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Happy Monday! Happy Tuesday!  My day got away from me yesterday, but I was really interested in the topic, so I’ve decided to write it, even if it’s a day late.  Now let’s get on with this week’s topic.

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FMM: Foodie Questions

1. Do you make grocery lists?  In the past I only made lists when I had a specific recipe that I was making, but I’m working really hard to stick to a budget, and to do that, lists help.  Plus, now that I’m  eating so much less thanks to the wls, I tend to overbuy without a list.

2.  Do you have a routine when shopping in your favorite grocery store?  I start in the produce section and move my way around the store.  This is going to sound very OCD, but I’ll just say that I organize my grocery list by the department of the store, that way I can get in and out quickly and efficiently.

3.  What is your favorite seasoning?  Anything that adds a bit of spice to my meal.  Sometimes it’s cayenne pepper, sometimes it’s Sriracha, and sometimes it’s Tabasco.

4.  What is the healthiest food in your fridge right now?  I just finished making my version of Eggface’s Breakfast Bites, and I have tons of nonfat Greek yogurt, and produce.

5.  What is the most unhealthy food in your fridge now?  Butter.  But I’ve decided that since I eat such tiny portions now, I’d much rather enjoy butter in my cooking rather than margarine.  More bang for my buck.

6. What is the most exotic produce you’ve ever had? I’m not sure how exotic it is, but it’s the first one that comes to mind: lychee.  I actually don’t like them at all, but my sister and her kids LOVE them.

7. Tell us about your favorite local restaurant. I don’t eat out very much, but one of my recent favorite places was the restaurant that my friend took me to for my birthday.  It’s called Dry Creek Grill, and they have a great menu.  It’s mostly a steakhouse, but they also have great salads, and a carpaccio to DIE for.

8.  What kind of pasta do you prefer (regular, whole wheat, etc.?) I haven’t been eating pasta at all, and it will be at least four more months before I try eating pasta again.  In which case I’m going to try fresh semolina flour pasta.  Might as well eat the good stuff, since I’ll be eating a small amount (if I can tolerate it at all).

9. If you could make one food calorie-free for an entire week, which food would you choose? This week I’d choose almonds, because I’ve been enjoying them as a snack.  They’re so good for you, but they sure are high in calories/fat. 

10.  If you had to choose would you rather give up french fries or chocolate? Chocolate.

Now it’s your turn to answer the questions! And also be sure to go back to Kenlie’s blog and leave a link to your FMM post in the comments! I really encourage you to comment on as many people’s posts as you can – I’ve met some fantastic people through FMM. You never know who you’ll meet today.

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