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As December 1st gets closer, I am really excited about starting the SBD. As with any new endeavor I undertake, I have lots of plans, lists, goals, and expectations. I’m going into this with high hopes and the best of intentions, but I’m also worried/fearful.

The only diet that I’ve ever lost a significant amount of weight on was Jenny Craig. It was pretty easy — eat that food, don’t cheat, try to workout, and you’ll lose weight. You may or may not learn anything to take with you after you stop the diet, but you are pretty much guaranteed to lose weight while your following it. No prep time — just pay your money for the food, heat it, eat it. Easy. Of course, both times I was on Jenny Craig, I also gained everything back, and then some. Not really a success story.

So now I have this new goal, this new plan, this new lifestyle. It seems very do-able, especially with the built in support of BeachGirly and CCLuv. I know I’ll follow the program to the letter for at least a few weeks, because I’m really good about starting things like this. But still, I am worried that after a few weeks I’m going to fall into old patterns and go off the plan, eat too much of the wrong things and stay this same fat self. I’m not so good with the follow through when it comes to weight loss and working out. I always start strong but haven’t managed to maintain any level of lifestyle change for too long.

Not that I’m going into this with a negative attitude, because I’m not. I’m just trying to put this out there so that I can recognize my weaknesses and try to work on them. By acknowledging that this is a pattern for me, I’m hoping to break it.


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I’m trying not to think in a deprivation mentality in relation to the South Beach Diet, but…

Knowing that most carbs (bread, rice, pasta, fruit) are going to be off limits for 2 weeks, I’m getting plenty of them in this week. I bought some amazing rosemary sourdough bread that I enjoyed two nights in a row with some Italian wedding soup. I LOVE that soup so much, but the little pastinas definitely aren’t SB-friendly.

I’m looking forward to embarking on this new weight loss program, and can’t wait to see the results — both physically and mentally. I can’t wait to see those initial water weight plans shed themselves, which will no doubt give me tons of encouragement. I also can’t wait to have more energy. I’ve been feeling so sluggish lately, and I really hate that.

The one trepidation I have is about being organized enough with the food. I’m going to have to make sure the pantry, fridge, and freezer are well stocked with SB-friendly food that is easy to prepare. I’m planning on trying to do plenty of cooking/prep work on the weekends so that during the week, all I have to do is cook the food. I’m also going to use the Dream Dinner mentality of making a few things at once (cooking 4 chicken breasts instead of just one) so I have dinner already cooked and ready to reheat.

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