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This week has flown by for me, and I’ve been much busier than I anticipated.  It’s been a good week, though, so I’m not complaining.  I’m just way behind on my blog writing, which makes me feel out of sorts.

Get Fit Blog Hop

This post is just a quick one to join in on Lisa’s blog hop over at Get Fit Naturally.  It’s open to any health and fitness blogger, so if you’re interested, definitely hop on over (click on this photo) and link up.

To me getting fit is a three-pronged thing – movement, food choices, and mental state.  After years of trying to lose weight, I’ve come to realize that I have to have balance between all three aspects to stay with it and be the most successful.  And achieving that balance is always a work in progress.

Movement for me means keeping exercise fresh.  Trying new classes, like Aqua Zumba.  Creating a Fitness Bucket List with things on it like surfing.  Or it can be something as simple as taking Sofi for a walk.  I thrive on new experiences, so if there’s a new class offered or a new fitness DVD out, I’m interested in giving it a try.  I may not always be capable of mastery, but sometimes attempting is achieving.

Food has been my greatest joy and my biggest weakness. I’m a foodie at heart, and love to cook, which is a great thing.  I enjoy making meals for myself and finding healthy recipes.  Sometimes I go overboard and find it difficult to reign in my cravings.  But just yesterday I began something that is helping me curb that, and so far so good.  (I’ll write more once I’ve been doing it a bit longer).

The mental state was the one that was the most difficult to tackle.  I’ve written more blog posts than I can count about my struggles.  Ever since last week’s first therapy session, I’ve felt stronger and more able to cope with some of my triggers.  And I am confident that with continued work, I will find some of the willpower that I lost along the way.

All three components combine to make me someone who is striving to be fit.  I’m at my calmest and most serene when all three parts are balanced.  So each day I wake up and I renew my purpose of getting fit. Living to be fit makes me happy.

This weekend’s weather is supposed to be gorgeous – mid to upper 80s throughout.  And even though I have lots of grading to do, I am making the commitment to you and to myself to get out for at least an hour each day to be active.  Beginning with a long (2 mile) walk with Sofi later this afternoon. Followed by a bike ride on Saturday and maybe even a swim at the gym pool on Sunday.

How will you “get fit” this weekend?


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I woke up this morning to the sight of the sun shining after days of dreary, cloudy, rainy weather, and it just put a bit of pep in my step.  Rather than start the morning with my usual cup of coffee and news I hit the ground running and did some housework – laundry, folding clothes, changing sheets, straightening the bathroom and kitchen – all before 8:15am!  Then I headed next door to my sister’s house and had some coffee while we helped each other menu plan for the week.  I have quite an agenda today – grading essays, cleaning a bit more around the house, taking Sofi on a long walk, and doing my favorite Zumba DVD.  Whew!  I get a bit tired just looking at all of that.  But don’t worry, now I’m settled in with a big cup of coffee, news on in the background, all ready to get some serious blog reading in for at least an hour.

Which leads me to today’s post – #SweatPink Saturday Blog Hop.  I don’t think I mentioned that earlier this week I “met” lots of my fellow SweatPink Ambassadors.  There are 57 (and counting!) SweatPink Ambassadors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and live across the country.  In fact, I think I’m one of the few from the Bay Area, where Fit Approach is based.  Some of these amazing women were approached by Fit Approach to become a SweatPink Ambassador (as I was), and others applied for the position.  The fact that so many of them have shown interest in the program leads me to think that Fit Approach may be  growing in the future to have locations around the country – who knows?! In the mean time, we’re all trying to get to know each other in this virtual world.

To that end, one of the SweatPink Ambassadors, Lori (who blogs at Get Fit Naturally), suggested a Blog Hop.  Most of us had never heard of the term before, but loved the idea of introducing each other to ourselves and to our readers.  I highly recommend making some time today to check out these awesome new blogs.  Just click on the #sweatpink shoelace flower below, and you’ll see the post and everyone’s links.  Enjoy!

How will you #sweatpink today?

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