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Today my sister and I spent a girls’ day with my mom.  We had a great day, filled with shopping, lunch, and a couple of glasses of wine.  It’s so rare that we can all make our schedules work, so this day was extra special.

I had my “lean & green” meal at lunch.  We decided to eat at my mom’s favorite seafood restaurant, and I choose a mixed green salad with Arctic char.  I had never heard of Arctic char before, but the server explained that it tastes exactly like salmon, only it has a lot less fat and more omega 3.  It sounded like a great choice, so I tried it.

Arctic char is my new favorite fish!  The waitress was right, it tasted exactly like salmon, only a lot less fatty.  Coupled with the mixed greens, some fresh-cracked pepper, and a wonderful lemon-basil vinegarette, my salad was delish!

I highly recommend that you look for Arctic char the next time you’re in the market for some light seafood.

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