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A quick note before I get to the main topic: I always try to have my posts up in the morning so that more of you get a chance to read them, but I’m sorry to say that for the next 7 weeks or so I’m not going to be able to do that.  On the days that I don’t have a prep period AND I’m teaching the extra class after school from 3-5pm, I won’t be able to get a post up until the late afternoon early evening.  (Unless I’m really on top of things and write the post on Monday evening, but I have a feeling THAT won’t happen too often).  It’s not a big deal, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew why my posts were a bit later than normal.

So I thought a timely topic for today (like that alliteration?  That happened without even trying!) would be how I’m planning to handle eating on Easter.  Easter isn’t one of the food holidays that I really worry about, unlike say Christmas, but it is a holiday that my family and I gather around a table for, so it does bring up some concern, especially in terms of weight loss.

For the last several years my family and I have been having an Easter brunch at my parents’ house.  Usually we have some sort of egg, sausage, cheese, & potato casserole along with a baked ham, a fruit salad, and french toast.  My mom’s holiday menus are always packed with food, that’s for sure.

The other day my mom asked me how I was going to handle all the food on Easter since I was doing Medifast.  I thought it was really supportive of her to ask, and I appreciated the fact that she wanted to make sure I had some sort of plan in place.

I figured I could  go one of two ways:

  1. Make myself a green salad or some other veggie and eat it along with the ham.        OR…
  2. Enjoy small portions of most of the food without guilt.

I’m planning on option #2, which may surprise some of you.  But here’s my thought process:

  • I’ve been sticking to “strict Medifast” for almost a week, seeing great success.  There’s no way that I’m going to let one day of eating anything throw me off my game.
  • Easter is the only holiday from now through the beginning of July where eating will be an issue.  If I am invited to a bbq for Memorial Day, that’s an easy one to work into my Lean &  Green plan.
  • Because of this, I want to enjoy the food for this holiday; I’m not going to be distracted by anything else in the next 2-3 months.
  • We’re not talking about any overly caloric food here:
    • I’m going to avoid the french toast, because that doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value.
    • I’m going to eat the fruit salad even though it has carbs because I’ve been craving fruit.  In fact, I told my mom I’d make it.  I’m planning on doing all berries – strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  Nothing else on it but a bit of Truvia.
    • The egg, sausage, potato, and cheese casserole might be a bit heavier than I would normally eat (because of the potatoes), but it’s all good food.  My mom doesn’t use a lot of fat when she cooks anyway, so I know she won’t be using tons of oil/butter to prepare it.
    • Ham is perfectly lean and acceptable.
  • I can control my portions.  As I saw when I had my mishap last week, my stomach has shrunk in the last 10 weeks – both in terms of the way my clothes fit and in the amount of food I can comfortably consume.
  • I will eat Medifast meals the rest of the day, as needed.  And come Monday morning, I’ll be right back on to my normal 5 and 1 plan.

I’m comfortable with this decision because it makes sense to me.  I’m not worried about going overboard and overeating because I know I won’t.  I’ll just enjoy a lovely brunch with my family and have a good time eating “normally” for the day.

In many ways I’m going to approach Sunday as if I already have the Lap Band in – protein first, small portions and small bites, and stop before I feel full. I think the key is moderation and being a bit stricter the rest of the week.  Treating the day as just that – one day, and in fact ONE MEAL – and not an excuse to go completely off plan.

What’s your plan for Easter Eating?  Will you give yourself the day off or will you be following your weight loss plan?


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