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I can’t believe I’ve completed Week 3 of RLR already!  Time sure is flying by in 2010 so far.  This week I stuck to the training, and it was great.  Not easy, but really, really good. This week’s training had me doing this:

Week 3, Day 1: I took the training outside on Saturday, 1/16.  Since it had been over a week since I had completed any training, I couldn’t quite make it through the entire training for week 3.  I did about 3 intervals of the 90-second run/2 minute walk and then I had to bring it back down to the 60 second run/90 second walk intervals from the previous week.  My body just wasn’t ready for the full training after taking such a long break.  Plus, doing the training outside was a LOT harder than on the treadmill.  A LOT!  It was a good thing to try to do, but I’m not ready for outdoor training just yet.  I do plan to run at a local high school track (with a rubbery/spongey track) once the weather clears up, so probably sometime in March.  Since I was outside, I’m not sure how fast I was running or how far I went, but I do know that I burned 424 calories, which is great.

Week 3, Day 2: I did this training at the gym on Monday, 1/18, and it was so much easier on the treadmill than outside.  Which is not to say that it was easy, at all, but I did complete the entire training.  The jogging was difficult, but not impossible, and the recovery time was fine during the walks.  I jogged at 3.7 and walked at 2.9, which I know is slow, but it’s where I am right now.  I was putting forth all of my effort, and it was hard, and that’s really all I can ask of myself at this point.

I burned 398 calories, and went a little over a mile and a half in 30 minutes (including the warm up and cool down time). I was a sweaty mess by the time I was through with this workout, and I loved every drop of it.

Week 3, Day 3: I completed this training yesterday, Thursday, 1/21 at the gym after work.  I usually like to do the RLR training in the morning, but this week was finals week at school, which meant an earlier starting time.  So, I went yesterday when I had finished grading all the finals and submitted the final grades for the semester.  I felt so proud of myself for being able to finish everything before the weekend for the first time in 10 years of teaching!  Quite a milestone for an English teacher, because usually there are essays to grade, etc., but this year I was on top of it, and now I got to reap the rewards of a long 3-day weekend with no work obligations.  🙂  So, to celebrate, I went to the gym.  LOL, a year or two ago, the gym would be the last place I would celebrate the start of a long weekend.  Training on Day 3 was about the same as Day 2, although the jogs were a bit easier.  I went the same distance (1.58) and had the same speeds (3.7 jog and 2.9/3.0 walk).

I burned 403 calories, which is great for a 30 minute workout.  It felt good to have stuck to the training schedule and end the week feeling accomplished.

Overall, this was a tough week. The jogging is difficult, and although it is somewhat easier than it was the first week, the added time makes it really hard still.  Since I’m covering half as much ground in the 30 minutes that I’m training, it makes me realize that I’m probably not going to run a 5K in 30 minutes, which is ok.  Once I get to the “all jog” portion of this training, I’ll see where I am and then I’ll try to improve my time, if I feel like I can. I have to remind myself that I am an obese person who weighs over 275 pounds, so the fact that I’m jogging at all is something to be really proud of.  The C25K program is designed for out of shape people, yes, but for normal weight/overweight people, not the obese.  Which is why I’m glad that Scale Warfare had the idea to repeat each week of training (to do each week twice), so that it would be at a level more suitable for our sizes.

Bella’s “Tip”

A few weeks ago Scale Warfare gave a great tip about stretches that she does before running, and I’ve been using those before I begin.  They help quite a bit, although I am still feeling cramping in my calves when I do the RLR, but I think that’s just the way my legs are right now.

I wanted to share a tip with you, too.  I’ve had a couple of questions about the c25k App I’m using on my iPhone, so I figured I’d share that with you.

I did a search of “C25K” on the App Store in iTunes, and these were the results (click on any of the following photos to make them bigger/more viewable):

They all looked about the same, but something caught my eye about the brown 5K app, second from the left.  So, I clicked on it to get more info and read the reviews:

I liked that this one had good ratings, was only $2.99, and let me listen to my own music from my iPod while it was running.  It also lets you choose if you want to hear a male or female voice for the audio cues, as well as hard loud you want the cue to be.

So, to use it, I go to my iPod on my iPhone and select my workout playlist and begin listening to whichever song I want for that day.  Then I open the C25K App and hit start.  My music plays while I do the 5-minute warm-up.  Then, after that time’s done, I see this:

The female voice comes on and says, “start running now.”  I love how the screen is red, to show the intensity of the workout.  The time ticks down and then when the jogging portion is over, this comes on the screen:

After the run, this green screen and the words, “start walking now,” are the best things I can hear/see!  😉  The green is supposed to be calming, I guess? All I know is, I’m always happy to see the green screen at the end of the jogging intervals.

And the App continues in this way throughout the intervals, until I’m done.  It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to use.  For $2.99 it’s well worth the cost to be able to listen to my own music while doing the training.

So, that’s it, folks.  Week 3 done!  Be sure to check in with Scale Warfare to see how her RLR training went this week.


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