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Thank you all for helping me to celebrate my 900th post.  I received 33 comments, twitter follows,  and blog subscriptions.  Each time someone commented, tweeted, or followed, I entered their name in the list, which is why you’ll see some people’s names there multiple times.  I put everyone’s name into the Randomizer and here’s what came up…

Which means that Carina is the winner!!!!!

Congratulations, Carina!!!  Carina has been a long time reader who writes insightful comments that really make me think.  From time to time she calls me out when I’m being lame (using excuses), which I appreciate, too.  Carina has run in lots of marathons and half marathons,  including the Boston Marathon earlier this year.  You should definitely go check out her blog.

Carina, please email me and let me know which prize you’d like – a gift certificate for iTunes or for Amazon.com.  I’ll email it to you at whichever address you use.

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