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bilbl_scale.jpgI usually weigh myself every single morning.  I get up, use the restroom, take off my pjs, and jump on the scale.  I use it as a check-in for how I did the day before and what I may need to do that day.  I don’t let the number define my day either way, although when I see a drop I do get a smile on my face.  I only record my weight once a week, on Sundays, because I know how much the scale can fluctuate.

This daily weighing may seem obsessive to some.  And for some people, it can be unhealthy.  But for me, I have used daily weigh-ins as a tool throughout my weight loss journey.  Longtime readers will recall that I used to avoid the scale (and recording the numbers on this blog) at all costs.  I’d go weeks without weighing in, mostly because I wanted to live in denial.  I knew how badly I’d been eating, or how much I’d overindulged, or that I’d stopped at the drive-thru one too many times, and I didn’t want to face those effects in the digital number that would show up on the scale.  At one point I moved to monthly weigh-ins, but that didn’t help my progress at all, in fact, it had the opposite effect.  When I moved to daily weigh-ins, I started to notice the trends in my body and the weight loss.  That I always gain weight right before my period, and then drop a ton the day I get it.  That eating sweets doesn’t affect my body as much as eating salty foods does; too bad I crave salty a lot more than sweet. That getting in a good workout helps me shed pounds, but overdoing it can actually make me “gain” water weight.  All of this info has helped me understand my body and the way things affect it.  Daily weigh-ins have been priceless for me.

The scale offers me motivation on the days when the numbers move slightly up and inspiration on the days when I see the numbers drop down into new weight loss territory.  The digital display offers me an accountability partner like no other. The numbers, whether positive or negative, offer me a bit of daily encouragement.

So you can imagine how out of sorts I’m feeling after being on vacation for 3 days and not weighing myself.  It’s part of my morning ritual like taking a shower or having a cup of coffee.  Without it I can survive, but things just aren’t as in sync.  I missed my usual Sunday weigh-in because I was here.  Which is totally fine. I know I’ve been eating well, have been getting in exercise, and have been staying on track.  I can feel that my clothes are fitting fine, and in some cases, a few garments feel a bit looser.  So there’s no reason to worry, and even if I come back from Hawaii up a couple of pounds, I know I  can get those off quickly.

But this morning I awoke and just had to get on the scale in the second bathroom here at the house I’m staying on vacation.  I’d just gotten my period and I knew I would see a loss.  But how accurate was this non-digital scale?  Scales can vary wildly, and who knew how this one was calibrated.  Still, it lured me.

So I got on and saw a 3-lb loss!  I did a little Hawaiian happy dance right there in the bathroom, and I’m sure Harvey the cat thought I’d lost my mind.  I didn’t record the weightloss on MFP because as I said, I have no idea how accurate this scale is, but it did give me a little pick me up and a sense of normalcy. I’m such a creature of habit, and I really like my routines. While I’m having an amazing time here in Hawaii, one thing I’m really looking forward to about going home is resuming my daily weigh-ins.

What’s the lesson here?  The scale is still a really important tool for me since I’m still in weight loss mode.  More than anything, I like the reassurance I get from it.  It’s like a trusted friend that I like checking in with everyday.


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Saturday I’ m scheduled to go to an informational meeting about Team in Training.   For the first time in a LONG time, I’m actually very nervous and intimidated by this. 

I’m the type of person who never gets intimidated by anything or anyone.  I have a lot of confidence, and am a self-assured person.  I can speak in front of huge rooms full of people without even thinking, and every day I speak in front of a classroom full of students. 

So why am I nervous about this? 

I can tell you exactly why: I am so worried that I’m going to be the only fat girl in the room.  Or more accurately, I’m worried that they’re going to take one look at me and say to themselves, “are you kidding?” 

I know that there are lots of overweight people who run marathons, compete in triathlons, etc., but I’m not one of them.  I consider myself to be in fair shape despite the fact that I have to lose over 100 pounds, but I’m no athlete. 

When I did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day I had some serious problems with leg cramps, numbness, and a general feeling of malaise.  As much as I long to run, I can barely walk at a race-like pace.  Now, if they had contests on the elliptical machine, I wouldn’t even flinch – I’m a monster on that machine; I can push myself so far and so fast without too many physical issues.  And riding my bike?  Sure, I sometimes have to push myself and do a lot of positive self-talk, but I can do it. 

With walking it’s like I physcially CAN’T do it.  I have no idea why.  One of the reasons I want to sign up for TNT is that I know they have trainers who work with you to help you achieve your personal best.  I know I’d come out of the experience better than I was going in.  Plus, I’d be raising money for such a worthy cause. 

My appointment is at 9:45am on Saturday and I’m really worried that I’m going to chicken out and not go.  Which is so unlike me.

So here’s where you come in!  I need to hear from you:  comments, encouragement, support.  I need to hear stories of friends/relatives who did the same thing at an even heavier weight than I am.  Or, I need a reality check telling me to wait until I’ve lost more weight to do this.  Whatever your opinion is, please let me know. 

I really need to hear some comments on this one!

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I want to thank everyone who has read and commented on this blog.  Without all of the support and encouragement of you guys, I don’t think I would’ve been as successful as I have.  

Since I’ve embarked on this weight loss journey on my own, without the benefit of a “group setting” that something like WW offers, I’ve relied heavily on you to celebrate my success and to encourage me when I’ve had moments of doubt.  

I couldn’t have done this without you to lean on!

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When I used to read the Weight Watchers message boards, they talked about having/getting NSVs – non-scale victories.

Basically, a NSV is when you get some indication of your weight loss success beyond the numbers on the scale. It can be anything from fitting into smaller sized pants to being able to walk farther or faster.

Today I had my first NSV since I began SBD. The registrar at school (who hasn’t seen me for at least 3 weeks) said that she could really tell from my face that I had lost some weight!

I’d noticed it a bit myself when I wash my face at night & in the morning, but I wasn’t sure if I was just noticing a nice “glow” from eating well and working out.

This was especially nice today because the registrar had no idea I was on SBD. I don’t like to tell too many people that I’m on a diet/weight loss program, because I don’t like getting false compliments. People are trying to be supportive or encouraging, but when their compliments don’t seem sincere, it always makes me wonder if they’re just being nice, or if they can really notice a difference. When someone who has no idea I’ve been doing anything compliments me, I know they are truly seeing a change, and that makes me feel great.

I felt so good about myself from this simple comment, so I think it definitely qualifies as an NSV.

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CCLuv finally got on the wordpress account!!! So, now all of us can write about our journey on SBD. I can’t wait to read what each of us has to say. I’m sure we’re going to find some great advice, encouragement, and hopefully quite a few whoo hooos as we lose weight!!!

Keep those posts coming, ladies!

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