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Today I participated in the San Jose 408K (5 miles), which benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation. It was part of Race the Bay, a 3-part race series around the Bay Area.  It was my first time doing this race, but I think it’s going to become an annual event for me.

The fun thing about this race was that I organized a group of my colleagues to participate in it with me.  When I first heard about the race, I asked my principal if she would mind if I organized a group of faculty to do the race, and she did me one better and said that she’d pay for everyone’s bibs!  How generous!  My original thought was that we could all train together, as we did for our powderpuff football game, for months before the race.  The only kink in that plan was that those months coincided with soccer season; the team uses the same field that our track is on.  But these were a committed group of racers who put in the hours in their neighborhoods and on treadmills to get ready for the race.  I’ve been overwhelmed by all the thank-yous and expressions of gratitude that my colleagues have given me! They loved that we were doing something that was so healthy and fun.

2014-03-02 06.24.10 What’s a race without my usual bathroom selfie?  Since our school colors are blue and gold, I’d asked one of our school’s families who own a screen printing shop if they would help us design a training tee. My original vision was that we’d wear it when  we were training together, but since we didn’t end up training together, we all decided to be distinctive and wear our specialy-created shirts during the race.  And I love that my Sparkly Soul headband matches perfectly!  I have to say, I’m surprised by how bright-eyed I look in that shot, because I started off the morning very early (I woke up at 5am before my alarm!) to make sure I was down at the race in plenty of time to hang up this poster I had my students make for us to put up in a meeting area. (One really cool NSV this morning was that one of the teachers said that she’d seen me from across the street, but had no idea it was me until she got closer; then she complimented me on my weight loss).


Isn’t it adorable?!

1656061_10102504660372363_490544330_nI was really impressed that we had 27 of the 30 teachers who signed up show up today.  It was a chilly, damp morning and the lure of a warm bed was huge, but they were dedicated and determined.  For quite a few of them, this was their first race ever, so it’s all the more impressive that they were doing 5 miles.

2014-03-02 15.53.39 As we waited for the race to start, we snapped tons of pictures, one of which I took. See all those people wearing blue behind us, they are all part of the group…


The race itself was a beautiful course that featured different radio stations at each of the mile markers.  I had decided to walk today’s race for a few reasons: 1). Most of the faculty had decided to walk, and I thought it would be a lot more fun to be part of that group, 2). I haven’t done a 5-mile run/walk before, and I wasn’t sure if this was the day to try it, and 3). I woke up with a sore ankle and thought it was better not to push it.

I’m really glad that I ended up walking because it was a lot of fun to chat with a few of my colleagues as we completed the race.  And I’m proud to tell you that I kept up with the “talls” who have long legs and a fast stride.  For this 5’3″ girl, keeping up with these lanky ladies is pretty remarkable!  We walked the entire course, until the final stretch, where we decided to finish strong and run into the finish line.

2014-03-02 16.00.50

We started to run right before this point, but once I saw that Finish sign, it really powered me through.

I’m happy to say that every one of the faculty who started the race finished it!  We all had such a good time that we’ve decided we want to make it an annual team building event.  After the race we all headed to breakfast, where we toasted with mimosas and enjoyed egg white omelets (or, at least, that’s what I ordered).


All smiles after the race, sporting our “race bling!”

In terms of my own race, I felt strong and confident the entire time.  My sore ankle only bothered me for the last half mile, which wasn’t too bad.  The only pain I have now, beyond the normal post-race muscle soreness, is a tiny blister on the bottom of my left foot, which is thanks to a poor choice of socks.  But really, I had so much fun at this race, especially during “mariachi mile,” when groups of mariachis played for us for our last mile.  1655341_724409950912195_61886308_o

It really was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. We decided we’re all wearing our race bling and the official race shirts to school tomorrow, to show off our accomplishment.  Fun!

Considering that I walked 99.5% of the race, I’m especially proud of my time today!

2014-03-02 14.17.25


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bilbl_shoppingFriday Five

  1. I am so excited! I woke up early this morning (because it was payday) and booked my flight for Hawaii!!  After a lot of searching and decision making, I settled on non-stop flights each way on Alaskan Airlines.  I paid more than I would’ve if I wanted settle for 1-stop, but I decided my time was worth the extra money.  Not to mention the ease of travel.  I’ve heard great things about flying on Alaska to Hawaii, and now that I’ve purchased the tickets, it’s really feeling REAL!!  35 more days and I’ll be enjoying views like this:  Kaneohe-Bay-Sunset-Tilt-Shift-Tablet-Wallpaper
  2. 1016675_599508403402351_910665212_nToday I go for packet pickup for the 408K race.  The cool thing about this race is that I organized a faculty group from my school to participate.  I love doing things like this, and I thought that doing something healthy together would be a great way for our teachers and staff to bond.  My original idea was that we’d get together to train (walk/run) on our high school track; the problem arose that it was soccer season and the games were on the same field where we have the track.  Still, I created a FB group and we all checked in with each other about our trainings.  Sharing this experience of doing an 8K (almost 5 miles) on Sunday is going to be a great thing.  Since packet pickup is at a popular spot for dining and shopping, I organized a post-packet pickup TGIF, which I’m looking forward to. This has been difficult week back and easing into the weekend with colleagues after school will be a fun way to end it. (I’m still deciding if I’m going to walk this one, or do my run/walk.  Most of the faculty are saying they’re going to walk it, so in the spirit of collegiality, I may do the same).
  3. Even though I’m “just a renter” I take pride in the way my yard looks.  Recently two of the trees in front of my house had to be removed because they were deseased, leaving it looking desolate and sad.  As I’ve been walking Sofi I’ve been on the hunt for something new to go in the space.  I wanted something with color, but also something that would last for years to come.  I found this Razzle Berry (botanical name: Lorapetalum) bush in several neighbors’ yards, and I absolutely love it:2014-02-23 16.05.03 2014-02-23 16.05.08  I like that when it’s in bloom, at this time of year, it’s  got this beautiful burst of hot pink, and then when those fall away, it’s a nice green bush with a hint of the hot pink on the leaves.  On Saturday I’m heading to the nursery with my dad (and his truck) to buy two bushes.  I’m buying them either way, but I’m hoping that my landlord will split the cost with me, since they’ll remain even after I leave (if I leave) someday.  (If he doesn’t split the cost, you can bet I’ll uproot these babies in the case that I do ever leave).
  4. This Sunday I’ve been invited to a BBQ at the home of a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years.  He and I worked together back in 1999-2000 at an internet company and have remained friends (mostly on FB) ever since.  I’m looking forward to the party because a few of my former colleagues should be there too.  Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to wear.  While most of the people didn’t see me at my very heaviest weight, they did see me weighing a lot more than I do now, so I really want to look my best.  The problem is, I hardly have any clothes in my closet.  So, I guess this means a shopping trip is in the works for me!  Fun!!  Another reason to look forward to the party.  Plus BBQs make food choices fairly easy.  Now I just have to come up with a good salad to bring.  Any ideas?
  5. Sunday is a big day (408K, BBQ…) and also the Oscars.  I always love watching the Oscars to see what everyone is wearing, listen to the acceptance speeches, and see whether or not the Academy got it right in terms of who they give the awards to.  It seems like the perfect way to end a busy weekend.

2013-09-27 12.14.29Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of fun and exciting adventures.

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