cooperating, though, as we’ve had rainstorms and cloudy skies for the last few days.  I’d love the sun to sneak out at some point, so I could go outside for a walk or bike ride in the middle of the day.  That would make me feel like I’m truly on vacation and being active.

The funny thing about being a teacher is that most of my friends aren’t, so I spend lots of time to myself during my vacations.  I’m not one of those people who has to surround herself with others all of the time, but living alone, and now spending the days alone too, I do find myself wishing that I had a few more people to hang around with.  I tend to stay in a lot, and so part of my goal for this summer (because there’s not enough time for it during this week off) is to get out and meet more people.  Male people would be nice, too.  😉

So far I’ve spent the first day of my break sleeping in, eating well, and getting in some good activity.  I really can’t ask for more.  Today’s agenda is much of the same, although I think I’m going to take my workout to the gym, because I’d like to do some time on the elliptical machine, and I want to make some appointments for personal training.  Which reminds me, I don’t think I mentioned that Jimmy (my former trainer) has switched gyms, which makes me sad.  He’s still working at 24 Hour, but the one he’s based at now is about 25 minutes from my house.  Which would mean almost an hour of driving there and back and then an hour of the workout.  Too much of a time commitment for me, especially when it’s hard enough to get my ass to the gym after work sometimes.  So I’ve made the decision to start training with someone new at the gym closer to my house.  Even though Jimmy was great, I know myself too well, and going to the closer gym is more important than keeping him as a trainer.  There are lots of other awesome trainers at this gym, and I’m actually kind of excited to see whom I’ll start training with.  I’m hoping to find someone who might be able to do a 7am appointment, that way on my late days, I can head to the gym, workout with the trainer, and then go straight to school.  As long as I’m organized and have my work clothes with me to change into, it will work out well.  Plus, I think starting the day with a training session would be a fantastic way to start the day.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of this very stress-free week.  Tonight is such a big night for TV – Biggest Loser, Lost, Glee (yay!!), and Parenthood.  I can’t wait!!  Tomorrow will be my first weigh in since my do-over, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the scale shows. Have a good day!

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This week’s recap can be summed up in one word – FAIL!

Yes, that’s right, I didn’t do any of the trainings this week.  And no, not because the fear of jogging for 3 full minutes took over.  😛  It was because I got a nasty cold that stayed with me all week. I knew I couldn’t workout at all this past weekend, because I was feeling so lousy.  I don’t need to get into all the gory details, but let’s just say, I could barely make it standing on my feet, let alone moving them.

I did attempt to do the training on Tuesday, but I was still just too congested.  I did end up walking for 30 minutes, though, so I got some exercise in, at least.

Ok, so where do I go from here?  Well, I just go on to the repeat week that’s coming up and keep on with the training schedule.  I’m not too disappointed in myself because I definitely had the desire to train, but the cold just knocked me on my ass.  It happens.  Getting sick is just one of those things in life we can’t control.

I’m looking forward to starting the repeat week today after work.  I am going to try to do 4 days of the training (adding one day), just so I can feel like I’m making up for some lost time.

Make sure to check out Scale Warfare’s blog, because I guarantee you she had a much more successful week than I did.


In other news, I’ve made a difficult decision that is somewhat related to RLR.  Lately I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with all of the workouts.  I feel like I never have any time to myself during the week, because every evening has something going on.  I’ve been feeling this way since January, when I started back with personal training.  My heart just hasn’t been in the training.

As much as I have loved seeing what I can push myself to do with Jimmy’s help, I really feel like I need a break from the personal training right now.  I texted him (our main form of communication) and it almost felt like I was telling him I needed a break in a relationship:

I think I have too much going on in my life right now to keep focused on personal  training.  I need to get some breathing space so I can get my drive back.  Can we put my sessions on hold ’till the summer when I’ll have more time and I can focus?  I really hate to disappoint you, but I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions right now.  Working with you has been so amazing, and I want to feel positive about training again, but I can’t put my whole heart in it right now with everything else.  I hope you know how special you are to me as a personal trainer and that you’ll let me train with you again in June when life gets less hectic.

Phew!  I really poured my heart out in the texts, but it felt like the right thing to do.  I’d been giving it a lot of thought these last few weeks, because as I said to him, I really felt like I was just going through the motions and my heart wasn’t in it.  Jimmy asked when we could talk about this, and I told him he could call any time, but he hasn’t contacted me yet.

Part of me wonders if I’m just giving up, but then most of me knows that I made the right decision.  I want to give my effort to the RLR training right now, and I feel like all of it is just too much.  I want to get back into using my Wii games – the Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active, Biggest Loser Challenge.  Not to mention the DVDs I have – the BL Boot Camp, BL Yoga, and Jillian’s 30 Day Shred.  I want to go to the gym and just get on the elliptical or take a group exercise class.  I guess I just don’t want the incredible intensity right now.

Maybe it’s just this lousy winter weather – maybe I would just rather be home and working out with DVDs/Wii instead of battling the rain and wind and cold (granted, it’s California cold, but sometimes cold is just cold no matter where you live) at 6pm or 7pm on a weeknight.

Plus, I just feel like I lose more weight the weeks when I don’t do the personal training, for some reason.  Yes, I’ve lost inches, but I haven’t really lost weight.  It’s discouraging.  I don’t want to seem lazy, but when I start feeling like this, I know that I get overwhelmed and then I just shut down and don’t do anything.  And I definitely don’t want that to happen.  I just want to enjoy working out, without any pressure.  I think putting the personal training on hold until the summer when I have more time is the best decision for me.

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Wow!  Today was my first training session with Jimmy in more than 2 months!  I seriously cannot believe it’s been that long, but I stopped when I got bronchitis, and then the holidays hit, some scheduling conflicts, and here were are.  It felt great to be back at the personal training today.

As soon as Jimmy saw me, he got a huge smile on his face and said, “Lady B!!!  I missed you!” Hearing such a warm welcome made me feel great.  For some crazy reason, I thought Jimmy might ease me back into the training.  How silly of me!  If I know Jimmy even a little bit, I should’ve known that it was going to be full steam ahead for the entire hour.

I begged him not to have me do any steps, since I had just finished C25K training and was already really worn out, but he just laughed at me.  “We gotta do steps, Lady B, you know that.  I gotta see where you are now.”  Even though doing multiple reps on the step was hard, but I did it.  And it felt great to be back, even if I was more out of breath than I remember being after doing those.

Next we moved to abs, and he had me crunching with my legs up using an 8-lb ball to touch my toes.  Soooooo much harder than I remember it being.  I haven’t done ANY abs work while I’ve been off training, and boy, did it show.  Still, I did two sets of 30, so I’m proud of myself.

Then came the worst of the day – pushups.  Jimmy has me do them “girl style,” with my hands on the step.  The hardest part is keeping my tush tucked in.  Having an ample backside is great, most of the time, but with pushups, keeping my “hips tucked in” is tough. I did 2 sets of 20 of these, and I felt each and every single one!

After that, I threw the medicine ball against a wall, which was fun.  I was a bit more cautious that I had been in the past, but that was only because I have my nails on now.  🙂  Hey, I want to get fit, but I also don’t want to break a nail.  Jimmy just laughed at me.

The rest of the session was spent on arms/chest/back using elastic bands, which was a good way to end things. Even though I was hot and sweaty at the end of the session, I felt stronger than I have in a long time.  Fatigued, to be sure, but definitely active and healthy.

Jimmy definitely recommended that I don’t do the C25K training right before our training sessions any more, because I might over-train.  He said that if I feel like I have enough energy, I can try them afterward, but before is probably a bit too much.

That’s the number of  calories I burned today at the gym!  (I earned 9 WW APs) Amazing!  This is C25K + 1 hour of personal training, but still.  Wow!  I’m really proud of myself for doing all of that.

It feels great to be back to personal training, and hearing the excitement in Jimmy’s voice, I know that he missed me, too.  Which is so nice.  Bring it on, 2010, cuz Bella the Gym Bunny is BACK!!!!!

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betty boop workout

Monday night Jimmy took measurements, and I was really hoping to see some dramatic results. I can tell in my clothes that things are fitting looser, but I wanted to see the numbers move on the measuring tape to tell me this for sure.

I was actually really surprised by the results (last measurements were taken 9/30 compared to these, taken on 10/26):

Weight: -4 pounds (285 vs. 281)  This measurement is quite a bit off from my real weight because it’s taken at 6pm at night after I’ve eaten, wearing my heavy gym shoes, as well as my gym clothes.  Still it does show a 4 pound loss in one month, which isn’t great, but isn’t that bad, either. 
Skin Fold Measurements (taken with calipers)
Fat %: up 0.6 (42.3 vs 42.9)*
Fat Mass: down 0.1 (120.6 vs 120.5)
Lean Body Mass: down 3.9 (164.4 vs 160.5)
Bi: down 1 (22 vs 21)
Tri: up 6 (32 vs 38)*
Subscap: up 3 (48 vs 51)*
Illiac.A: down 2 (45 vs 43)

Circumference Measurements
Neck: down 0.75 (15.0 vs 14.25)
Chest: same (46″)
Upper Arm: up 1″ (15 vs. 16)*
Forearm: same (10.75″)
Waist: down 1″ (45 vs 44)
Hips: same (58″)
Thighs: same (31″)
Calf: same (18.5″)

*Jimmy said that this increase was probably due to building muscle. While it doesn’t bother me that much, I’d still rather see things moving in the other direction.

The fact that many of my measurements stayed the same is a little disheartening. Especially in the hips and thighs, where I really need to lose some serious inches. Still, it’s good that I lost almost an inch in my neck and lost 1″ in my waist.

I’m hoping that Jimmy’s right in saying that now that I’t cutting down on carbs, I should see more results next month.
Also, I think it’s nice to see my overall results, since July 15th:

Neck: -0.75″ (15 to 14.75)
Chest: -1.5″ (47.5 to 46)
Upper Arm: +0.5″ (15.5 to 16)
Forearm: same (10.75″)
Waist: 3″ (47 to 44)
Hip: 2″ (60 to 58)
Thigh: 1″ (32 to 31)
Calf: same (18.5)

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