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What a terrific weekend I had! This post may seem a bit scattered, but hey, it’s Sunday, and I don’t have to keep it linear if I don’t want to, right?

Yesterday I bought myself these gerbera daisies and I am happy each time I look at them. It’s like having a bit of the summer right inside my house. I haven’t done it in a long time, but buying flowers for myself is a simple way that I can enjoy the beauty of time. These were on sale for $3.99/bunch, and so I got 2 arrangements for $8 – a very reasonable price for a week’s worth of happiness, wouldn’t you say?


This little vase on Lulu’s table makes me smile every time I see it.  I’m going to treat myself to some beautiful bouquets this summer so that I can bring a little joy into everyday.

Today is Father’s Day, and this year my sister and my dad spent the morning just the two of them, rather than our normal, big bbq dinner.  She wanted to make him a special breakfast and spend time one-on-one with him.  She made the most fabulous looking Uova Benedetto (think Eggs Benedict, Italian style: homemade polenta fried, then topped with priscuitto, a poached egg, and pesto sauce).  I thought it was a great way to show my dad how much she appreciates him without spending a ton of money.  And it was right up my dad’s alley – he’s more of a simple pleasures sort of man.  I did get to spend a tiny bit of time with him and wish him a good day.  He and I are going to celebrate Father’s Day and his birthday (which is this weekend) by going to an SF Giants game.  We have amazing seats right behind home plate (I love Stub Hub!).  They were expensive, but my dad is worth every penny, and I know we’re going to have a great day together at the ballpark.  Can’t wait.

Yesterday I had my friend Neeka over for a puppy playdate.  Her cockapoo, Riley, is 5 months old, so he’s the perfect in-between for Sofi and Minnie.  He’s got the full-of-energy puppy giddiness that Sofi loved and he’s the same size as Minnie.  They had an absolutely amazing time together, and I hope we’re able to do it again and again.  (If you want to watch the puppies playing, click here.

The best thing about SBD is that it’s so liveable, even on Phase 1.  Yesterday I served this:


Now, I ask you, does that seem like “diet food?”  The weather’s been warm here, so this was really light and refreshing.  (I also had pretzels for her, just in case this was a veggie overload). Neeka enjoyed it, and so did I.  It’s so nice to be able to hang out with friends again and not feel like I just have to sit there with a glass of water.  I have a lunch coming up on Tuesday with a friend, and I’m not one bit worried about finding something SBD-friendly to eat.  The pitchers are filled with Crystal Light (iced tea and sunburst grapefruit, respectively).

I have quite a few celebrations coming up – my dad’s birthday, my birthday, 4th of July, and yet I’m not worried about a single one because I know that I can easily incorporate this SBD lifestyle.  Luckily I timed it perfectly, and I’ll be one Phase 2 beginning on my dad’s birthday.  Meaning, I’ll be able to have some fruit and grains (if I want to) as well as up to 2 glasses of wine per day.  I will make sure to amp up the activity around those days, just to counteract the fact that I may indulge in more than 2 glasses of wine.

Speaking of which, I’ve been really bad about activity and I don’t know why that is.  I think part of it is the fact that with Sofi here now, I’m  trying to establish a new morning routine.  Because I always do better if I hit the gym in the morning.  That way, it’s done, and if I get more activity in throughout the day, that’s just a bonus.  So I need to commit to exercising this week, to you guys (for accountability) but to myself as well.  Here’s the plan:

Monday – 9am: Aqua aerobics
Tuesday – 6:30pm: Afro-Belly Boogie
Wednesday – 4pm: swimming with my nieces, which will be more like doggie paddling than anything.
Thursday – OFF.  Giants’ game with my dad.  Although we will be walking several city blocks from the train station to the ballpark and vice versa.
Friday – 9am: Aqua
Saturday – 10am: Zumba

Then next week I want to begin introducing weight training into the mix.  I’m thinking that if I get their 30-40 minutes before the classes start, I can do a circuit and then do the cardio.  Because I know that most of the time after the cardio workouts, all I want to do is recover and rest at home.

This afternoon my sister and I were talking and she started asking me all about SBD.  I think she’s seeing how easy it is for me to follow it, and so she’s been inspired. 🙂  She’s going to start tomorrow!  It’s going to be nice to have someone to do it with who lives right next door.  My sister said she wants to lose about 80 pounds, and when we crunched some numbers, she could very conceivably lose the weight by April.  I’m so happy that she’s starting to put herself first.  She’s really blossoming lately – she had her hair done the other day, had her curls blown out for the first time ever, and is starting to wear really cute outfits to work.  I think the heaviness has lifted and now that her divorce will be finalized soon, she’s feeling happier.  I’m so glad for her.

I’ll end the post on a really positive note…this morning I peeked at the scale and I’ve lost a very impressive amount of weight this week! 5.8 lbs since beginning SBD last Monday!  Wednesday’s weigh in should be great.

How was your weekend? What was the highlight?

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My first week off of school has been absolutely fantastic! Have I done my “summer workout plan” perfectly? No. But have I been getting in a lot more activity than I was the last month of school. Definitely!

For example, I had some library books to pick up on Thursday, and instead of driving, I decided to ride my bike the 2.3 miles round trip. The weather was beautiful and I was feeling so good after planting a bunch of flowers in my garden. I was nearly killed along the way by a stupid truck driver (not all truck drivers are stupid, but believe me, this guy was. Dude, I was in the bike lane, could you have waited to make the turn for two more seconds instead of forcing me to a stop because I thought you were going to mow me down?) Other than the near-death experience, I really enjoyed the ride, and I hope to complete more “short distance” errands this summer via the bike. The one thing that I didn’t take into consideration was that I had 9 hardback library books waiting for me. Nine. That’s a lot of books. Thank goodness my basket is big, but still, they barely fit.

I was going to go to the farmers market on Friday, but a few other errands got in the way, and before I knew it, it was past 2pm. Determined to go to a farmers market on a weekly basis, I hit another one on Sunday. This one was too far for me to ride my bike to, so I drove, and I’m glad. I found lots of beautiful produce and flowers – much too much to fit in aforementioned bike basket. Here, see for yourself:

Sunday, 6/21

Sunday, 6/21

I just love dahlias, and these were gorgeous bunches – two for $8. I just couldn’t resist. I’m having my parents and my uncle over for appetizers and cocktails tonight, so I thought the fresh flowers would be a nice touch to the living room.

My arranging skills could use a little work (maybe a bigger vase?), but they're still gorgeous.

My arranging skills could use a little work (maybe a bigger vase?), but they're still gorgeous.

Yesterday after the farmers market, I headed to Cost Plus World Market to look for some interesting wines. I found a really fun label that I knew I just had to buy. Who knows if the wine is any good, but with a label like this, how could I resist?

The Real Housewives series must be influencing me!

The Real Housewives series must be influencing me!

A couple of the other wine finds are in the background – a grenache from Spain, as well as a wine called “Gypsy Red.” (I bought a few white wines, too).

I also found this amazing (and semi-addictive) snack: download-6 That’s smoked cheddar kettle corn, folks. Yum! It is relatively high in fat, but 2 1/2 cups is about 3.5 points, and it’s so good that it’s worth the splurge. Soooooo good!

For Father’s Day, we decided to go fairly healthy and grill up some turkey burger sliders:

download-7 My mom said she actually found the grill pan (or whatever you’d call it) at World Market as well. Unfortunately, this was one purchase that didn’t work out so well. We had high hopes, because the form used to make the proper sized patties was so adorable and they fit so well into the tool, yet the cooked burgers didn’t release easily from it, no matter how much Pam my dad sprayed on beforehand. He was so frustrated, in fact, that he threw it away at the end of the night. (My dad is an incredibly patient man, so if he gets frustrated, you know it’s bad). Still, the sliders were delish. My mom adds green onions, olive oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt and pepper – they’re the best-tasting turkey burgers around. We ate them without buns and accompanied by farmers market-fresh, white corn, homemade chili, and a salad of red and yellow tomatoes (farmers market again), cucumbers from my dad’s garden, purple onions, and a chiffanade of basil (from the garden) mixed with just a bit of Good Seasons dressing – so summery and so good!

Today I finally went out and bought the velcro for the EA Sports Active, although I do have to admit I didn’t play it today. I did take a walk, as well as my morning Wii Fit, so I’m happy with that. I had a lot of errands again today, so not as much time for working out. Still, I did get a workout in, which is awesome.

My main goal for the rest of this week is to go swimming (the weather is finally warming up!), and continue to bike ride, walk, Wii Fit, and EA Sports Active.

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