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I have quite a few updates to cover, so let’s dig right in, shall we?


I’m actually glad I waited to update this, because I was confused for about a week or so, and then as it usually happens, things clarified themselves pretty quickly.

Let’s start with TR.  Technically, we’re not dating, since we were getting together for dinner “as friends.”  Still, it had been a few months since we’d seen each other, and I was a bit nervous about how it would go. It was nice that TR had asked me to bring Sofi, because the dogs automatically eased whatever awkwardness there would have been.  Both dogs love playing together, something that TR commented on a few times that evening.  He’d prepared a really special dinner for me: grilled Italian sausage, risotto made from scratch, grilled onions & bell peppers, and a beautiful salad with artichoke hearts, chopped olives, tomatoes, and a yummy vinaigrette. We also had some really great red wine.  The fact that he put in so much effort to make such a lovely dinner really made me feel special.  We enjoyed the food, took a long walk after dinner with the dogs, and then came back and watched a bit of TV.  Things definitely stayed at the friend level, but being around him reminded me of how much I enjoyed hanging out with him.  We have so many things in common – our Italian heritage, our love of local sports teams, cooking/eating great food, and our dogs.  He’s classy, fun, and there’s just something there.  On my part.  And maybe on his too, because he mentioned that he never got my recipe for pesto when I cooked for him in the summer, to which I replied, “so are you saying you’d like a live demonstration?” He said he did.  So we have plans for him and his pup to come over soon so I can make pesto for him and he can copy down the recipe.  (Or maybe it’s just an excuse for us to hang out again?). One of my friends asked me why I’m still hanging out with him, because if I had my way, we’d still be dating, and he says that he doesn’t want to since I don’t want to have kids and he does.  She thinks I’m setting myself up for disappointment, and that it must be so difficult.  I told her that I really do like spending time with him, and that if I’m honest, I am hoping that somehow he changes his mind and decides that he’d like to start dating again at some point.  And besides, it’s not like I’m not dating other people and pinning all my romantic hopes on him. But I do see her point, and maybe I’ll eventually feel like the situation is too frustrating.

Moving on to the sheriff…he came over two weeks ago and we hung out watching Sunday Night Football and getting a little more physical (I’ll spare the details, nothing too serious happened). One good thing is that my worries about the way my body looks weren’t an issue that night at all.  I’ve come to realize that if I’m with the right person, someone who makes me feel like he adores me, the issues I have with my body won’t really come into play.  The evening left me very confused because I just wasn’t physically attracted to sheriff, and I’m not talking about anything that happened when we were making out, but more in just how he looks in general.  I know that sounds pretty shallow, but attraction is important.  So I began the week not knowing what I was going to do, if I wanted to continue seeing him, or if I should cut it off.  We were texting everyday, but I was moving more toward letting him go.  And then this past Tuesday, when the Ferguson verdict came out, he texted me some photos that were in very poor taste, bordering on racist.  We hadn’t even said hello or good morning, and he was sending me photos about the looting and rioting that were really disgusting.  Not that I condone looting and rioting, but I know he was doing it to see if he could get me going. I didn’t reply to the first photo, because he’d sent it in a group text, but after the second photo came through to just me, I had to respond:

Me: not funny

Sheriff: I think it’s hilarious

Me: that’s the crux of the problem

Sheriff: (I won’t repeat his response, but he went into this whole diatribe about how the liberal media was making it about race, when it clearly wasn’t about race)

WTF? Is he serious right now?  This was just too much for me.

Me: Listen, I don’t want to debate this with you. Those pictures you sent me were in poor taste and showed a side of yourself that I don’t want to get to know better.

And that was that.  Problem solved.  Confusion over.  No response, and we’re done.  And to be honest with you, I haven’t given him a second thought since.  I knew that dating someone who holds such different ideologies from me wouldn’t work.  At first I thought his views were more moderate, but those photos and his subsequent response showed that he and I hold much different views on race, justice, etc.  So it’s time to move on.  And before you think I’ve made these decisions because of TR, I didn’t.  The confusion with the sheriff started before I went over to TR’s for dinner, although after the dinner I did feel like the connection I feel with TR was lacking with the sheriff.

At the moment there are no other people on eHarmony that I’m interested in, but I get new matches daily, so who knows.  Plus, I’m actually hoping to just meet someone when I’m out and about.  There’s no rush, and I don’t feel any pressure to “get a boyfriend,” so I’m just going to stay open and see who comes my way.


These past couple of months my weight has been at a standstill.  Mostly because I haven’t been putting as much effort into working out and eating as I should have been.  I haven’t been going wild with food, and I have been getting in workouts a few times a week, but I’ve basically been in maintenance mode. Which actually makes me happy to know that I can successfully maintain my weight…when the time comes.  But that time isn’t here yet.  I have 20 pounds or so to lose, and I’m determined to get back on the losing track.

I know lots of people would look at the calendar, see the holiday season coming, and say, just get back to it in January.  But that’s not me.  Why let a whole month go by without working towards my goals?  After all, I’m not that into sweets, so holiday treats don’t tempt me, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are just two days, two meals, really.  So there’s no reason not to start back tomorrow, December 1st.

As luck would have it, I was on Instagram the other day when I saw that Fit Girls Worldwide posted about a Winter Wonderland 28-Day Challenge that was beginning December 1st.  So I decided to buy their guide and join in on it.

The meal plan is fairly simple, full of well-balanced meals that are pretty easy to make.  The guide comes with a shopping list for the week, which makes it very convenient.  Because the meal plan is all about eating clean, healthy food, it does require meal prep.  Luckily I don’t mind cooking, and I love that the guide gives tips on how when to prep which meals, which makes it very organized.  I am going to have to modify the portions, but other than that, the meal plan looks good.  At first I was put off a bit that there are only two different dinner ideas for the week, because I am all about variety. Then I realized that the meal guide is perfectly planned so that it uses up all the food on the shopping list for the week, and I know that I normally throw out extra food that I can’t eat when I cook too many different dinners. So sacrificing a bit of  variety for less food waste is something I’m willing to try.  The plan doesn’t include as much protein at each meal as I’m used to having, but I’m willing to give it a shot for 28 days to see how it works.

Making December Spectacular

My goal for this week is to be active each day, include 5 TIU workouts, stick to this new food plan, and check in a lot on Instagram.  I’m looking forward to starting the last month of the year tomorrow with a renewed energy and a great plan.  I’m motivated and excited!


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Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb12: celebrating the successes of 2012, honoring the challenges of 2012, and planting the seeds for a rich and rewarding 2013. December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest dreams for the new year.

Day 21 – What items did you tick off your dream list in 2012? What other, unexpected, dreams came to fruition? What are the top items on your dream list for 2013?

A few years ago I wrote my “Life List,” but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to tick off any additional items since I updated it in July of 2010.  I’ve also composed a Fitness Bucket List, but I haven’t been able to tick too many of those off, either.  The main reason being, I’ve been so concentrated on weight loss that I’ve put blinders on.

It seems that 2013 needs to be the year that a few items are completed, don’t you think?

  • Complete C25K.
  • Run a 5K.
  • Go on a vacation by myself to somewhere I’ve never been.
  • Try a spin class.

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Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb12: celebrating the successes of 2012, honoring the challenges of 2012, and planting the seeds for a rich and rewarding 2013. December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest dreams for the new year.

Day 20 – What was lost in 2012? What do you intend to find in 2013?

2012 was the first time in years that I saw success on the scale.  I finally got my dieting mojo back, and with it my willpower.  I gained confidence and a will to succeed.

In 2013 I hope to find more healthy habits, especially about leading an active lifestyle.  Now I “workout,” but it hasn’t gotten to the point where I feel like something is missing if I’m not active.  I want that find true fitness in 2013.


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Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb12: celebrating the successes of 2012, honoring the challenges of 2012, and planting the seeds for a rich and rewarding 2013. December is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed and start to manifest dreams for the new year.

Day 19 – How did you nourish your beautiful body in 2012? What self-care practices will you take with you into 2013?

I continued my weight loss quest, which you can read more about throughout the many, many posts on this blog.  I will continue to lose weight by eating healthy and moving my body in 2013.


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My birthday is July 2nd, and what better gift could I give to myself that to reach this goal that’s nearing two years in the making? So from now until then, I’ll be giving Sunday updates/weekend wrap-ups on my progress called Birthday Gift Goal Updates.

This morning I woke up and was so excited about the weather forecast and some plans that I had, that I completely forgot to weigh myself on the scale.  I’m disappointed that I forgot, but at the same time, I have a feeling that the scale probably didn’t change too much in either direction.  Again.

I’ve been doing well with my food, but not great on the exercise front.  When I look at some of the people that have been my inspirations in this weight loss journey, for example Scale Warfare and BeautyJunkie824, the biggest difference between their routines and mine is the fact that they’ve been putting in WORK exercising.

I keep saying that I need to workout more regularly, but so far, I haven’t got back in the zone that I can get in during the summer.  But summer only lasts 2 months, and if this is going to be a lifelong journey,  I need to learn how to make working out a priority even when my schedule gets busy.  Because lots of people with much busier schedules than mine find the time, and I can, too, if I really want it.

Along those lines, today I went on a long walk with one of my friends, and it felt good to get out and get moving. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to get to the trail before it got too hot.  We were going at a really great pace, fast enough to really get my heart rate up and for me to sweat a bit.  The problem was that I also had that numbness in my feet that I was experiencing a few years ago (and every now and then since).  I’m not sure what brings it on, but the only difference between today and all the other days that I walk is the speed we were going.  It’s super frustrating not to be able to walk as fast as I know I can because my body (specifically, my feet) aren’t cooperating. I’m not going to let the frustration get to me, though.  I’m going to do what I can right now and know that as I lose weight, this will improve.

Not much else to report this weekend.  I had to proctor the SAT early on Saturday morning for 5 hours, after which I did the grocery shopping for the week.  And the rest of the day I did my own marathon of watching Game of Thrones.  It’s not the type of series that I would normally be interested in, but I’ve been hearing such great things from everyone about it, I thought I’d give it a try.  And before I knew it, I was sucked right in.  Today, besides the long walk, I prepped my food for the week  and spent some time reading outside.  A nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.

So this week’s workout plan is:
Monday: walk Sofi; aqua aerobics
Tuesday: Zumba DVD; walk Sofi
Wednesday: walk Sofi; aqua aerobics
Thursday: elliptical at the gym; walk Sofi
Friday: walk Sofi; OnDemand workout
Saturday: Zumba class; long walk with Sofi
Sunday: long walk with Sofi

Here’s to a week of getting it done.  A week of no excuses.  A week of endorphins brought on from a hard workout.  And a week of feeling proud for sticking to what I said I was going to do.

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My birthday is July 2nd, and what better gift could I give to myself that to reach this goal that’s nearing two years in the making? So from now until then, I’ll be giving Sunday updates/weekend wrap-ups on my progress called Birthday Gift Goal Updates.

Week 4 was a struggle for me, I’m not going to lie. I had a ton of responsibilities this past week for work, which really took my time away from exercising. I know that I probably could have found the time, but all I felt was (self-imposed) pressure, and when I feel like that, I can’t see past just getting the job at hand done. Not to mention a complication with my car which sent me to the dealership, but what’s a few more hours wasted, right? Poor Sofi was lucky that we went on any walks at all. 😦

My food was pretty decent all week – I stayed within my 1400 calorie range all week, but I wasn’t really inspired by what I was eating. Lots of leftovers, fewer fresh veggies. It was the week before I get paid (I only get paid once a month), which is usually the week that I open the freezer and pantry and have whatever I can find that looks healthy. I don’t have any junk food in the house, but this week wasn’t my best ever, to say the least.

Which all adds up to the fact that I only lost 1 lb this week. My total loss is 6 lbs overall from my starting point, which means:

And I know that a loss is a loss, and I didn’t do anything to warrant a higher number, but it’s still disappointing that I let an opportunity to lose more weight slip by. I did a good job of maintaining, which is an improvement from my recent pattern of overeating due to stress. So progress is happening. Part of the stress I felt this week could have been avoided if I had done the grading in small increments each day. But I let myself have too many off days, and then got stuck in a situation where I HAD to get the papers back to the students by the date I’d promised they’d have them.

The good news was that with all that work I did over the week, I had the weekend to myself.  So yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning the house top to bottom.  Everything from mopping every floor of the house to changing the sheets on the bed, dusting the entire house, and cleaning both bathrooms.  Plus laundry.  I was tired when I was through, but that great kind of tired that comes from a  job well done.  Plus, I had a sparkling clean house to wake up to this morning.

Today I did more laundry (I swear, for one person I sure do have a lot of loads!) and then got ready to meet a friend for a nice walk and chat along a great trail near my house.  I even brought Sofi along.

It was a beautiful day here today, but it was hotter out than I had anticipated, and after we’d been walking for about 45 minutes, poor Sofi just plopped down in any shady spot she could find, was breathing so hard, and looked so uncomfortable.  I decided to walk her down to the pond area so she could wet her feet, and well, here’s what happened next!


Forget my feet, I'm going to plunk my whole body down in this nice cold, algae-filled pond.


Awww, relief. Hey, maybe I can go a little deeper....


One of my friends who saw this on on FB said that Sofi looks like a merdog in this one. It was definitely the money shot.

Good thing it was bath night tonight!  I made sure to give her a fairly cool bath when we got home, and she didn’t seem to mind the bath as much.  Poor little thing.  But she (and I) had fun out there with my friend.  We’ll just have to make sure to go a bit earlier in the day next time.

And I’ve spent the rest of the evening cooking a great dinner, preparing my lunches, and basically getting ready for tomorrow.


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This cartoon really does capture how I’ve been while on this two week vacation.  In fact, there was a bit of confusion the other day over some plans with my sister because I had no idea what day it was.  Not that I don’t have access to a million calendars or anything, but sometimes it’s nice not to even look.

I have to say, I really used this Winter Break to refocus myself, which I needed. I was really burnt out physically and emotionally right before it began.  I knew I needed to really center myself and think about the way I wanted to live out the rest of the school year.  I figured a few things out, and hopefully I’ll go into tomorrow and the remainder of my work year with a calmness that I didn’t have at the outset.

I also used the break to get back on track in terms of exercise and working out.  I’ve come up with a good plan for fitting more intense workouts into my workweek, and I look forward to taking on that challenge beginning tomorrow.

It’s so nice having this extra day off.  I need a bit of a transition before I have to go back to reality (work).   Since it’s Monday, it’s time for Friend Makin’ Monday (FMM).

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Goals for 2012

Being that it’s January 2nd, I’ve already written at length about my goals for 2012, which you can read in their entirety here. I’ll highlight just a couple of them for you:

#3.  I will make time for working out 5-6 days a week, even when I’m stressed out and exhausted. Life is filled with frustrations sometimes, but I won’t let that excuse become an obstacle anymore. I will look at working out as “me time,” a time when I’m doing something so good for me and my health. Because I love moving my body once I start doing it, and I love the sense of accomplishment I get from it afterward even more.

#4.  I will meet Scale Warfare over the summer in Vegas. She and I are still working out the details of when, but it WILL happen, and I cannot wait.

#6.  I will read more books in 2012. I’m an avid read, but this year I only read 26 books in all of 2011, which is unacceptable. I know the problem is that I am online too often, especially before bed when I used to read. So beginning tonight, I am going to put the iPhone down and make sure I read as I go to sleep. I also want to set aside at least 1 hour per weekend and devote it to reading. I love TV, but there has to be more of a balance, especially because I have tons of amazing books just waiting for me on my Kindle.  I’m currently reading 3 books: Hunger Games (a gift from my friend, Ani), Big Boned (I really like this series by Meg Cabot), and The Life You’ve Imagined (ScaleWarfare and I are reading this one together). I’ve challenged myself to read 30 books in 2012, and if you’d like to follow my progress and see which books I’m reading, you can become my friend on Goodreads.com.

Now it’s your turn…have you set goals for 2012?  Don’t forget to go back to Kenlie’s blog and link up.

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