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bilbl_superToday’s Adventures in Fitness (AIF) is a twofer – I completed C25K Week 3, Day 1 while I participated in the Silicon Valley Santa Run.

I’d been looking forward to the Santa Run all month because it was going to be the first time I attempted any sort of run/walk while doing a 5K.  And, it was going to be the first time I did the 5K on my own, well, sort of.  Ani and Di both did it with me, but I’d told them upfront that I really wanted to continue my C25K program, so I’d be using my headphones and doing the walk/run.  They were both really cool about the fact that we wouldn’t be walking this 5K side by side as we had when we did the Color Me Rad.

Pre race, I had to get my selfies in:

2013-12-15 12.20.112013-12-15 12.20.37

We wanted to get down to the race area early, so we’d have no problems with parking.  Since it was starting really late – at 3pm, we left around 12:30 and had lunch at Chipotle.  I had a steak burrito bowl, which was a great choice since I only eat 1/3 of it at a time and it fueled me perfectly.  We got down to the race area with over an hour to spare. So what do three girls who are excited about a 5K do? Take “groupies” of course:

2013-12-15 13.56.52

2013-12-15 14.43.20

I’m so lucky that I did this 5K with these girls. We’ve been friends since our freshman year of high school. We’ve shared so much! Love them!

Waiting for the race was the most difficult part, partly because I’m just so impatient and partly because I had so much anticipation going into it, because I was going to do Day 1 of Week 3 of C25K, which is fairly intimidating:

5:00 warm up
Jog: 1:30
Walk 1:30
Jog: 3:00 (yes, that’s 3 entire minutes of jogging at once)
Walk: 3:00
Jog: 1:30
Walk: 1:30
Jog: 3:00
Walk: 3:00
5:00 cool down

2013-12-15 14.59.45 And just like that, I was off and walking at a brisk pace (Endomondo clocked me at 4.0mph).  At the first jogging section, I knew I started running too  quickly – all the adrenaline hit me, and my competitive streak definitely kicked in, too.  Because I’d started running at was was surely a 5.0 mph, I barely made it to the end of the first section, but I did.  And I definitely used the 1:30 walk time to catch my breath.  When it came time to run for 3:00 run, I have to be honest and say that I stopped running with about a minute to go.  I couldn’t seem to regulate my pace.  I was either going as fast as I could, or I was walking.  By the time it got to the next running section, I realized I needed to slow it down if I was going to make it through, which is what I did.  I was still going at a good pace, about 4.5mph, which is faster than my usual treadmill runs.  By the time I was hitting the second and final 3:00 run, I am so proud to say I made it all the way through.  I took it slow, but I did it.  28 minutes of the C25K was done, but I still had more of this 5K to go.

2013-12-15 15.12.33

The sea of Santas running in front of me – we all looked so cool out there! It was such a fun thing to be a part of.  Definitely on my Must Do list for next year, too.

I’d thought I was going to complete the remainder of the race walking, but I felt so guilty about giving up a minute early on that one section of running, that I continued to do a run/walk style for the rest of the race.  Nothing evenly timed, mind you.  I’d just walk for a bit and then tell myself to run from those palm trees to that street sign, and so on.  I did that at least 4 times.

rocky_balboa_runningThe proudest of those times was when the course was getting to a fairly steep incline, and I decided to “get all Rocky” on that incline and run up it. And I didn’t stop at the top of that incline, but kept running to the next intersection.  When I finished, I felt like this:

imagesI kept doing these periodic run/walk intervals for the rest of the race.  I was listening to my Madonna RockMyRun playlist, and felt incredibly invigorated.  I did end the 5K walking, but I was walking strong, and proud.  I felt so good!

2013-12-15 15.52.09 As I crossed the finish line, I got completely overwhelmed.  Tears welled up in my eyes, and I had to hold myself back from the brink of the ugly cry, because I was on the edge of it.  I was so emotional because the realization hit me – I had just done a 5K where I was running for 1/3 of it!  (Carina, my math may not be right – I don’t think I did a full 1/2, so my English-teacher brain goes to the next “measuring cup portion” I can think of). I’d also just PR’d! (More on that in a second).  As of today I have lost 112 pounds, and I am doing things I only dreamed of.  Actually, I guess I’m living my dreams.  So you can see why I was so emotional.  This experience meant the world to me.

2013-12-15 17.19.25When I got this notification that I’d completed the 5K in 48:56, I was ecstatic!  I can actually say I’d PR’d!!  By about 8 minutes, which is awesome! I can’t explain the feeling of pride that I had at that moment.  Just so happy about my life and all that I’ve done to change it.  Incredible!

2013-12-15 15.52.20 The Santa Run ended at Christmas in the Park, and this tree was the first thing I saw as I finished.  I was still trying to get ahold of my emotions, and seeing this majestic tree really hit home for me.  In those post-race minutes when I was taking it all in, this tree symbolized everything I had just accomplished.  I know that may sound corny or silly, but it’s 100% true.

It didn’t take long for Di to finish next and then Ani was shortly behind her.  We’d all finished the 5K in under an hour, and were feeling really good.  As we walked back to the car, we happened upon one last photo op:

2013-12-15-16-09-57It was the perfect spot to take a post-race pic. Such a beautiful setting, and I was feeling just this beautiful inside and out.


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reverb13-blog-button Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb13: Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.  December is the perfect time to reflect on 2013 and start to create intentions for 2014.

Day 7: Victory Lap
What was your biggest accomplishment of 2013?

By far, the biggest accomplishment in 2013 was losing weight, and since the process was gradual, the successes came in increments:

  • After years of struggle on this weight loss journey, the moment I reached the pre-surgery requirement was a huge turning point for me.  It signified that I had stopped letting excuses rule my life, and that I’d started to do whatever I needed to get to my goal.
  • After the surgery, I soon hit 50 pounds lost, and realized that I’d learned a lot of things on this weight loss journey.
  • I’ve had quite a few NSVs, lots of which have had to do with new clothes in normal sizes, including these sweats from Victoria’s Secret, in a size XL. The best part, after a day of wearing them, they stretched out so much that I actually think I can fit a Large.  Me, in a size LARGE sweats from VS!!  I love clothes, and getting the be a weight/size that I can shop in normal stores has been amazing.  The biggest problem is not spending too much money on clothes that are going to be too big in a short time.
  • 1470344_10151713862350426_7957064_n
  • I’ve also had a lot of fitness accomplishments, including walking in lots of 5Ks: Color Me Rad, SJ RocknRoll Mini, SF Mermaid, and the Turkey Trot. All of these 5Ks have shown me that I am ready to push myself a bit further.  I attempted the C25K for the third time, and even though it’s been quite a challenge, for the first time it’s doable.  I have a Santa Run coming up next Sunday, and I’m planning to do a walk/run for the first time.  I can’t wait to see how far I can take my running in 2014.
  • To date, my biggest accomplishment on the scale has been losing 100 pounds.  I’ve lost even more since then (almost -110), and my next goal is to get to ONEDERLAND by December 31st.

Since mid-year, 2013 has been filled with accomplishments that I’m incredibly proud of.  I know 2014 is going to bring even more successes that I can’t wait to share.


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I had huge To Dos this weekend, and I’m glad to say I got most of it done.

On my walk with Sofi Saturday morning, I was reminded just how beautiful the everyday can be.

My front yard has been looking a bit dull lately, what with the summer flowers gone. So I made a quick trip to OSH to buy some mums. Sofi was a big help.

On that same trip I stopped by Sprouts/Sunflower Market to pick up loads of fruits & veggies for the week.

Sofi’s new Molly Mutt bed arrived. We both love it!

This morning I was encouraged to see a nice drop on the scale (from yesterday). At this pace, I could lose 3 lbs this week.
After a quick happy dance, I was up and at ’em with more laundry, cleaning, and gardening, and somehow I got this battle wound:

I prepped food for the week, including a really delicious salad that I can’t wait to try. It has romaine, spinach, mixed bean sprouts, mung beans, red bell pepper, and edamame. I’m going to pair it with TJ’s Spicy Asian Peanut dressing. Yum!20120930-233306.jpg

The main focus this weekend was grading…glad that’s done! (For now).
All in all, a busy, satisfying weekend. What did you do?

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These are exactly like the roller skates that I had when I was young.

I remember being in 1st grade and going to the roller rink on a field trip. I didn’t know how to skate, and I hugged the edge the entire time while watching classmates skate around and have fun. I was determined to learn how to skate. I went home and asked my parents for skates, which they got me. My dad taught me how to balance and soon enough I was practicing in our long driveway, falling but never stopping. Then I “graduated” to the sidewalk, and got so good that I could skate backwards. When my class went back to the rink in May, I was out there having a great time. I remember how proud I was of myself. It’s my first memory of feeling that kind of accomplishment, and since then I’ve gone after every single goal with the same determination.

I’ve done lots of great things in my life since then – experienced first love, graduated college with a BA, been engaged, survived devastating heartbreak, received a teaching credential, worked at a startup (now a major Internet company), taught for 13 years, earned Masters degree, travelled a bit, etc. Lots to be proud of. Yet the main goal that has eluded me since my mid-20s is weight loss. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight (no longer being obese or even overweight) is the penultimate challenge that I’m long overdue to put a check mark next to.

After remembering how much fun I used to have roller skating I started thinking about the fact that I should buy myself a pair of skates so that I can start it up again. One of my ultimate “that would be awesome” fantasies is to join a roller derby league. Of course, I’m getting older and I’m not sure I could Whip It like those ladies do, but it’s fun to dream. Plus, I don’t get any broken bones or bloody noses in Dreamland (on the rink things might be different).

Since roller skating symbolizes such pride and accomplishment for me, I decided to buy a little something to remind myself of how that little first grader felt. I went on Etsy and found a cute little roller skate charm bracelet that will be here soon. I’ll wear it as a reminder of my first major fitness accomplishment to encourage myself to continue on with this one.

My 6-year-old self is tickled pink!


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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in #WEverb11.  Each day gives a new prompt, each of which is a chance to reflect and look forward.

December 1: One word.

Encapsulate the year 2011 in one word. Explain why. Imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2012 for you?

In the spirit of where this all started… this is the same first prompt from 2010.


When I looked back at last year’s post about this same topic, I saw that I chose the word CHANGE for 2011.  And I do think that this year has been full of changes for me.

The most dramatic change was that my sister and nieces moved in next door to me.  I have absolutely loved having them so close and being able to be such a daily part of their lives.  I’ve been able to help them, but they’ve helped to support me just as much.  Before they moved in, I was often lonely and sort of lost when I’d get home from work.  Now I know that people who love me are literally just a doorstep away.  It’s nice and it helps me feel more grounded.

Another huge change was Lulu’s death and then getting Sofi.  As difficult as losing Lulu was, I now feel that everything does happen for a reason, and Sofi was meant to be in my life.  She is the BEST dog ever, and I have loved every single minute with her.  Lulu was my first dog, and Sofi has benefited from all that Lulu taught me.

I’ve also changed my attitude in many ways – about the way I’m approaching weight loss, about the way that I feel about myself, and about the way that I look at life.  I’m not accepting as many excuses from myself, but I’m also really appreciating the new way that clothes are fitting me as I continue to lose weight.  I’m still waiting for the biggest change of all – getting WLS, but I know that that time will come when it’s supposed to.  And I am confident that it will be sooner rather than later.

Now in terms of 2012, I would have to say that the word will be Accomplishment.  I have huge plans for 2012, and I know that one of the main focal points for the year will be accomplishing so many of my weight loss goals.  It’s inevitable, and I can’t wait for each goal to fall away and for new goals to emerge.  It’s going to be an exciting time, and I look forward to it.


If you’d like to join in on the daily writing prompts, go to WEverb11, sign up for the email notifications, and join us! Or follow along on Twitter using the #WEverb11 hashtag!

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Today was the first time in six weeks that I wasn’t too confident getting on the scale.  I’ve been faithful in following Medifast, but I’ve been up all week in my peeks at the scale.  So as much as I wanted to hit the 20 lb milestone today, I was just hoping for any loss.

20110323-062730.jpg Which means I lost 0.4 lbs this week, for a total loss of 19.6 pounds in 6 weeks. Ugh.  That 20-pound milestone is illusive!  But, I’m still really proud of my progress.  Especially considering how much I’ve struggled with weight loss in the past 2 years.  I’m encouraged that this time it’s been fairly straightforward and predictable.

Now, what is my plan so that I don’t fall into a long plateau as I have so many times before?  I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, with some slight modifications.

The traditional Medifast 5 and1 plan is just that – eat 5 Medifast meal replacements and then have 1 Lean & Green meal, consisting of 6-7 oz of lean protein and 2 cups of veggies, with a bit of healthy oil.  All of which I do.  Except that I have been eating 3-4 oz of protein with my meal and then having Greek yogurt and string cheese during the day as snacks. Other times I’ll have a hard-boiled egg.  Sometimes I’ll have nuts, which is an acceptable Medifast snack, but which I may have done too often in this past week.  Because even though nuts are good for you, they are still fattening and salty. Snacks in themselves aren’t bad, but I need to make sure that I’m not going overboard with them.

The other thing I can look at is the richness of the Lean & Green meals I’ve been making. I always try to make sure that the dinners are under 350 calories, but the stews I’ve been eating have been somewhat higher in sodium, so I may be retaining some water that way.

And I can definitely drink more water.  I’ve been good about getting in 64 oz or so, but it wouldn’t hurt to get in an extra few glasses each day.

Even though this week’s progress was limited to say the least, I still feel very good about all that I’ve accomplished in these last 6 weeks, and I know that with a slight modification I’ll be right back to it.

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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in Reverb 10. Each day gives a new prompt, which is a chance to reflect on 2010 and manifest what’s next in 2011.

December 10Wisdom
What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway)

I feel as if I’ve made many wise decisions in 2010 – moving to an amazing duplex, encouraging my sister to move back to our hometown, getting Lulu, switching from WW to counting calories (not that I have anything against WW, it just didn’t work for me, personally), deciding to get Lap Band surgery, etc.   But one of the best decisions that I made came in the middle of the year.

I quit smoking!!!

I’d been wanting to quit for some time, in fact, I tried to quit on Jan. 1, but that attempt failed miserably.  It wasn’t until the head of bariatric surgery at Kaiser said that the would not, under any circumstances, perform any weight loss surgery unless we had quit smoking that I actually knew I HAD to quit.  And so I did.

Other than a bit of a struggle on the 3rd day, it really wasn’t that difficult.  Granted, I have gained about 10 pounds since I quit, but that weight is coming off and when I compare that to the boost I gave my health by quitting, it’s a small price to pay.

It’s been 4 months (122 days!!) now, and I can honestly say that I don’t miss it, most of the time.  There are twinges now and then when I know a cig would be ideal, but those are few and far between.  The other day my mom commented about how happy she was that I’d quit, and I can say with all honesty that I hadn’t even thought about smoking for at least 2 weeks until she mentioned it.  It’s actually surreal how quickly I’ve let that part of my life go.

For so long I thought I’d always be a smoker.  Even though I knew it was bad for me, I felt so tied to it that I seriously didn’t think I’d have the will to stop.  And yet I did.  Just like that.  So it gives me the pride and the confidence in myself to know that if I can do that, I can do anything – including lose the required 30+ pounds to qualify for Lap Band surgery.  So I KNOW it will happen in the first quarter of 2011.

A while ago Carina asked me at what point would I consider myself a non smoker vs. someone who had just been smoke free a certain amount of time.  And I can say that as of today I completely consider myself a non-smoker.  I know I’ll never go back, and it feels fantastic to be able to say that I’m over my dependence on nicotine.

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