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Today’s Goal Style is going to be a bit different.  Instead of imagining an outfit on Polyvore, I actually bought one. I was reading Emmie’s post reviewing eShakti when I decided to go take a peek.

I’d heard about eShakti last year and encouraged my sister to order a custom-made shirt from them, which she loved.  (My sister also has an hourglass figure, as I do, but her proportions are even more extreme.  She has a much smaller waist and her hips are about as wide as mine.  Because of her tiny waist, sometimes finding pants, dresses, and even tops that fit her well is really difficult.  I remember when we submitted her measurements for the order, we got an email soon afterward verifying that the measurements were correct because they seemed so off).

The first place I went on the website was the Overstock section, which offers a 40% discount on items. One dress immediately caught my attention:

I adore the bicycles!!!

Not only is this dress a perfect color for me (I look good in jewel tones), but it’s also the perfect cut.  That retro/50’s style is ideal for someone with my proportions (big hips, small waist). The bicycles just make it so fun and unique.  This is exactly the type of dress that I see myself wearing at my goal weight.  It’s different, quirky, and gives a nod to a bygone era. It was available in a size 18, which is a few sizes smaller than I’m currently wearing, but which I’ll be fitting into in no time, at my current rate of weight loss.

Since this dress was in the Overstock section, it meant that I got a deep discount – $41.95 instead of the original $69.95. Because I hadn’t placed an order with eShakti before, I was able to take advantage of their $20 coupon for new customers.  Which means that I picked up this awesome dress for $29.95, with shipping!!!

I am glad that I bought this dress in a smaller size because now I’ll have something that I can hang in my closet and look at for motivation every single morning as I’m getting ready.  I simply cannot wait until it fits!

Do you ever buy clothes in sizes smaller than you’re currently fitting to serve as inspiration?


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