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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in #WEverb11. Each day gives a new prompt, each of which is a chance to reflect and look forward.

December 25: Celebrate

What did you celebrate in 2011? Are you looking forward to any celebrations in 2012? Inspired by Kaileen Elise.


2011 brought my 40th birthday!  I wanted to do something fabulous to mark the occasion,and had big dreams about going on a destination vacation with my friends and sister to Hawaii or Vegas, but in the end we decided that something quieter, and more local was more fitting, given these financial times. Plus, it doesn’t really matter where you are, as long as you’re with the people you love.

I do hope to go to a destination vacation for my birthday one of these years, but all in due time.  Maybe for my 50th.  The other “wish list” thing I’d like to do for a birthday in the future is have a surprise party thrown for me.  I’ve never had one before, so it would be fun to experience it.  Although I am a nosy Nellie sometimes, so actually pulling off the surprise might not be too easy.

For this year’s party, my sister took on the preparations for everything, which was so special, because as a single mom time is one of the things that’s in short supply, but she made the day fabulous for me.  My birthday is on July 2nd, and as always, we had to contend with the 4th of July holiday.  A few people who might’ve attended weren’t able to because they were away for the weekend, but the ones who did attend more than made up for it.

We went to my favorite wine bar first, then walked to another bar, and finally, we were back at my house with an impromptu cake and candles celebration.  I won’t go into all the details, but it was a very memorable birthday, and I felt very loved.

The entire  weekend was full of celebrations, food, family, and friends.  What better way to usher in a new decade than that?

In 2012, I’ll be celebrating weight loss: my plan is to do a zipline once I hit Onederland.  And of course, meeting Scale Warfare will be a celebration, too.  Oh, and one of my best friends is having a baby in March.  And my mom will be turning 65 in 2012.  2012 will be filled with celebrations.


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Sometimes in life you have weekends you will never, ever forget. This was one of those weekends for me.

Saturday started out slowly – coffee & breakfast, a 45-minute bike ride with my sister, and taking my time getting ready. Then the main event – going out to my favorite wine bar with my closest friends. The entire day reminded me that getting older is wonderful because it means you have that many more memories to add to your collection. My friends were incredibly generous and made the entire evening so much fun. We laughed, we reminisced, and we enjoyed each others company. I imbibed quite a bit, and even discovered a new cocktail – Patron and gingerale. Before you balk, give it a try – it’s really refreshing. I have to thank FavoriteCousin for that new drink idea. The best part of the night was sharing the evening with those that I loved.

Gorgeous lillies that one of my friends brought me and the wine bar arranged.

That night there was a photo take of me that gave me a glimpse into what I might look like when I’m thinner. It was a great shot of my sister and me, and it must have been a great camera angle, because I look 50 pounds lighter. Then there was another one in the mix that showed how I look at my worst possible angle. Each picture is a good reminder of where I am and where I want to go. I’m going to keep them with me so that when I feel my resolve flailing, I can look at them and remember what I’m doing this for.

Sunday night my parents took me out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurants. As a treat we got oysters on the half shell as our appetizer. It was a scorcher, so having these lovelies on ice was really refreshing.

We also had lots of wine and I had a seafood Cobb salad. Delicious.

Last night for the 4th my parents, sister, and nieces came over to my house.  My parents really hosted it (they brought the meat, wine, and dessert); I just had it at my place so that Sofi and Minnie could run around in their own environment.  (Even though Sofi has literally only had two accidents, I think my mom is hesitant to have her over their house, because she remembers Lulu’s “surprises”).  We had a nice time getting together, but again, the food and drinks were plentiful.


The weekend was amazing – the best I’ve had in months if not years – yet I’m so happy that it’s over.  I need some normalcy in my schedule.  I need to get back on track with food.  I need to pump up my workouts.  My feet look like two balloons which means I’m really retaining water.  I indulged quite a bit and it’s showing up on the scale in a big way.  Scarily so.

But today is a new day with new choices and new opportunities.  The time for indulging has passed and now it’s time to show myself what I’m made of and get that much closer to my goal.

How did you spend the long weekend?

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