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Spring has sprung! Which means that the weather is turning warmer, the days are getting longer, and fitting in outdoor activities is a whole lot easier. Spring is a time of renewal, and in the spring of 2014  I’m living my life in full bloom! Now that I’m in the home stretch of my weight loss journey, all the pounds I lose this spring are just like extra petals on a flower, making my life just a bit more beautiful. I want to enjoy each day of this season, soaking in the sunshine, blue skies, and happiness. Sunday weigh-ins will keep me accountable through the weekend, and will give me a positive goal to begin each new week. My Sunday progress updates will be called Super Spring Weigh-Ins.

Week 50 was even busier than the previous two have been, which is really saying something, reminding me that at this time of year my work/life balance definitely shifts and it’s easy for my best-laid plans to fall to the wayside.

bilbl_scale.jpg So, what did the scale show?!

I didn’t weigh in this morning, for two reasons.  1). The pain medication I’ve been taking because of cutting my hand gives me major constipation and 2). I was up early to help my nieces get breakfast in bed ready for my sister. And really, the scale has been stagnant again this week, so I knew that I wouldn’t show much of a loss or a gain today anyway. But, I’ve lost 97 lbs since surgery! I’ve lost a total of 135 pounds from my highest weight!! I have 30 pounds to go to my ultimate goal weight of 150 pounds.  This week because I was so busy at work and with some family obligations, I missed way too many workouts.  My food was decent, but I did catch myself adding a few more snacks than I should have if I want to see a loss on the scale.  And let’s face it, now that I’m down to 180 pounds, the weight isn’t going to come off as quickly as it did when I was 315 pounds.  Which I’m ok with, but it does mean that I don’t have as much leeway with missing workouts and adding snacks.

My plan of waking up early a few days to work out in the morning failed miserably.  I didn’t even hear the alarm go off, or to be more accurate, I immediately snoozed it and went back to sleep.  I didn’t set myself up for success because I was going to bed way too late.  But that’s not going to happen this week.  I refuse to let it.

This time of year is super busy for me at school because it’s almost the end of the year; there’s a lot of grading, meetings, and planning before we get out for summer.  All the more reason for me to make sure I get up and do my workouts first thing in the morning.  That way, no matter how busy the day gets or how tired I am at the end of it, I know I’ve already worked out.  My 1-year surgiversary is coming up soon, and I really want to be in the 170s by then. I’m on the cusp of that weight, so it’s time to get serious and stop sliding by.

  • I’m going to get to bed by 10pm each night, lights out by 10:30.
  • The alarm is set for 4:15am and a second one for 4:30am so that I can fit in both cardio and toning before I need to get ready and leave in the morning by 7am.
  • Because my cardio is limited to elliptical or HIIT workouts at home (the stationary bike at home really doesn’t give me much of a calorie burn), I am going to try to get in a second cardio workout a couple of days, if I can.

Here’s my workout plan for this week:
Sunday:  walk Sofi (I’m still taking it easy because of my hand)
Monday: AM: elliptical / TIU: Bikini Body Routine  + PM: run/walk intervals & walk with Sofi
Tuesday: AM: HIIT the Beach 2 (Beach Babe 2 DVD) / TIU: NEW BIKINI ARMS workout, Best Ab Routine + PM: walk Sofi
Wednesday: AM: TIU: Making Waves Cardio (elliptical) / TIU Bikini Booty Routine , Hula Booty (Beach Babe 2 DVD)+ PM: run/walk intervals & walk with Sofi
Thursday:  AM: run/walk intervals outside / Under the Sea 1 , Under the Sea 2 , Flat, Fit, Sexy Abs
Friday: AM:  TIU Biker Babes cardio (gym)/ PM: TIU: Love Your Body w/ Yoga
Saturday: AM: Run/walk Training with SJ Fit + walk w/ Sofi

This is a really ambitious plan because it requires me to wake up super early each morning, but I am bound and determined to make it happen! My afternoons are just too busy most days this week – I have to stick with this plan if I’m going to get my workouts in. No excuses!

I really love that each weekday the TIU girls have set up a Sunset Challenge: (taken directly from ToneItup.com)

  • Monday: Develop a mantra for the week and use it when you wake up, during your workouts and anytime you need a boost. We love, “I am strong,” “I will not give up,”  & “I’m a gorgeous bombshell who can accomplish anything!!”
  • Tuesday: Quickies all day! Working or at school all day!? Complete 20 squats every time you go to the ladies room. You’ll be feeling it tomorrow 😉
  • Wednesday: Tap into your creative side and get artistic. Painting, drawing, sculpting, gardening, dancing, writing all  nourish your soul & provide amazing stress relief!
  • Thursday: Be a light in someone’s life today! Do something to inspire and encourage those around you, whether you post something motivational on social media, offer a compliment to another woman or tell someone how much they mean to you!
  • Friday: Reward yourself tonight with something that will make you smile like scheduling a massage, a manicure or a blow out!

I’m going to follow up with a Sunset Challenge post on Friday evening to let you know what I did for each day’s challenge.

Today’s quote comes directly from ToneItUp.com.  I love it so much that I’ve had it as my iPad wallpaper for the past few months.  If I’m going to see the results that I want to on the scale, I need to break the boundaries in my mind that tell me 4am is too early to wake up. There is no such thing as “too early” if I really want to reach my next mini goal of hitting the 170s by the time May 20th (my 1-year surgiversary) rolls around.

2014-03-10 01.31.16

Until next Sunday, my friends. I hope the scale treats you well, and that you have a wonderful week!

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