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Lately I haven’t been making a ton of progress on my weight loss goals, and as such, my rewards have sort of fallen to the way side.  Couple that with the fact that I haven’t had a ton of extra money, and well… there we are.

That is, until I saw this bracelet:

il_fullxfull66466466 I love the fun colors, the fact that it’s called “Color Chaos,” and that it has a charm at the end that says “Live.”  What an amazing daily reminder it would be for me to live my best life, right?

The bracelet description can be found here.  It’s the creation of My Charmed Designs, and can be found on Etsy.  The bracelet is rather expensive at $70, but when I look at those colors and think about the craftsmanship that went into making it, I realize that it’s worth it.  Plus, if I love it and wear it almost every day, the “cost per wear” makes it more reasonable.

None of the colors in this bracelet are ones that I normally wear, except for red, but somehow I was drawn to it above all of the other beautiful bracelets in My Charmed Designs’ gallery.  I think it’s the combination of carnival-like colors that makes it seem so right to me.  Plus, the colors don’t go with any particular season of the year, but are, to me, more universal.  I am usually in some form of black (or other jewel-toned colors) more often than not, so this bracelet will show off nicely with my wardrobe.

I get paid in a week and a half, and if the bracelet is still available, then I’m going to buy it for myself as a pre-reward.  Something that I can look down at on my wrist and be reminded of my weight loss journey.  It will be a great momento for me and I know that I will see it and take stock of how I’m doing with my weight loss goals for the day.

The name “Color Chaos” fits perfectly because it is everything that I hope my life is – bold, sassy, colorful, busy, hectic, happy, and fun.


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