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Before I begin, I must warn you that you may not want to read further. I’m about to go into scatological territory, and for some people, that’s just never a good subject to read about. (If you’re not sure what that means, stop and go look it up before reading more).

This week has been pure Hell for me for more reasons than one.

First there’s work – it’s my crazy time of year:

  • The last issue of the newspaper is coming out – 20 pages due next week!!
  • The yearbooks arrived a week early. This meant we had to figure out where to store them, since our usual spot was being used for something else.
  • The yearbooks have to be distributed to all the students who purchased them. This is hours and hours of work.
  • I have grading in my English classes. That never changes, but it’s coming up to the end of the year, so I try to have a 1-day turnaround so that students know their grades immediately. We’re at the point of the year where some of them are either going to pass or fail, and knowing their up-to-the-minute grade is important.
  • I administer our website, and there are tons of announcements in May/June, which means I’m updating the site several times a day.
  • I’m the chair of a committee that’s preparing for an upcoming accreditation review, and the whole process is a ton of work.
  • To top this all off, I decided to take on an extra, 6th class that meets from 3-5pm TWTH. I’ll be happy with the extra money (to help pay for all that goes into having a new puppy), but this adds several more hours of work in grading.

I just keep reminding myself that there are only 4 more weeks.

Then there’s the fact that I haven’t been getting enough sleep at night. Or, I should say, I’ve been getting terrible sleep. Ever since Lulu died, I’ve been back to falling asleep on the couch and then waking up at 2:30am or 3:45am or 4:30am. And I go back to bed at that point, but I never feel like I’ve slept at all. I wake up groggy and feeling so run down. I’m really trying to force myself not to fall asleep on the couch, but after weeks of this, I end up falling asleep while sitting up. I’ve decided this morning that I’m going to set a nightly alarm for 11pm, so that if I’ve fallen asleep I’ll wake up and go to bed at a reasonable time.


All of that would be more than manageable when things are going normally for me, but unfortunately, I haven’t been going normally. If you catch my drift. I’ve been really constipated lately, and it’s awful. I never feel like I’m relieved, and even though I get hungry, I’d rather not eat, because I just feel so bloated and “full.” It’s been going on for about a week, and it is awful.

I figured out the cause – I normally take Benefiber chewables everyday to keep me regular while on this type of restrictive diet. I learned my lesson the hard way the the last time when I was fasting and things got so bad that I had to take a suppository. Knowing that I never wanted to experience anything like that again, I’ve been really diligent about taking the fiber supplements. And then I was at Target and they didn’t have the Benefiber chewables, so I bought some gummy fiber supplements and that’s when things went haywire. I wasn’t as regular as I normally am, but didn’t think too much about it. But over time, I kept going less and less each day without really realizing it. And then by that time I had purchased the Benefiber chewables again, but I think it was just too late.

So I’m in the predicament where I’m barely going at all, and I’m feeling completely backed up. It’s disgusting. I’m completely uncomfortable and out of sorts. And even worse, when I got on the scale on Wednesday, I was way, way up. But I know that that isn’t a real weight gain, so I didn’t even take a photo of it or record it, and I haven’t been back on the scale since.

With all of this going on, I decided to take today off. And part of me feels terrible because I was supposed to chaperone a dance tonight, but I know that if I’m feeling this way, I’d be beyond miserable at the dance. The guilt didn’t last long when I realized that my body is basically flashing a bright neon sign saying, “Take a Day Off, I Need It!!!”

So yesterday I went to Walgreens and bought a gentle, vegetable-based laxative and I’m hoping that it will take affect soon. Of course I didn’t take it until 4am last night/this morning because I fell asleep on the couch again last night, so who knows when it will work. The good news is that I have the whole day off, and I’m not going to go far from home, just in case it hits. And if not, I’ll take it again tonight (at 10pm) so that it should work by tomorrow. Positive thoughts, please!!!

On a more positive note, I have a much-needed pedicure scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to get some pampering. After the week I’ve had, I deserve it!!

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, thank you for caring enough to brave the TMI territory. Happy Friday!

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