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scale This week I gained another 2.2 pounds, for a total weight loss of 0.4.

To say I am extremely upset and disappointed is putting it mildly.  I know that I had a few “events” this week, but I did well at each of them and tracked all of my points.  I even had 10 WPAs (the extra 35 points you get per week) left over.  I canceled on sushi on Friday because I was so freaked out about all of the other events.  I’m so mad about this gain.  This is ridiculous.

But, I am not giving up.  This gain doesn’t define me or all I have worked so hard to put in place for myself.  It is a setback. And after about 2 hours of feeling sorry for myself this morning, I am moving forward.  There is simply no other option.  I will get the better of this.  I have to.

So after my WW meeting this morning, I drove straight to the gourmet Italian market that I love because it has so much fresh, wonderful produce.  I bought Jazz apples, Swiss chard, broccoli rabe, cherry tomatoes, and a pummelo.  (I’ll write another post about what I thought of this unique citrus fruit later).  I wanted to make sure that I have lots of healthy, fresh produce to cook for lunches and dinners throughout the week.  

This continued weight gain is an indication that my body really does need activity every day.  And I was very bad about getting activity this week.  I only got 4 APs all week, and that was on Sunday.  The week was crazy at work, but there will always be crazy weeks.  I gave in to feeling tired and didn’t workout, and that was my error.  I have to push through feeling tired and make exercise a priority.  I know now that it’s the key to my weight loss success.  My first week on WW I lost 3.8 pounds, and that was due in large part to the fact that I got in lots of activity.  I was off of work and I had the time to workout whenever I wanted.  But in real life I am not off of work – I have pressures and stresses and feel wiped out at the end of the day.  But so what?  Feeling tired is not an excuse to sit on the couch and watch t.v.

This week’s goal is to move more.  To get in all 21 APs that I’ve set as my weekly goal.  Today I’m going on a long bike ride with DRMK and her husband, which will be wonderful.  We’re going to go on the Los Gatos Trail that I’ve written about before.  I love riding my bike there, and I know we’ll have so much fun while we’re getting in lots of activity.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up and do the new Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD I just received from QVC.  And during the week, the time that I’m usually full of excuses, I WILL workout, no matter how exhausted I am.  I’ve been taking my multivitamin every day, so hopefully now that TOM is over, I will actually feel more energized.

Today’s WW meeting was all about hunger – emotional hunger versus physical hunger.  I know that I sometimes eat for emotional reasons – boredom, mostly, but sometimes also because I feel like giving up. I want to try to be more conscious of this and stop myself from turning to food when I’m not really hungry. (If you start seeing a lot of blog posts from me this week, you’ll know why).

Speaking of hungry, have you seen the new WW commercials?  People love the little “hungry monster” so much that our leader told us WW is going to make some to keep in the centers.  Here’s the commercial, in case you’re interested:

I’m beginning week 4, and the booklet this week is all about Healthy Habits.  I think the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I plan to read the entire book today and try to glean as many lessons from it as I can.

The quote at the end of today’s meeting was adorable.  It is so simple and yet so true:

A good meal ought to begin with hunger. — French Proverb

This is the start of a whole new week, and the choices I make in adversity are what will determine my success in the long run.

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