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I have a business trip coming up that I am not looking forward to (more on that later), but one thing that I was looking forward to was that I needed to go shopping to get some new outfits that are dressier than I normally wear to work.  I actually like dressing nicely for work, but lately I’ve been doing the jeans and a nice sweater thing at work.  It works, but it doesn’t exactly make me feel like a fashionista.

To be honest, I went to Lane Bryant with the intention of only buying tights, because I had figured out a few outfits that might work for the trip.  But you can already figure out where this is going.  I walked into the store and saw 3 awesome dresses that I “had to have.”  🙂  I tried them on and they were so flattering, and what’s better than looking skinnier than you are?  The new dresses just put me in a great mood as soon as I tried them on.  Love that!

So, in addition to 2 pairs of black tights,  1 pair of brown tights, and some Spanx, I got these:

This one looks awesome!  I’m going to wear it with a turquoise shrug/sweater that has 3/4 sleeves. This is my favorite dress that I bought today.

This one looks a lot nicer in person, and I love the magenta colors with the brown dress.  I’m going to pair this with a lightweight brown duster that’s the same length as the dress. I also have a great necklace that will look so nice nestled right above the draped fabric.

This dress is so comfortable.  It comes down longer on me, since I have short legs (I’m only 5’4″).  I’m going to wear a cami under this (either black or red) and a red shrug/sweater.  I love putting a pop of red with black and white.

The other outfit I’m going to wear is one that I bought last year.  It’s a brown and turquoise skirt, a turquoise blouse, and the long brown duster.  It looks really nice, and I feel comfortable in it.

All of these outfits are going to make me feel even more confident than I am already.  They’ve also inspired me to start wearing nicer clothes on a day-to-day basis at work.  I hate feeling shlumpy, and although jeans and sweaters/sweatshirts are comfortable, they definitely aren’t flattering.  I’ve been avoiding buying new clothes until I lose weight, but this was a great excuse to get some new items that I can wear well into the summer.

Because I spent so much (I won’t even tell you how much I spent, but it was all well worth it), I also got a free t-shirt:

It’s pretty bold, but I figure I can always wear it under a cardigan or while working out.


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