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I love clothes, and despite the fact that my clothing choices are limited because of my “plus size,” I pride myself on dressing as fashionably as possible.  I have tons of clothes – more than any one person needs, really – and I feel a point of pride when I write that I have not repeated an outfit yet this school year – that’s 5 weeks (25 days) without a repeat.  Well, except for Fridays when we’re supposed to wear our school pride colors, and a girl only has so much blue and gold gear.  This is during the week, mind you; on the weekends I often wear the same comfy workout clothes when I’m just hanging around the house or, well, working out.  But if I’m going out with friends and family, I definitely dress to impress whenever possible.

With that said, I thought it was high time to start a new tradition around this blog on Fridays – OOTW (Outfits of the Week).  I’m inspired by Heidi‘s Fashion Friday posts, but since I didn’t want to completely steal her idea, I figured I’d feature the outfits I wore throughout the week.  The side bonus of these posts will be that they’ll serve as a visual record of my weight loss through the weeks.

Sound fun?  I think so, too.  So let’s get started.

Sunday – yin yoga outfit.  The reason I’m featuring a weekend workout outfit is that I’m trying to wear more fitted clothes when I workout.  I tend to wear really baggy workout clothes because they’re safer and I can “hide” in them.  But again, as Heidi pointed out, wearing baggy clothes makes me look bigger than I really am.  I should start embracing my curves even when I’m moving and sweating.  With that said, I wore a much more fitted shirt to yoga on Sunday, and I felt great about it.  The shirt is one that I had purchased well over a year ago and when I first bought it, it was much too tight.  As you can see, it fits much nicer now.


Top: Lane Bryant; Yoga Pants: Avenue; Workout Bra: Champion (Target)

Monday – I love the animal print top in the unexpected colors.  I guess all these Jersey shows I’m watching (Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, RHONJ) are starting to influence my fashion.


Top: Macy's; Necklace: Dress Barn; Pants: Avenue; Shoes: Reef (Zappos)

Tuesday – It was super-hot this week (in the 90s every single day), and I wanted to be as cool as possible. These palazzo pants are very thin and flowy, so they’re sooooo comfortable.  I feel like I’m wearing sweats to school when I wear them, yet they’re really dressing looking.  The shoes are flat sandals, but they’re patent leather, which sort of dresses them up a bit, I think.  I’m not sure if these pants are very flattering on me because they’re so wide-legged – they either camouflage my big thighs or accentuate them – what do you think?


Top: Torrid (2-3 years ago); Cami: LB; Pearl & Silver Necklace: gift from my mom; Pants: Target; Shoes: Avenue

Wednesday: I looked in my closet and saw nothing that felt cool and looked cute (do you ever have those days?), so I went next door to my sister’s closet and borrowed this top.  One of the many perks of having her right next door and being almost the same size.


Top: Mervyn's; Cami: LB; Necklace: Silpada; Cropped Jeans: LB; Shoes: Reef (Zappos)

That’s it for this week because Thursdays are college tshirt/sweatshirt days (to promote a college-bound culture) and Fridays as I said are pride days (blue and gold).


In keeping with fashion, last Friday my mom and I went shopping for some new shoes for me.  Since I’m on my feet all day long, I need really supportive shoes, and since I have wide feet with a high instep, I’m not the easiest fit.  I’ve fallen in love with Clarks!  My last pair lasted 3 years and I wore them almost every single day during the week!  They’re still “functional,” but they have seen better days.  Since the time of sandals and open-toed shoes will soon be gone, it was time to buy a new pair of Clarks.

The 1st Pair is called UnMemoir: I found this pair right away and knew they’d be perfect because they’re very similar to the pair that lasted 3 years.  They’re incredibly soft and comfortable, and they have amazing support.  Plus, they come in wide width, so I can get my real size (7 1/2) instead of having to size up (which often causes blisters at first).  They very cute with pants/crops and I’ll wear them all the time.

You can almost feel that soft calfskin, can't you?

I think they're adorable for "comfortable" shoes.

The 2nd pair is called UnNotice.  I got them because they were a bit dressier, because of the heel.  They’ll be perfect with dresses and skirts.  (The other ones look a bit too “orthopedic” with dresses).  When the weather gets cooler, I’ll pair them with tights and they’ll be ideal.  I originally wanted to buy knee-length boots, but because my calves are so large, I just can’t find ones that fit/zip to the top.  I’ve given up trying to find them, at least for now.  They’ll be something I buy when I get to my goal weight, because I’m sure the width of my calves will decrease, along with everything else.

They don't look very impressive from this shot, but when I have them on, they're adorable.

I like that they have sort of a retro feel to them.

Each of these pairs was $115, but they are well worth the money for the comfort and support they provide.  Especially considering the fact that I’ll wear them day in and day out.  (I also have a pair of brown Hush Puppies that I’ll wear when I’m wearing outfits of that color scheme).

These shoes (and a couple of pairs of comfy ankle-length boots) are the reasons that I can’t wait for the cooler, crisper weather to arrive.  Well, that and the fact that I am so sick of this heat!  I love fall fashion and can’t wait to start putting pieces together.


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