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For the month of December, I’ll be participating in #WEverb11. Each day gives a new prompt, each of which is a chance to reflect and look forward.

December 24: Control

What did you finally let go of in 2011? What will you let go of in 2012? Contributed by Julie Jordan Scott.


The sad answer is that I didn’t let go of much in 2011.  I’m a self-aware control freak, and as such, I am not one to relinquish much about my life or the lives of those around me.  It works to my advantage sometimes because it means that I get things done and I stay organized.  But overall, being controlling is getting in the way of me enjoying life.  My family has been telling me a lot lately that I really need to lighten up and stop trying to control everyone and everything.  And I think I’m finally ready to listen to them.

I don’t just do it with my family – I do it at work, I do it while driving, being in control of everything is my natural state of being.  I have realized very recently that acting this way causes much more stress in my life and the lives of those people that I love most

So in 2012, I am going to stop controlling everything.  When I feel the need to add a “helpful tip” or a “better way to do it” I’m going to pause, bite my tongue, and take a breath instead.  I have a wonderful plan that I’m working on (because I can still control myself, right?!) and I’ll reveal it on January 1st.

What did you/will you let go of?


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