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bilbl_superAs you guys know, I have a torn fascia, along with PF, which means being on my feet for too long leaves me in quite a bit of pain.

Even things like shopping for too long can leave me debilitated later. The other day I walked around Target for about an hour and spent the rest of the evening in terrible pain. So…walking is out.

The podiatrist told me that the PF is going to take 3-4 months to fully heal, and I don’t want to stop working out for that length of time. I’m close to my WLS goal requirement, and I don’t want to let this injury prevent me from getting it. Ironically enough, one of the treatments of PF is losing weight.

My go-to workouts lately have been biking (both outside and on the recumbent bike at the gym) and swimming. But those are so limited. As the weather turns cold, I’m less likely to want to wet (not to mention the curly hair factor). Biking is good, but it can be so boring, no matter how great the workout playlist I’m listening to is.

I know I need to hit an aqua aerobics class, but again, the being-wet-and-cold-in-winter factor. I think I’m just going to have to get over that one and not be a wimp.

So, I’m turning to you guys. What suggestions do you have for “off my feet” workouts that can help me get my cardio in?

(Keep in mind that I’m not supposed to be barefoot, so as much as I’d like to do yoga, I don’t think it’s an option right now).

Amber @ Hungry 4 a Healthy Life suggested working out with a big exercise ball, which reminded me that I bought a series of DVDs 3 years ago that use the ball. I think most of those are strength training, but there might be a few heart-pumping moves I can check out.


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