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Last night for dinner I made the most delicious couscous I have ever had!  I like couscous because it cooks so quickly (only 7-10 minutes, total!), but often find it to be very dry in comparison to rice or pasta.  Not the one I had last night!  I used Near East Wild Mushroom & Herb Couscous and it was so flavorful and so moist – delicious.  I did follow their directions and added a TBSP of olive oil to the water before adding the couscous, but I usually do that, so I don’t think that was it.  I think this is just a great brand of couscous.  I wish I would’ve taken a picture of it, but here’s the box, just so you can look out for it at the grocery store:

mushcousA 1-cup serving is only 4 points!  Not to sound like a commercial, but this couscous was so good that I’ve decided it’s the only brand I’m going to use from now on. 


The deadline for the WW 3-month membership giveaway ($120 value) is tonight at 9pm Pacific time.    (Click on the link above for more details and to enter).  So far I’ve received some interesting entries, but I’d love to have even more to choose from.  If you or someone you know has been meaning to try WW, what better time than now to enter this contest?!

Good Luck!

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