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It’s been a while since I’ve actually written a HYC Update, and since I’m home sick today, I figured I had a bit of time to catch you up.

This little guy about sums up how I’m feeling today.  I have a bad cold that just popped up on Saturday morning.  I thought I could ignore it, so I did a bunch of housework and took a really long walk with Sofi, but wouldn’t you know, the cold wasn’t going to be discounted that easily.  No, it came back with a vengeance on Sunday morning, and then really reared its ugly head yesterday and  today.  No fun.  Now I’m in the yucky cough phase of the cold and it’s actually reminded me of something.

I am so thankful that I quit smoking almost a year and a half ago!  I used to have a cough like this on a daily basis in the mornings, until I cleared things out.  And when I had a cold?  Forget about it – a cough would easily turn into bronchitis, which would then turn into pneumonia.  I have had bronchitis countless times (at least 15-20) and pneumonia over 7 times.  Some of that was because I first had pneumonia at 3 years old and it forever weakened my lungs, but a lot of that was because I smoked.

Looking back, I can’t believe I participated in something that was so bad for me.  At first smoking made me feel great – relaxed, calm, focused.  But soon enough it was just a really bad habit that was like a monkey on my back.  And one that the WLS surgeon really forced me to give up.  And I’m so glad I did.

I can look at my weight in the same way.  My problem with food and eating and gaining and (not) losing weight is something that began when I was little (being chubby as a child), but that I made worse by using food for comfort when I was bored and lonely.  I realize that now as I’m almost on the other side of my unhealthy relationship with food.

Speaking of food, it’s about halfway to the promise that I made to myself four weeks ago.  I have 4 1/2 more weeks until December 17th, and about 20 lbs to go.  And there is no doubt in my mind at all that I will make that goal.  I’ve been on point with my eating, and while I have been getting in activity every day (except these last few since I’ve been sick), I know that I need to step up my workouts to really see some drops on the scale. I’m seeing my weight go down in drips and drabs, but not a solid chunk of weight like I’m used to.  But I do think I’m losing inches, because clothes are looking better on me and people are starting to notice.  I saw a friend on Friday night whom I hadn’t seen for a few weeks, and she really noticed my weight loss, which was so nice.  So I’m encouraged and sticking with my plan even though the scale is playing coy with me.

I also have a “Black Friday to Goal Food Plan” in the works, but I’ll reveal that after Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned.

Other than this annoying cold, life is good.  I’m loving the colder weather and all of the great outfits that come with it.  I have been having a fun time with family and friends, and I’m so focused on my goal that I know I have no choice but to succeed.

How’s life going with you on this Tuesday?


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As I stepped on the scale this morning for the weight check in that I do every few days, I was confident that  I would see a drop in the number.  I’ve been doing everything right.  My intentions and my actions are one and the same: if I say I’m going to do it, it gets done.

I think part of this comes from the new way that I’m handling my weigh-ins.  Rather than waiting for once a week “weigh-in days,” I’m weighing in every few days.  This is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • No main “weigh in day” means no “cheat day.”  I could potentially weigh myself any day, so I’m always consistent in following my high-protein, low-carb diet.
  • By checking in every few days I’m really able to see how my body is affected by things like lack of water, too much sodium, overexertion, and lack of sleep. Conversely, I can see the dramatic results of eating right, working out, and getting enough sleep.
  • I don’t feel the same pressure I did on weigh-in days in terms of reporting out on this blog.  That was internal pressure that I was placing on myself, by the way, not anything I ever felt from any of you.  Reporting my weight loss on a monthly basis helps me see the bigger picture.

Now that it’s been one month (I started on Aug. 28th), I can say that I am so proud of the fact that I have lost 10.8 pounds within the 1st month and 20.8 lbs overall.  If I keep up this progress, and I’m confident that I can, I will be at my pre-op goal by the middle of December.  Then I’ll just maintain my weight loss through the holidays (no easy task!) and I should be on track to have the VSG surgery at the beginning of 2012.  Perfect!

But the scale isn’t the only measure of my confidence; I’m also feeling so much better about the way I look.  I have been spending time and putting in effort to look my very best.  From my outfits to my accessories.  From my hair to my makeup.  I’m looking good, and that gives me the boost of self-esteem that I really need to keep my motivation strong. And I’m not the only one noticing, I’m hearing compliments from co-workers, students, family members, and old friends who I haven’t seen in a while. Even better, clothes that haven’t looked good on me in more than a year are finally fitting well/getting loose.  New sizes needed soon is a huge confidence booster!

I’m also noticing that my portions are naturally getting smaller.  This is truly the first time that I can say that I don’t want to eat as much as I used to.  Case in point – last night I was making beef kabobs and I would have normally had two.  But then I looked at them, and entered the calories into MyFitnessPal,  and realized that one was more than enough.  That’s progress!

Preparing my meals is a lot easier with these ready-t0-drink shakes and bars.  I feel so organized and easy-going in the morning knowing that all I have to do is throw things into my lunch bag, rather than preparing a bunch of food, and the cost of the Premier Nutrition shakes/bars can’t be beat.  Concentrating on my one main meal still allows me to be creative in the kitchen and feel like I’m taking good care of myself.  Plus, the money I save on breakfast and lunch lets me splurge on fancier proteins for dinner. Win-win.

Even my workouts are getting better.  I have so much more stamina than I used to, and I’m challenging myself to try new and different machines, routines, and classes.  Going to the gym is becoming a time that I think of as “me time” rather than a chore.  I might walk in stressed out with my long to-do list or something that happened that day, but I walk out feeling accomplished, happy, and stress-free.

The bottom line is, I am feeling confident and happy.  Life is good, and I love knowing that a huge part of that is thanks to DOING LIFE.

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Today’s post is going to be a bit of a mind dump, but I hope you’ll find it interesting, nevertheless.

Last night on Twitter, Kenlie had the best quote that I promptly retweeted and then posted today on FB, too.  I absolutely love it and plan to adopt it as my personal mantra for the rest of 2011:

Feed a dream…starve a doubt.” ~~Ray Davis @AffirmationSpot

This quote is perfect for me in so many ways, but most obviously because I have an important goal (dream) of getting to 266 pounds by the end of November and I’m going to need to stay positive in order to make it happen.  I can’t give in to negative thinking (doubts) seep into the equation.


I just found out about a new company that will be selling plus-sized activewear  called AdoraOm.  It’s so new that it seems they haven’t got their website up and running yet.  I did like them on FB.  The clothes look really cute, and I cannot wait to be able to buy them!  I’m always on the lookout for yoga/workout clothes that are flattering and functional.  I can’t wait to be able to wear Lululemon and Lucy, but until I can wear those sizes, AdoraOm will fit the bill (and my butt!) nicely.  See for yourself:


Last night wasn’t a great night for me at all in terms of eating.  I didn’t eat any one thing that was so bad for me, but the bulk of the food was just too much.  2225  calories to be exact.  I was up less than 2 lbs on the scale this morning, which wasn’t bad, but I don’t want to have another night like that again.  As I emailed ScaleWarfare today, she encouraged me to log it all into MyFitnessPal so that I had a record of it, which  I did.  I also wrote this note:

A really lazy, bored day. I need to give myself a kick in the ass on days like this. One thing I realized is that I felt very overwhelmed with all that I have to do at the moment (lots of essays to grade, part of a WASC report to write, curriculum to calendar out/plan, and household chores to do) and I just sort of shut down, which isn’t like me. Good to keep track of. (Thanks SW!)

I’m glad that I not only logged all the food but that I wrote the note, because that’s how I can avoid the same behavior in the future.  Plus, I need to stay honest and accountable to myself (and anyone who views my food log). Progress!!


It’s been HOT here (well over 90 degrees), but today, instead of letting the heat lull me into laziness like I did yesterday, I’m heading to the pool.  I’m not even going to stop home to change  – I brought my clothes with me.  I know that if I did stop at home, I’d need to play with Sofi for awhile, and then I’d get caught up in other things, and then it would be too late to go for a swim.  This way, I can swim some serious laps and burn some good calories and then get home to Sofi and still have lots of time to get everything else done (see above).

Taking the initiative and keeping my mood positive already makes me feel so much better than I did yesterday.  I’m ready to tackle all my to-do’s head one today!

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As I went to Scale Junkie‘s blog to check in on the Healthy You Challenge, I was struck by she’d written:

My goal for this week is to NOT dwell on the past, but to live in the present, while being mindful of future needs.

Not dwelling, living in the here and now, and keeping the future in mind is exactly what I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days now.  Specifically in terms of my eating program.

I’ve been doing fantastic on the high protein/low carb plan (Premier Nutrition shakes and bars + Lean and Green dinner) during the week, but on the weekends I’m struggling. This past weekend I stayed within my calorie goals, but I ate lots of junk. Too many carbs, too much processed food, or just food that doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. (TOM was here).  It’s like I see the weekend as a free-for-all, and it has to stop. It’s like a mini yo-yo diet every single week, and while some might say it’s good because it keeps my body guessing, it’s not worth the mental anguish of seeing the scale go back and forth.

The simple solution would be to eat the way I do during the week all the time. I’d be sure to lose weight, a fact that MyFitnessPal confirmed on Monday night after I’d entered in my daily totals food, water, and exercise:

(I should mention that I burned 600 calories on the elliptical at the gym and then 183 more taking Sofi for a walk, which is more than a normal weekday).

Which means that I’d be 5 lbs from my pre-op goal weight by October 17th.  It’s SOOOOO tempting for me to just stick with the bars/shakes/lean & green every day until I get to that weight. I’m really torn about what to do.

  1. On the one hand, I know that it would be difficult to have any sort of a social life if I stuck to the b/s/lg every single day (although I could go out for the lean and green meal).  Eating so restrictively might also send me into binge mode, which would set me back. Then again, knowing that it’s only for 5-6 more weeks would really keep me going.
  2. On the other hand, I can’t keep going down during the week (while I’m strict) and up on the weekend (while I’m indulging)every week, otherwise I’m just spinning my wheels.
  3. Maybe there’s a third option that would still get me to the goal fairly quickly.  Maybe I can forget the 1200/1500 weekend days and just follow Phase 2 of SBD on the weekends.  By which I mean, eating plenty of healthy, whole foods, and eating grains, but limiting them to one meal a day.

I have to be honest, a HUGE part of me is just leaning to #1.  Since I am an all or nothing type of person, the b/s/lg works for me.  I know what I can have and what I can’t have.  And I can stick to it pretty well.  It’s when I start eating more carby grains that I get into trouble – eating carbs makes me want to eat more carbs.  So true!

Give my situation and my goal, what would you do – #1, #2, or #3?

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After reading Carina’s post recently, I’ve decided that it’s about time to review my progress on my 2011 goals that I set way back in January.  Scale Junkie also mentioned that we’re entering the last quarter of the year – only 4 months left in 2011 – so I think it’s about time to check in and see if what I’ve accomplished.

As a refresher, theses are the goals I wrote back in January:

  1. Write at least one comment per day on one of the blogs in my blogroll (and hopefully many more than that).  I get so busy sometimes that I lose sight of the best part about being a weight loss/health blogger – the community.  And that community is a give and take.  I can’t expect to get support unless I give it.  And the fact of the matter is I get SO MUCH from reading these blogs.  I owe it to myself to take some time to do it everyday.  Great progress on this goal.  I write at least one blog comment every single day. 
  2. Complete the TheDailyChallenge from MeYouHealth.(I hope you’ll join me in this one).  Join other challenges to keep myself motivated, remembering that I’m one busy lady and I don’t want to get overwhelmed.  Mediocre progress on this goal.  I was doing great through June and then all summer long I kind of took a break.  Now that I’m back to school I’ve been doing them  again. 
  3. Keep my closets organized and snap a monthly check-in photo to post on this blog for accountability.  Mediocre progress on this goal. Overall, my closet is still really organized, and all of the clothes are in good shape. My shoes are thrown willy-nilly all over the floor of the closet, which is something I need to work on.  I’ve also failed to make any check-in posts. 
  4. Walk in a 5K by the end of summer. No progress on this goal.  It’s no longer a priority at the moment.
  5. Make my 40th birthday a time to remember!  Great progress on this goalI had a great time with friends and family throughout my birthday week. 
  6. Revisit C25K once I feel strong/light enough.  No progress on this goal. I haven’t felt light enough yet, and  most likely won’t until after wls.
  7. Travel more.  Visit at least one friend whom I have to get on a plane to see.  No progress on this goal.  It’s no longer a priority at the moment. I do have some fun plans for next summer, but for now, it’s not going to happen. 

  8. Be more social.  Have more people over.  Go out more.  Live a little. Good progress on this  goal.  I’ve made it a point to reach out to friends and to accept their invitations. 
  9. Curb unnecessary spending without sacrificing my lifestyle.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Good progress on this  goal. I’ve cut way back on many things and I’m making it work.  For example, I started waxing my own eyebrows, and I’m saving at least $30-45 a month. 
  10. See more movies.  I absolutely love movies, yet I never seem to find/make the time to go out and see them.  Even if it means I’m just watching Netflix, I want to make sure I see more movies in 2011. Mediocre progress on this goal. I saw some movies this summer, but not nearly as many as I wanted to.  I also stopped my subscription to Netflix after their price hike, but I do have Comcast, so I have plenty of movies available to me.  Still a priority.
  11. Above all, I want to lose weight. Plain and simple.  That’s what this entire blog has been about for years, and I want it to FINALLY happen in 2011. Most of the other goals on this list revolve around this one.
    • Lose the 36 lbs needed to qualify for the next step in the lap band process. Poor progress to date.
    • Keep my calories within 1400 per day most days (rare, truly special occasions allowed, because this is real life). Great progress – I changed this to 1200-1300 to be more in line with the nutritionist’s recommendations. 
    • Log my calories with LoseIt daily – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Great progress – with very few exceptions, I have logged my food intake every single day this year.
    • Email my food journals to daily to ScaleWarfare. Great progress – with very few exceptions, I have emailed  every single day this year.
    • Drink more water. Mediocre progress.  I’m  doing better, but still don’t drink as much water as I should. 
    • Move my body daily. This includes walking the dog, playing the Wii, doing a workout DVD, going to the gym for resistance training, riding my bike, swimming, taking a class (yoga, belly dance, zumba, spin, etc). Great progress on this.  I’ve been really good about meeting this goal, with very few exceptions. 
    • Weigh myself often (daily) to notice trends, stay on track, and keep motivation high. Record my “official” weight weekly. Great progress on this.  I started logging often in LoseIt and have changed my “official” reporting to monthly, to be more in line with the way that I report to Kaiser. 
    • Film bi-weekly YouTube videos about my journey so that I can have a visual record of myself and my progress. Good progress.  I’ve made videos monthly, but definitely more regularly than in the past. 

Moving into the last quarter of 2011, these are the goals I want to focus on:

  1. Follow my BtS Weight Loss Plan.
  2. Drink more water!!!
  3. Continue therapy. I had a huge breakthrough/realization on my way home from my 2nd session yesterday, and I can’t wait to explore it and get to the bottom of things (more on this in a later post).
  4. Visit blogs daily and comment on at least one per day.
  5. Stay social.  Don’t fall into the school-time trap of becoming too much of a homebody. Get together with friends and family, especially on the weekends, that’s what they’re there for.

5 straightforward goals for September-December.  I’ll check in monthly with these.  Please keep me accountable if you notice that I miss a post.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Before I get into today’s blog post, I wanted to let you all know that Sofi is doing wonderfully well, and is back to her adorable self (if you want to see the cutest puppy photo ever, click that link).  And in keeping with dog health, I wanted to say that I hope Scale Junkie‘s Sadie is doing well.  SJ recently found out that Sadie is diabetic, news that will change both of their lives forever.  If you get a chance, please go over to SJ’s blog and wish her and Sadie well.

Sunday night I wrote about my Back-to-School Plan (BtS for short).  I am happy to report that on Monday afternoon I went straight to the gym, even a few excuses had popped up.  Monday afternoon after my first day of school I was tired and had a bit of a headache.  It was also very humid (for the Bay Area) and hot.  And I forgot my earphones at home, thus not enabling me to have music during my workout.  In the past, any one of these excuses would have helped me say, “no gym today.”

But guess what?  My resolve is stronger than that.  My will to make this BtS plan work is more solid.  I told myself to get over being a bit tired, and that I was about to sweat on the elliptical machine anyway, so it didn’t matter if it was sort of hot.  And as far as the headphones, that is a problem, but luckily 24 Hour Fitness has a wide array of headphones to buy.  Better yet, the ones I chose were on sale.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, a 5 minute cool down, and then 3 sets of 20 crunches.  Not bad, not bad at all.  I burned 809 calories in the hour or so I was there, which is a great payoff.

I left the gym feeling invigorated and had a that certain pep to my step that only comes after working out.   I was so proud of myself for sticking to my workout plan.  Plus I proved to myself that it really is easy to fit workouts into a busy schedule.  I really feel like I was more organized because my mind was clearer after the gym.

Food is going great, too.  I had breakfast, a terrific lunch, a colorful snack filled with tons of veggies, and a great dinner.  I drank lots of water, thanks to the workout and the heat.  AND I have already packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  I love how on top of things I am right now, and I want to keep this up throughout the entire school year.

Do you follow a workout schedule?  What’s it look like?  How about food?  Do you plan out menus, or are you more spontaneous with your meals? 

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

This morning I’m supposed to be getting ready to go to my first-ever spin class.  But I’m not.  You see, the pulled muscle/pinched nerve in my back is really bad this morning and I’d rather not push it.  I have a doctor’s appointment later this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to getting some relief. I’m not sure if she’ll suggest physical therapy, chiropractic visits, or at-home exercises + medication, but something has to change.  “Just dealing with it” hasn’t gone very well for me so far, so it’s time to change the course of action.  And don’t worry, spin class will be there next week, and I am determined to go to one before this summer is over!

Speaking of which, I realized that I only have one more month before school starts.  Which may seem like a long time to all of you, so I shouldn’t even bother complaining, but I can’t believe that my summer is already half over.  I feel like just yesterday I was cleaning up my classroom and getting ready for Sofi’s arrival.

And when I look back on this past month, I’ve had so much fun in hundreds of quiet ways.  Meeting Sofi for the first time, getting a hug from my nieces, reading an good book without any other “to do’s” to distract me, and of course, celebrating my 40th birthday. So far this summer has been perfect – quiet, relaxing, and refreshing.

Since I’m just about at the halfway point (school starts Aug. 22nd, but teachers must be back a few days before that), I want to jot down a few ideas of things that I’d like to do before summer ends, besides all the fun things I’m already doing on a daily basis, (in no particular order):

  • Take Sofi to the beach
  • Have some frozen yogurt
  • Take a bike ride by myself on a route I haven’t gone before
  • Take a spin class
  • See Harry Potter
  • Take a long drive with the top down with no particular destination
  • Attend training classes with Sofi
  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Go to the SFMOMA’s exhibit on Matisse and Picasso
  • Spend time with friends, individually or in a group

To that last one, tonight I’m going to an alumna event for my high school (the one I attended, not the one I work at) called Swirls for Girls.  A local Cal-Mex restaurant makes these killer drinks called “swirls,” which are a combination of frozen margaritas and either sangria, Patrón Citronge -vodka-passion fruit-orange juice, or a combination of all of it.  They are delightful and oh so potent.  Someone on the Alumnae Board got the restaurant to agree to give 20% of all proceeds for food and drink between 4pm-9pm at all 4 of their locations to our scholarship fund.  That’s huge! So a bunch of my high school friends are going with me, and we should have a great time.  I am going to limit myself to one swirl (it’s going to be hard to just have one – they’re delish!) and then make a healthy choice from the menu (which won’t be difficult).  This event is the type of thing that is a great way for me to show that I’m learning moderation.  Having 1 drink and then choosing a healthy meal.  Not going crazy, just enjoying life.  From the messages on FB, my alumna sisters are going to take over these restaurants.  Blue plaid skirts will be represented! At least in spirit, because God knows none of us wear plaid anymore. LOL.

Now I’m not so sure how this Swirls for Girls event will affect tomorrow’s weigh in, but it’ll all be ok in the end.  One night isn’t going to derail my progress.  Hey, I think that’s moderate thinking!!  🙂

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Today on her site, Scale Junkie asked us what we hope to accomplish by 2012.  July marks the halfway point of the year, so it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened so far and to make  goals for the rest of the year.

As a quick reflection – I am proud that in the first 6 months of 2011 I got more serious about my weight loss plan.  I stuck with it, even when doing so meant sacrificing the foods that I enjoy eating.  I followed a really restrictive diet plan to lose weight, and in doing so, I started to feel better about myself.  I started to fit into clothes that I wasn’t able to fit in late last year.  I got myself out of the 300s, which is a number I never want to see on the scale again.

But looking ahead (which you guys know is my favorite part!), these are the things that I WILL accomplish by (or before) 2012:

  1. Meet my mini weight loss goal of losing 45 pounds and getting to the required 266 lbs.
  2. Qualify for WLS, specifically VSG.
  3. Complete all the requirements of WLS, including the psych evaluation, meetings with the surgeon and nutritionist, and other tests that will be required.
  4. Continue to workout every day – more organized, “hardcore” workouts 4-5 days a week, and more gentle workouts (walking, bike riding, swimming) the other days.  This will become really important once school starts and my schedule is busier.
  5. Try spinning – I’m so fearful of taking this class, but I know that once I do, I’ll really enjoy it.
  6. Keep moderation and consistency with my eating, and in the rest of my life, as well.
  7. Have the surgery. (Once I’ve meet all the requirements, this is out of my control, but from what I understand, it is definitely possible that the surgery will be scheduled before December, if things go according to plan).

I know that these things are very doable, so I have no doubt that they will happen.  I’ve stopped being someone who makes excuses for why I haven’t done something, and I’ve started to really push myself to be better, stronger, healthier in terms of weight loss.  I’ve always been able to achieve anything I’ve challenged myself to do in the rest of my life, and now I’m finally getting that same spirit going with weight loss.

What Will YOU Accomplish by 2012?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Tuesday, Everyone! (I almost forgot it was Tuesday, which is why this post is so late).

Look up.  Notice anything different?  Look a little closer…

Yes, I gave the blog a new and improved look to go with the new name.  Bella in LapBandLand didn’t fit anymore because I’ve decided to go with VSG.  And beyond that, I didn’t want this blog tied to WLS, because it’s about so much more than that.  It’s really about a healthy lifestyle, which includes making smart food choices and exercising on an almost daily basis.  It’s about my LIFE.

And since one of my major goals in life is to be able to go to the beach wearing a bathing suit and feeling comfortable (looking good), I figured I’d incorporate that goal in the header picture.  Bathing Suit Bella is pretty cute, don’t you think?  She’s still got curves, but they’re more in proportion.  Love it!

(There are a few other looks, but I’m going to save that one for a later date, so keep your eyes peeled for that).

Once again Meghan Murphy did a phenomenal job with my directions.  Thank you Meghan, for your quick & creative work!  🙂

Now on to today’s workout.  It’s over 100 degrees here today, and since I had to clean up from last night’s 4th of July BBQ and couldn’t get to the gym in the morning, I knew it was going to be a swimming day.

I swam for about 30 minutes, but I definitely noticed a bit of a drag in the pool.  Too much alcohol running through my veins from the weekend’s festivities, perhaps?  No worries, I’m sure I’ll be back to the swing of things in no time now that I’m back on track.

My Workout Plan for this Week:
Tuesday: swimming (done)
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: swimming
Friday: Zumba
Saturday: Body Pump (finally incorporating some strength training)

Tomorrow’s not going to be pretty on the scale if today is any indication, but I know that once I get all of the “fun” out of my system, I’ll be back and better than ever.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHappy Tuesday, Everyone!

It feels great that I can proudly display this badge on my blog once again.  At one point over the weekend I was getting a bit down on myself because I’d “only” lost 20 pounds after all of my blood, sweat, (money!) and tears on Medifast.  But then I realized that 20 pounds is a lot, and while going on Medifast was expensive and restrictive, it did give me the jumpstart I needed to  continue towards my pre-op surgery goal.

Now that I’ve gotten that initial chunk off, I can follow a more realistic eating plan.  I’m calling it SBD, but really it’s just healthy eating.  It’s the same lower carb plan that my surgeon and nutritionist recommended.  They gave a 1200 calorie/day guideline, but through trial and error last fall I realized that my “sweet spot” is between 1300-1400 calories, which is still way below the guideline for someone at my weight.  And it seems to be working.  I know that my weight loss is going to be at a slower pace than it was on Medifast, but the tradeoff is that I’ll be able to enjoy what I’m eating and work it into a social and active lifestyle.

Which leads me to the main part of this post.  Fruit!  Now that I’m on Phase 2/following a healthy eating plan, I’m enjoying all the fruit (and veggies, of course) that are available this time of year.  Yesterday my sister stopped off at a great permanent farmers market on her way home from work, and picked me up a few items.  My fruit bowl is overflowing with the bounty of summer:


I love it!  Last night I had some grilled eggplant and zucchini which were the best part of my meal, by far.  Yum!  It just reminds me that I need to start hitting up the local farmers markets that are within bike riding distance from my house.  I have three farmers markets that are a 20-minute bike ride away, so my goal for the next two weeks is going to be to hit them all up to compare/contrast their offerings.  I’ll be sure to do a little write-up for you, especially if I try something new.

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a beautiful shot of my breakfast: 1/2 cup of part skim ricotta, 3/4 cup of strawberries, 1 white peach. It tasted even better than it looks.  Now I’m ready to tackle the day.


What did you have for breakfast?

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