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bilbl_superFor quite a few years now a few of my friends have participated in one of the coolest half marathons out there – the SJ Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  I’m nowhere near ready for that length of competition, but it’s definitely on my Fitness Bucket List.

Then the other day I saw that the RnR series offers another option – a mini marathon – 5 miles.

RnRMM_SJ_Logo_FullColor3So I just signed up!!!

The race is October 6th, which gives me plenty of time to work my way up to walking 5 miles at a time.  I’m already walking 3 miles without too much effort, but adding another two miles to that distance is going to take some effort.  I’d also like to try “wogging” at least a bit of it, which would be an extra added challenge.

I emailed a bunch of my friends, and I know that Tinkerbell and JH are both in, which is great.  I want to make t-shirts and maybe even get a GlamRunner tutu.  I know for most people this is something to do while they wait for the “real” participants to finish the half marathon, but for me, this is like my own personal challenge.  So the name mini marathon is apt.

What’s an upcoming fitness challenge that you’ve signed up for?

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bilbl_superMy friend Ani and I have been going on regular 3-mile walks about twice a week.  They started as a way for me to distract myself from the dreaded snack monster that hits me in the afternoon after work until dinner.  I figured that she and I could both use the fresh air and exercise, not to mention that our dogs love going on walks, and it’s a great way for us to catch up.

As I mentioned before, I’m really thrilled that I haven’t been experiencing any numbness, shin splints, or calf cramps. I think my weight loss has helped significantly, and I also think my shoes (ASCICS Gel-Blur 33 2.0)   have a lot to do with it.  Now that I can walk pain-free, I’ve been really interested in seeing how much progress I can make.  The competitor in me wants to push myself to be better with each walk, and it’s working!

We started out doing 3 miles in 60 minutes, and as of yesterday, 3 weeks into our walking sessions, we’ve already cut it down to 52 minutes.  I’m really proud of that! I told Ani that I want to be able to walk the 5K in 45 minutes, which would be a 15-minute mile, which isn’t bad for a walker of my weight.  From there, I’ll keep cutting my time until…who knows?

I was so excited by our progress that I told Ani we should sign up for a 5K, and since she’s always up for a new adventure, she loved the idea.  So, we’re signing up for the Color Me Rad 5K in September.  I love the idea of the colorful burst of powder at different intervals.  So fun!


It reminds me of Holi , which seems like such a cool celebration. I love the entire vibe that I get from the Color Me Rad website, and it just seems like something I’d like to cross off my fitness bucket list.

As if there wasn’t going to be enough color at the 5K, I’ve decided to buy a rainbow tutu to wear.  As I was perusing the Internet yesterday, I discovered Glam Runner, who makes custom tutus in any color you can imagine.  If you’ve signed up for a fun run/5K/10K this summer, you should definitely check out her site and buy one.  The prices are great, and when I inquired about plus sizes, she told me that she’d make me one to fit my exact measurements at no extra charge.  So great! To top it off, the proceeds support a Girls on the Run chapter.  (My niece is enrolled in Girls on the Run, and we’re all participating in the walk in May (as long as I’m not recovering from WLS)).  I’m ordering the “Glamiversary” tutu, because it will be PERFECT for the Color Me Rad 5K:


I love it when something as simple as a walk turns into a memory-making event, don’t you?  It’s definitely RAD!!

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