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Last Saturday I tried a new class in my ongoing Adventures in Fitness (AIF): Aqua Zumba!  It seemed like the ideal combination of two of my favorite activities – Zumba and aqua aerobics.

Even though I’ve  taken many Zumba classes, I still didn’t know exactly what to expect from Aqua Zumba.  But I knew that if all else failed, I would just move my body in the water and have a good time doing it.  Luckily, I caught on quickly, and I did really well in the class.

The music was amazing, as it always is in Zumba classes: upbeat, high energy, and fun.  The instructor, Miggy Zumba as he’s known on FB, was absolutely the best.  He kept it fun, but pushed us at the same time.  He made sure to move around the pool deck so that everyone could see his instructions, no matter which side of the pool we were on.  He encouraged, motivated, and made us laugh, and when I can do all of that while I’m moving my body, I can forget that I’m “working out,” and I just enjoyed myself.  Here’s a clip of Miggy Zumba teaching an Aqua Zumba class (not the one that I went to) to give you an idea:

The pool at my gym is filled very high at about neck level (it doesn’t help that I’m a shorty at 5″3′), so some of the moves were more difficult to master because I was trying to keep my head above water, but now I know to get to the more shallow section of the pool next time where the water only reaches about chest high. It will make doing the footwork that much easier, I think.

Someone asked me to compare the Aqua Zumba to both Zumba and aqua aerobics, and I’d say that I still like regular Zumba more, because there’s nothing like moving your body to the rhythm of the music, while pushing yourself to get the footwork down.  But I liked the Aqua Zumba 100% more than standard aqua aerobics, which can get really boring; it all depends on the teacher.  You can tell from the smiles of all of us in the pool that we really enjoyed the class and the hour flew by.

Can you find me in the photo? Hint: I'm one of the shortest ones. BTW - those are my yellow weighted gloves in the foreground. 🙂

The class was a 1-day trial at my local 24 Hour Fitness to see how much interest there was.  Well, with 72 of us in the pool that day, I’d say there was interest.  I would absolutely take Aqua Zumba again, especially if Miggy Zumba is teaching it.  I enjoyed his style so much that I’m going to go out of my way to take a regular Zumba class from him later this week at a location a bit out of my way.  He was that dynamic!

If Aqua Zumba is offered near you, I’d absolutely give it a try. It will be 60 minutes of non-stop fun, I’m sure of it.


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