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Phew, I’m finally coming up for air.  And YES, I do realize that today is Tuesday, and not Monday, but it’s been so crazy that I am barely catching up on some of the blogs.  I was super-busy this weekend grading and now that it’s done and I have a brief respite until the next sets of essays come in, I thought that letting my mind wonder on today’s topic would be the perfect getaway.  Even if it’s only pretend!

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FMM: Dream Vacation(s)

If you were given two tickets that you (and someone you chose) could use to fly anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why?

I have two vacations in mind – one is a completely relaxing, lay-on-the-beach-and-veg-out kind of trip and the other one would take me to the hustle and bustle of NYC/East Coast.  You know what?  Since this is my blog, I think I’ll write about both.

Dream Vacation #1  – The Beach  – Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by work (and life) the last few weeks – nothing too stressful if I’m honest with myself – just really busy.  Nonetheless, I have been feeling a bit wound up and stressed out.  At times like that, nothing calms me down like being near the ocean.  I’m lucky enough to live 45 minutes in either direction from the Pacific Ocean, but since we’re talking about a Dream Vacation, I figured I had to make it a bit exotic.  Right?

I’ve been to Sorrento, Italy before, in 1995 when my sister and I took a month-long, single-sisters-see-the-old-country trip through Italy.  It was fantastic.  It has all the coastal beauty of the much more well known Capri, without all the hype.  There are definitely lots of tourists all about, but the people of Sorrento seemed nicer and more down to earth than the ones we met on the isle of Capri.

On my this dream vacation, I’d wake up early and walk through the town square, stopping at my favorite torrefazione and order a Cappuccino and some sort of breakfast bread.  My days will be spent on the beach, lounging with Salvatore and/or Giuseppe, reading, laughing, and enjoying the turquoise water.  Evenings will be spent enjoying the locals – soaking up my southern Italian culture, learning a bit of the language, and just having fun.  Maybe a ride on the back of a cute guy’s Vespa.  Nothing too planned out.  Just pure hedonistic enjoyment of the time, place, and people.

Dream Vacation #2  – The East Coast

I’ve never been to NYC before; a fact that most find shocking.  I know I’d love the busyness of the streets, the energy of the people, and the amazing sites and sounds.  NYC just seems to be alive to me.  I want to see plays on Broadway and food from around the world at 3am (it IS the city that never sleeps, after all).  I also want to take a spin class at Soul Cycle.

I want to go running or biking through Central Park and take in all of the natural beauty hidden in the middle of that giant metropolis. I want to have a sweet treat at Serendipity (after burning off the calories at Soul Cycle, I think my food log will allow it).

From NYC, I’d like to travel to New Jersey.

  No, not because I’m obsessed with all the t.v. shows featuring Jersey (although I do love RHONJ), but because it just seems like my kind of state.  Lots of down-to-earth, loud, hard-working, loyal Italian-Americans.  In the Bay Area, there are some Italians, but nothing like the numbers I know live in Jersey.  Growing up, I was always mistaken for another ethnicity – Mexican, Persian, Colombian – you name it, but never Italian.  In New Jersey, I know that I’d be recognized without a doubt.  One of my friends kids that “Jersey is the armpit of America,” and I’m sure that some parts of New Jersey are that way, but I know that others are just as gorgeous as anywhere else.  I’ve always secretly thought the future love of my life would come from the East Coast, and Jersey is as good as anywhere to find “the one.”  And if all else fails, I’ll go “down the shore” and just enjoy the beach (and the fist-pumping music).

What trip to New England would be complete without a stop in Boston?

Beautiful fall foliage in Boston Common.

I’ve been to Boston, MA in the summer, and it was nice, but I really want to go at this time of year and see the beautiful fall foliage that can’t be found anywhere else.  Plus, Boston is one of the only other cities I could ever see myself living (if I ever had to leave the SF Bay Area). The people are so warm and friendly, and they definitely know how to have a good time.  There’s so much history, too, which I love learning more about.  Whether I could withstand the winters is a whole other story.


Now it’s your turn! Where would your dream vacation take you?  Don’t forget to go to Kenlie’s blog and link up in the comments!


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