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Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Today is traditionally a day of celebration – partying, drinking, and feasting – in preparation of the more somber 40-Day period of Lent before Easter. (More on Lent in tomorrow’s post).

This morning I’m having my own personal celebration because this is Skinny Tuesday for me.  🙂  Yesterday I released that Fat Girl, and I had an amazing day.  Not just that I ate according to my plan, but that I came clean about my weekend tribulations, and I also stayed really active all day long.

I felt lighter, in mind and body, and I knew that this Fage fast was the exact thing I needed to get myself back on track.

So how did Day 1 on the fast go?  Phenomenally well!  I stayed full for hours, thanks to the protein.  The flavor combinations that AmySDMOM suggested were really good, although I didn’t buy the baking cocoa that she used with the bananas; I knew I’d never use it again, and I figured the chocolate Stevia drops I had would be chocolatey enough, and they were.  One side effect of the Greek yogurt which I hadn’t really thought about was the fact that it goes right through you, so to speak.  (Any more explanation would be TMI).  But even that didn’t bother me, because I was home and had easy access to the bathroom. But I guess that would be my one warning to those who might try the Fage fast – make sure you have two days when you can be near a bathroom.  Other than that, though, I’m really pleased with the fast.  It’s been easy to follow, easy to stick with, and of course I’m loving what I saw on the scale this morning.

I was down 3.8 lbs!  In one day!! Much of it might be water weight, but I’m ok with that, since much of my gain was probably water weight, as well.  As long as those numbers are decreasing, it’s all good!

Of course that great result on the scale is also attributed to the workouts that I got in yesterday:

  • Originally I was going to a Muscle Blast class at the gym, but when the instructor said, “the garbage can is over there, you’re going to need it after this workout,” I only lasted about 10 minutes.  Enough to get in 1 minute of plank, and about 4 minutes each of jumping jacks and fake jump rope.  After that I realized that it just wasn’t the class for me because I didn’t feel like having a wannabe Jillian leading me through a ridiculously challenging workout, I left.
  • Undeterred, I did my own 25-minute strength training circuit, focusing on chest and back, along with 75 crunches.  And let me tell you, I can feel it this morning!
  • Then I got home and took Sofi for a 30-minute walk in a surrounding neighborhood, which was a nice way to stretch out my muscles.
  • Later in the afternoon I knew I wanted to get a bit more cardio in, so I went on my OnDemand and found a Bollywood Dance video, which lasted 35 minutes.  It was a really fun workout that I’m sure I’ll go back to again.
  • All told, I did 100 minutes of activity and burned 988 calories!!

The other key component of having such a great day yesterday was all the support I got from all of my bloggy buddies, my sister, and BeautyJunkie824, who I met for coffee/therapy midday.  She inspires me so much and I really appreciate all the non-judgmental advice that she gives.  That goes for all of you – I felt so much love yesterday, and appreciated that no one had any “I told you so’s.”

Today’s plan is similar to yesterday:

  • Day 2 of the Fage fast.
  • Kim and I are going to walk on a local  trail with Sofi.  The cool thing is that after about a mile, we can veer off to a dog park, where Sofi can play, and then when she’s done, we’ll walk the other mile or so back.  All together it will be about 2.5-3 miles.
  • Later I’m going to do some OnDemand yoga, focusing on stretching out these somewhat sore muscles.

I hope this Fat Tuesday is good to you and you get lost of beads, one way or another.  😉


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