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I’ve been enjoying this week off to the fullest! It’s been a nice combination of getting in workouts, seeing friends, getting just a bit of grading done, and going here and there. Fun stuff!

20130412-093449.jpg1. Yesterday Ani, my sis, and I took our pups to the beach and had the most amazing day. If you’d like to see more gorgeous pics, and read a bit more about it, you can check out the post I wrote on Sofi’s blog.

2. TinkerBell made a good point the other day, when she said that she bought a cotton maxi dress to come home from the hospital in after WLS. Because we’ll be feeling sore and bloated, and the 5 laproscopic incisions will be sensitive, a lightweight and easy-to-wear maxi is ideal. Only I don’t have one. After checking on LaneBryant.com and being appalled that they were charging $59.99-$89.99, I went on Target.com and found these dresses for $21.99 each:

20130412-094409.jpgWhy spend a lot of money on something that won’t fit me for long anyway?

3.Have you seen the great giveaway Kenlie has going on over at AlltheWeigh? I entered, and if you workout at a gym and need a small solution for your essentials, you should, too.

Kenlie's photo

Kenlie’s photo

images4.  I’m excited for a much-need pedi that I have scheduled for later today.  I think I’m going with a fun turquoise, like For Audrey by China Glaze.

5. And finally, I’ll close with a great quote that I saw on FitApproach’s FB page:



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1. I’m really glad this was a short week (Monday was a furlough day) because tomorrow I’m losing half of my Saturday to proctoring the SAT.  On the plus side, I will (hopefully) get lots of grading done while I’m getting paid a little bit.

2. bowling Today our faculty social club has organized a bowling excursion, and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s been ages since I’ve gone bowling, so who knows how I’ll score, but it will be fun to hang out with my colleagues and do something a bit active.

3. hot-hula_originalSpeaking of being active, I’m really looking forward to my Hot Hula Fitness class tonight.  I bought in on an excellent deal via Groupon, so this will be 1 of my 10 classes.  I can’t wait to shake my hips and burn some serious calories.

4.  The other day I found the BEST sweet snack: 20130307-233722.jpg They’re almost too good, but luckily my willpower is intact, and I kept it to a serving size.  If you’re looking for salty, buttery, and sweet – get them.

5. And finally, I’ll close with a great quote:


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1. This weekend is another long one for me – I have a furlough day on Monday. Even though I hate the fact that we had to have budget cuts this year, I have to admit, having another day off of school so soon is nice. I’m going to use the extra day to get in a great workout at the gym and get some home organization and cleaning done.

2. Yesterday I put together what I think was an adorable outfit for work, featuring a “new” blazer that I found in my closet. I got several compliments from students, which is always a good sign. Better yet, I felt great in the outfit, which is really the most important thing, don’t you think?


Since the weather has been in the high 60s, I thought it was high time for a flower in my hair to add a touch of spring to the last day of February.


3. I’m way overdue for a pedi (I never ended up getting one a few weekends ago), and I think I’m in the mood for green toes, in honor of St. Patty’s Day and the beginning of spring. Plus, I’m teaching The Great Gatsby right now in class, and green is a very symbolic color in that novel, so it works on a lot of levels:

Essie's Mojito Madness

Essie’s Mojito Madness

4. My weekend plans include going for a bike ride with my sister, shopping for my niece’s Easter baskets with my mom and sister (we do things EARLY in my family), and going to the movies. I’m not sure which movie we’ll end up seeing – any suggestions? What’s the last movie you saw that you enjoyed?

5. I saw this a few weeks ago, and loved it:


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1. What a great week to be off of work!  I’ve spent my week off doing the perfect mix of activities – plenty of hardcore gym sessions, a few new culinary experiments, spending tons of time with friends, and reading.  The only way I could think of to top this week would have been if I’d been laying on a tropical beach somewhere.

20130222-103944.jpg 2. One of my culinary experiments was my cauliflower crust pizza.  Although my first attempt has needs some perfecting, I think I know exactly how to do just that.

3.  Yesterday I spent a fabulous day riding my bike in Half Moon Bay, and I also found this little quote, which just so happens to look strikingly similar to my beach cruiser, Lola.


4.  I finished Gone Girl, and all I can say is if you haven’t read it – READ it!  I can’t say much more because there are lots of twists and turns that keep you shocked all the way to the final page of the novel.  My current read is another one by Gillian Flynn,

5886881 As the title implies, this one is another dark novel, and I am just as engaged by the flawed characters in this one.

5.  Finally, this morning as I was making my coffee, Sofi once again reminded me that sometimes all you need to be content is just a little spot of sun.  I love my pooch so much, and I’m glad she’s here to teach me all of these life lessons.


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1. I’m off today, and while I don’t have any real plans, I’m really enjoying having the freedom to do whatever I want to today. So far I’ve taken Sofi to the groomer’s, worked out, and started checking out all my favorite online haunts. Later I’m going to the dentist. It’s wild and crazy around here, I tell ya! But I am looking forward to catching up with a couple of friends later today.

2. On Sunday I went on the David’s Tea website and ordered three different varieties:

  1. Movie Night: it has real popped popcorn in it and is supposed to taste just like the real thing, without any calories.
  2. Cocoa Canela: this one is like Mexican chocolate, chocolate with cinnamon in it. Yum!
  3. Crème Caramel Rooibos: caramel is probably my favorite dessert flavor, so this will be a nice treat.

My thinking behind the order is that these teas, although pricey, will be the perfect after dinner sweet treat. Since I’m reducing my calories so strictly, I know I may have some cravings, and this will suit me perfectly. I’ve heard amazing things about David’s tea, and I couldn’t wait to receive it, but since it was coming from eastern Canada, I knew it would take a while to receive it. Not so! I just got my box today!!

20130208-124032.jpg I’m drinking the free sample of their coco chai as I write this, and it’s yummy!  I can’t wait to have cups (& pots) of all the others.

gone-girl-review_320 3.  I’ve just started reading Gone Girl, and although I’ve only just begun it, I’m really enjoying it.  I’ve heard so many great things about the book, and I can’t wait to see if it lives up to all the hype.  What’s on your bookshelf?

4.  I’ve been doing great with my workouts all week, but the one that I’m looking forward to the most is a love-themed Zumba class with Ani tomorrow, and you can bet I’ll be sporting either red or hot pink:


5.  Finally, I saw this on FB this morning and loved it…


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It’s been a while since I did an Outfits of the Day Fashion Friday post, so this one is full of photos from the past week or so.

This first outfit is from Monday, October 17th, day dreaded day that I got that terrible flu.  I love this outfit, and it was perfect to wear this day, because while the calendar says it’s fall, the weather outside was warm (80s).


Shrug: LB; Tank: LB; Skirt: LB: Shoes: Reefs from Zappos; Necklace: Macy's




After 5 days of being indoors and sick, I finally ventured out on Saturday, October 22.  My mom and I went for a quick trip to Cost Plus World Market because they were having a great sale on wine (I bought 4 bottles, along with some coffee).  I had bought this peasant top the day before, and it was ideal for the weather that day – sunny, but breezy and low 70s.


Peasant top: Kohl's; Jeans: LB; Flip Flops: Avenue; Earrings: gift

Sunday, October 23 was the day I was finally starting to feel a bit better.  I had made plans to go see 50/50 with two of my friends, and the weather was gorgeous outside (mid 70s).  I loved the movie, BTW, and I would highly recommend it.  But if you do go, make sure you have some Kleenex with you.  Joseph Gordon Levitt is amazing in everything he does, and there is one scene in the movie where he’s in a car that was so raw and real that I feel it was an Oscar-worthy moment.  He is definitely one of the best young actors of our time.


Graphic Tee: LB; Jeans: Style & Co (Macy's); Flip Flops: ?


I really liked that my quick bun looked sort of 50s retro.

Monday, October 24: I got tons of compliments on this outfit from teachers, administrators, and students alike.  It was awesome!


Shurg: Torrid; Tshirt: LB; Skirt: LB; Flip Flops: Reefs from Zappos; Necklace: Dress Barn



Tuesday, October 25: There was a bit more of a chill in the air, so I decided to wear the peasant top from Saturday.  I love this outfit because it just screams “fall,” but I wish I would’ve paid more attention to the way the top was hanging on me in the photos so that it didn’t look so weird.


Shrug: Avenue; Peasant top: Kohl's; Skirt: Avenue (old!); Shoes: Hush Puppies




Better lighting, to give you a sense of the true colors.

Wednesday, October 26: The last time I wore this cardigan, I felt like it made me look huge.  I tried it two different ways (as you’ll see in the photos).  I wasn’t sure if it accentuated my rolls with the belt, so I ended up going without it.  Plus, I felt like the belt was too skinny for the overall look.  I actually went online that day and ordered two wide belts (one black, one dark brown) so that I could wear a similar outfit.  Which way do you think it was better?


Cardigan: LB; Tank: LB; Jeans: Avenue Divine Denim; Shoes: Clark's; Necklace: Silpada


With the skinny belt. Is this better?

Friday, October 28: Usually I’m wearing “pride wear” on Fridays that lists my school’s name (which I don’t want to broadcast on this blog), so I never snap Friday photos.  But I decided to buy a few blue tops that would still go with the “blue and gold days” at work, yet not scream “I am a high school teacher.”  I took lost of photos to show what it looked like with and without the cardi that I wore in the morning.  While our days have been beautiful (mid-70s), the mornings are chilly at 45 or 50 degrees.  In the evening when I saw my sister, she commented that I was “getting skinny.”  I’m not sure if my weight loss is getting more noticeable or if this is just a really flattering outfit.  Either way, I’m feeling great about the way that I’m looking, which is wonderful.


Top: Avenue: Jeans: Style & Co (Macy's); Shoes: Clark's; Necklace: Tiffany


Showing off the side button detail.


With the grey cardi (Macy's).


Sideview with cardi. (Yes, that's Sofi's paw in the pic).


I ended up liking it better with the cardi open. (More of Sofi in the corner).

So, that’s my week (or so) of outfits.  Which one was your favorite?

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For some reason, I’ve been in a weird funk the past two days.  Nothing terrible, but I’ve been unmotivated to track my food or to get any exercise.  I haven’t gone off plan at all, but I’ve been feeling blah, and it sucks.  The cause of my blues has nothing to do with weight loss, and I know that it’s just a minor setback, so why did I let it affect me enough to break up my tried and true routine?  Feeling sorry for myself, plain and simple.  Which is so unlike me.

Today I decided to face the music and jump on the scale for a quick check-in weigh-in.  Boy oh boy did I like the tune it was playing!  It had me down 3.2 pounds from Wednesday!!  Woot!  I don’t want to jinx myself at all, but if this is a sign of things to come, this week’s weigh in is going to be phenomenal. Seeing those pounds drop off after two days of less than stellar actions on my part really lifts my spirits.

It motivates me to keep up this good result.  Plus, I know that nothing lifts my mood or makes me feel better about myself than exercise, so that’s today’s plan.  I’m hitting a Zumba class tonight at 6pm, but before that I’m going to take Sofi on her first walk ever, now that she’s got a whole new world to conquer!!

It’s definitely a Happy Friday!!

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Yesterday was a decent day that quickly dissolved into a nightmare of sorts.

The day started off normally enough – I brought Lulu to doggie daycare, went in to work, attended a meeting, got things organized for the start of school, caught up with teachers who I hadn’t seen since June, etc.  I definitely didn’t get as much done as I would’ve hoped, because of all the chatting, and I was running late for my fun Friday night plans (My high school alumnae food & wine club was going to a vineyard about 45 minutes away for an evening of live, outdoor music and wine tasting.  The nice thing is that the “regulars” who show up to these events have become or are my close friends, so the club is really more of a girls’ night out).

Anyway, as I said I was already running a bit late when the phone rang.  A blocked call.  Never a good sign.  It was my current landlord.  Here’s the convo:

Bella: Hello
LL: Bella?
Bella: Yes?
LL: This is J– calling from [name of management company].
Bella: Hi J —
LL: {in a raised, aggravated, somewhat angry voice} Are you moving?!!
Bella: {heart racing} What?
LL: Are you moving?!!!  Because I just got off the phone with someone wanting a reference for a new place that you’re moving into.

(At this point my heart is really racing and I’m thinking “shit!!  Why would the new landlord have done this?”)

Bella: Well, I’m looking around a bit.  Seeing what’s out there.  I haven’t made any decisions yet.
LL: Well, you have to give us notice, and when are you planing to move?
Bella: {firmly} Listen J–, I just said that I am still thinking about things, and I haven’t made any decisions yet.  Today is August 20 and my lease doesn’t expire until Oct. 1, so I have at least two weeks before I need to let you know what my plans are.
LL: {easing up a bit} Well we really don’t want to lose you as a tenant (of course they don’t, I’m an awesome tenant).  Would it help if I told you that your neighbors have been told that we’re not renewing their lease?
Bella: Not really.  I mean, that’s great and everything, but I dealt with a lot this past year with them.  Plus, I still live next door to that Ethiopian restaurant that is loud and has partying going on at all hours of the night.  And the neighborhood is going downhill.  I’m still figuring it all out.
LL: So, wow, I guess this means I might have to rent out both sides of the duplex at once?
Bella: Ya, I guess so.  Ok, well I have to go.  Bye

I played it off pretty well, and definitely didn’t let him try to intimidate or guilt me into staying (not that he could).  I was so surprised that Peter, my future landlord, had called them.  I didn’t give him their phone number on my application, only their name.  He must’ve looked it up himself.

So, I made a call straight to Peter:

Peter: Hello?
Bella: Hi Peter, it’s Bella. How are you?
Peter: Hi Bella, I was just thinking about you.
Bella: Ya, I was just thinking about you, too.  Two things.  What time should I come by the duplex tomorrow for the paperwork and two, did you call my current landlords?
Peter: Well, around 3pm tomorrow, and ya, I called them to just double-check that you’ve  been a good tenant, but I knew that you were.  Just doing due diligence.
Bella: Peter, J– just called me and he was very upset to learn that I might be moving out.  I kind of put him off about whether or not it was a for sure thing, but I had no idea that you were planning on calling him.  He was pissed off, and sort of yelling at me.  I hope this doesn’t put me in a bad position in the case that I might have to stay there.
Peter: Bella, listen, this duplex is yours.  We just have to have you sign the agreement and do the background check.  Don’t worry about that.  He said that you were an ideal tenant, always paid your rent on time, didn’t cause problems, and really took care of the place.  I told him I knew what a great tenant you were because you had previously rented from me and that I was anxious to get you back

(Ok, so these two had a “swordfight” about which one of them was going to keep me as a tenant.  If only two men would fight over me in my love life.  🙂

Peter: BTW, that Kid [he used his real name]  is a piece of work, huh?
Bella: He told you about The Kid  (the violent, raging white trash neighbor)?
Peter: Oh ya.  He told me how he never pays his rent on time, about the fighting, the complaints from tenants (not just you), etc.

(How professional of J–)

Bella: Ya, he’s bad news, and I can’t wait to get out of there.  Apparently they were just told that they have to move out, so I’m sort of worried about what it’s going to be like when I get home tonight.  He’s going to be pissed, I’m sure.
Peter: You shouldn’t have to deal with anything like that. You should never feel unsafe or worried about that kind of thing in your own home.  Listen, if you’d like, I can let you move in on Sept. 1, before the work here is done, as long as you’re ok with workmen coming in while you’re moved in.
Bella: Peter, I’m a tough cookie and I can handle it.  I’ve been dealing with it for a year, so a few more weeks isn’t going to kill me.  I’d rather wait to move in until all the work is done.  It’ll be easier that way.
Peter: Ok ….

And then we talked about some other moving stuff.

So, I am super-excited to go and sign all the lease papers today, but wow, what stress from the current landlord, right?  And I was worried about what it would be like when I got home, if The Kid found out about having to move out.  Would he be a raging lunatic?  Would he start destroying property – his and mine?  Shit.

At this point I was running even later, so I texted all the girls and told them I’d just be meeting them there.  I got to the car with the plans of driving faster than I should to pick up Lulu.  The car had a different plan.

As I tried to turn the key, it wouldn’t turn over, and just clicked.  Shit!  The battery was dead!!  I texted the girls and said I was going to be even later, if I was going at all.  I filled them in on all of the stuff that had just happened.

Can this day turn out any worse?

So I called AAA and waited for them to get there.  He jumpstarted the battery and said it was safe to drive for now but that I needed to go to the service department of the dealership and have them either fully charge this battery or just replace it.  (I made the appointment and I’m going in on Monday).

I got Lulu and drove home, and on the way I decided that even though the evening’s plans were so much fun, I shouldn’t go. First of all, I didn’t want to get stranded late at night 45 minutes from home. Secondly, if The Kid was going to turn into a maniac, I really didn’t want to leave Lulu here by herself. So I poured myself a glass of Syrah and we stayed in.

Later in the evening, as I was taking out for a potty break, The Kid’s father was outside and came over to talk. (Up to this point it had been very quiet next door).

The Kid’s Father: Hi Bella, how are you? I just wanted to tell you it’s been great being your neighbor, but my son was told that we have to move out when the lease is up.
Bella: Ya, I heard.
Father: You did?
Bella: Well, J– called me today. You see, I’m also moving out, and he was upset with me when he found out that I might be moving. My new landlord called him for a reference. I hadn’t said anything to him yet because it wasn’t a done deal. As he was trying to get me to stay, he mentioned that you guys were leaving.
Father: Ya, my son was really upset and hurt about it when they told him last week, but I told him that I wasn’t sure what he really expected. He paid the rent late every month, he was always fighting with his girlfriend, and I’m sure they had had enough. I told him he should be glad that he didn’t get evicted.
Bella: Oh, it was a week ago that they asked him to leave?
Father: Ya.

That must explain all the yelling I’ve been hearing this past week. The good news is that he wasn’t going to fly into a rage, at least not for this.

Bella: Well, I guess they’re going to have to find people to move into both sides of the duplex.
Father: Ya. I just want to thank you for how patient you’ve been. I mean, my son is always using that saw late at night, the dogs are always barking, he fights with the girlfriend all the time, and you could’ve called the cops and he could be in jail right now. So thanks.
Bella: Well, to be honest with you your son is one of the main reasons I decided to move. I just can’t take all the violence and the fighting. It makes my blood pressure go up too much; it makes me too nervous.
Father: Ya, you shouldn’t have to deal with that in your own house.
Bella: Ya. Between that and the Ethiopians who party all night on the other side, plus the neighborhood, I just had to go.
Father: Well, good for you. Take care.

So, they’ll soon know that I’m moving too. I’m glad that the landlord is kicking them out, but I am so angry that I had to put up with living like this for a year. I really want to tell the landlord exactly what I think about the whole thing (that he should have taken care of it sooner, that he should have done a background check on them and never rented it to them to begin with, that having 3 people and 2 dogs in a 1 bedroom is too much. And that he needs to do something about the “restaurant” next door otherwise the next tenant is going to be upset, too), but I’m going to hold off on saying anything until I get my deposit back. I know that technically and legally they shouldn’t dock my deposit because they’re upset with me, but I also know how the real world works. They’ll be a lot pickier if they’re upset with me than if I just leave quietly. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to let my feelings be known in either a very well-worded letter or a phone call, after this is all over.

I have no idea what it’s going to be like around here now that The Kid knows he’s not coming back.  I have a bad feeling that he’s going to be even worse because he’ll think he has nothing to lose.  But believe me, I won’t hesitate to call the cops if it comes down to it.  I’ve had enough.

I’m so excited to go today and get the lease all signed and get a move-in date and start getting this show on the road.  Peter asked me to bring Lulu by so that he could see her.  So we’re heading there in a little while, and I can’t wait.

Because yesterday turned into a debacle, I’m bound and determined that today is going to be terrific.  So far, it’s starting out that way.

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