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Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to spend time with friends and family.  My weekend was a great mixture of walks, a BBQ, time relaxing and reading, and even going outside my comfort zone a bit by going to a Match.com Stir event on Friday night.  While I’m glad I had the experience, it was clear to me that I’ll never attend another one of those events.  The word I can use to describe it was awkward.  People were standing around not talking to each other, and when I tried to start conversations several times with “starters” (being the teacher that I am), people responded with one-word answers.  Yikes!  Plus, the people there just weren’t those I’d be interested in hanging out with.  I decided that I’d much rather take my chances going to a local restaurant or bar with girlfriends than attend another one of those painful events.  Still, I’m glad I tried it, otherwise I’d never know. But let’s get one with today’s FMM.

Sarah over at Losing Weight and Having Fun is hosting FMM for the time being, and I’m excited to discover her blog and meet a bunch of new bloggers.

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: Losing Weight and Having Fun so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Let’s Get Sporty

1. Are you following the World Cup? If so which team are cheering on?

No.  I don’t watch soccer and haven’t caught any of it.  If pressed, I’d say that I’m glad the Italian team won against England (sorry Sarah), and of course I’ll cheer for Team USA.

2. What is your favorite sport to watch either on TV or in person?

I love baseball and football.  Baseball is definitely something I prefer to go and watch at the ballpark, but football is something I’ll watch any which way.

3. Which local team (regardless of sport) do you support?

I’ve been a huge fan of the SF Giants and SF 49ers since I was a young girl.  More recently I’ve really gotten into going to the local San Jose Giants games, too, because so many of the players end up heading up to the SF Giants.  Plus, the SJ Giants games are really inexpensive ($10 each), very family friendly, and you can often get free tickets from local stores.

4. What is your favorite sport to play?

I’ve never really played a sport, because growing up I wasn’t athletically inclined.  Now I love fitness, but still haven’t tried my hand at a group sport.  I’ve enjoyed playing badminton at family reunions, and I think volleyball is fun, too.

5. Were you ever in a sports team?

As I mentioned in #4, I’ve never played a sport.  One time in 5th or 6th grade I tried out for the volleyball team, but didn’t make it, and I guess I felt so discouraged that I never tried again.  Growing up I was much more into riding bikes than I was into group sports.

6. Have you ever traveled a long distance to see your team play?

I never have, but I would be willing to, especially to go to The Superbowl.

7. Do you have a favorite stadium/sports venue you have been to?

I absolutely love going to AT&T Park, where the SF Giants play. It’s a gorgeous stadium where there isn’t a bad seat in the house. I’m also really excited that the new Levi’s Stadium for the 49ers is going to be right in my backyard (about 20 minutes from home), in Santa Clara.

8. What is your favorite food you associate with sporting events?

The food at AT&T park is amazing, and like Sarah, I love the garlic fries.

9. Do you have a favorite sporting song?

Nothing comes to mind.  I think it’s fun that they play Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline at Boston Red Sox games, but since that’s really not my team, I’m not sure if that applies.

10. Is there a sporting event you would like to go to in another country?

I’d love to go to the Olympics someday.

Now it’s your turn to answer the questions!   And also be sure to go back to Sarah’s blog and leave a link to your FMM post in the comments!  I really encourage you to comment on as many people’s posts as you can – I’ve met some fantastic people through FMM.  You never know who you’ll meet today.


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Every year during homecoming week, my school has a series of powder puff football games.  (Powder puff is when the girls play football, and the boys do the cheer/dance routines).  Day 1 the seniors play the freshmen (seniors usually win), Day 2 the sophomores play the juniors (juniors usually win), Day 3 the juniors play the seniors.  And of course, the seniors win, which means they play the faculty.

This year I decided that I’ve lost enough weight, gained enough confidence and cardio ability, that I was able to play on the faculty team this year.

pink_panther_big We decided that we were the Pink Panthers (our school mascot is the panthers, but a much more vicious, intimidating panther).  We held 4 after school practices to get ready for the game.  Our coach quickly decided that I’d be Center, which was fine with me.  It meant I didn’t have to memorize the different plays, could use my lower body strength to protect my quaterback, and that I didn’t have to run too much.  Those girls are fast!!

The practices were challenging, but I surprised myself a number of times by realizing that the fast runs didn’t leave me out of breath.  Because I only had to run in quick bursts,  I wasn’t getting winded.  What a dramatic change! I really enjoyed the camaraderie of working out after school with my colleagues, some of whom I don’t get much opportunity to really talk to, give our different departments and rooms on the other side of the campus.

Today was the day we’d been working for – the matchup versus the senior girls.  We’d heard how fast, how vicious, how tough these girls were.  And I’m not going to lie – as I took my place on the field, my heart was beating fast.  I was nervous, and I wanted to do my best.

Yes. that's me with my butt in the air.  Don't you love that form?

Yes. that’s me with my butt in the air. Don’t you love that form?

More than a few times, I hiked the ball way too hard, way too high, making it difficult for my poor quarterback to reach it.  Still, I did pretty well, considering we only practiced a few times.

I love this action shot of me running toward the ball (right side).

I love this action shot of me running toward the ball (right side).


I think it’s hilarious that I have a smile on my face as I go to block the girl who is trying to get to my quarterback.

The game was sad – those girls had us in age, speed, and endurance, but I am proud that we were able to score once, and that we gave them a run for their money.  It was intense down on the field, but it was also so much fun.  And I think my students saw me in a different light, too.  So many of them came up to me afterward with compliments.  Even though I know I didn’t play very well, it was cool to try something new.  I’ll definitely be out there next year.

2013-10-03 11.01.21

This was my uniform.  To see the rest of my outfits for the each of the Dress Up Days of Homecoming, check out my Instagram.

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I’ve been a loyal 49ers fan my entire life. It was easy back in the 80s and early 90s when they were winning. When the DeBartolo family created a dynasty and we won 5 Superbowls. Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, even Jeff Garcia. All amazing players who will go down in history.

And then Eddie D. had to give up the 49ers because of some shady connections and his brother-in-law took over the ownership and things when down hill. Fast. The Yorks treated the franchise like a business and we suffered. Years, shit, a decade and a half of nothing. We became a laughing stock, an “easy win.” It was a travesty.

And then one of the younger Yorks started listening to his Uncle Eddie and things started improving. We had several rebuilding years, and then came Jim Harbaugh and things really started turning around. His competitiveness and passion were just what we needed. And now Alex Smith, the quarterback that sportscasters and “fans” once laughed at, is going to lead the team to a victory in a second-round playoff game, under Harbaugh’s guidance.

Ahhhh, it’s even sweeter because I’ve been there throughout the good times and the bad. No fairweather fandom for me – once I’m your fan, I’m your fan for life. Loyalty. I know no other way. It’s in my DNA.

I can’t wait until 3:30, or should I say, I can’t wait until 7:30 or 8pm when the game is over, after we


Update: Well, we played a tough game and went to overtime, but in the end, we lost to 17 to 20 to the Giants.  Still, it was an amazing season.  And just like in years past, I know I’ll be rooting for the 9ers for life.  Now they just need to work on their passing game in the off season.  Guess I have more reason than ever to root for the Pats.

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