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(I’m not so sure about the staying up late…yet)

As you guys know, I signed up for Match.com at the beginning of December.  Up to this point, there have been quite a few guys who have winked, liked photos, and even emailed me, but very few who truly sparked my interest.  And of those, fewer still whose attention I seemed to hold for longer than the time it took them to contact me.

What is it with guys who contact you, wink at you, and “like” every photo you have on your profile, only to disappear after you email them back?  It’s just as well,  I don’t need someone who’s not able to give me his attention for more than a day. I’m sure it just wasn’t meant to be.  Oh, and to the guy who sent me the note asking, “is it true what they day about not trusting a big butt and a smile?” all I had to say to him was…REALLY?! (Oh, I have some doozies I could share, but maybe that’s for another post).

There have been a couple of guys who I’ve communicated with back and forth on Match.com email, and I found them to be intriguing enough to consider meeting up for coffee/drinks.  So I waited, answered their emails, and waited some more.

And then I decided to do something I would normally never do – I decided to suggest that we meet up for coffee.  Now I now this will probably surprise those of you who know me in real life or even through this blog.  I’m so bold, so confident, so strong – why would making the first move be weird for me?  Because I am a traditional girl when it comes to dating.  I like the guy to make the first move; that way I know he’s really into me, and isn’t just being nice.  But I threw caution to the wind and sent this message to the two guys I was interested in:

I hope you’ve had a great new year’s so far. Mine has been really nice. I love how the beginning of a new year is so full of possibility & promise.

With that said, I’m going to go way outside my comfort zone and ask if you’d like to meet up sometime for coffee. I’m interested in getting to know you better, and I think there’s only so much you can learn online. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx if you’d like to text/call me and set something up.

And you know what?  It worked!  One of the guys, whom I’ll refer to as CannoliD (because he has a great photo of himself eating a cannoli in Rome on his profile)  responded the very next day, and we’re going to go to coffee late next week.  We haven’t set up the specific date yet because he’s not feeling well, but I think it will be on Saturday.

How fun!  I’m not going into this with any expectations, other than to get to know him better.  The small amount I do know from CannoliD’s profile and our emails are all things that I really like:

  • 40 years old
  • no kids
  • has a professional job
  • has a college degree, in fact, he attended my same college
  • is from my city
  • owns his own home
  • is Italian!
  • is a dog owner (he also has a cat, but I’m not going to hold that against him. Have I ever mentioned my huge fear of cats?  They FREAK me out! Don’t judge, some people are scared of little, tiny spiders)
  • has the sweetest smile
  • seems like a genuinely nice guy

I don’t want to make too much of this because who knows if there will even be a second date, but I will say that I’m looking forward to it.  If for no other reason than that it’s been 5 years (has it REALLY been that long?!) since I’ve been on a date, and I’m ready to get back out there and see what happens.

Wish me luck!


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