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Last night on The Biggest Loser Bob took his team to this spot that was a hidden oasis, complete with a waterfall in the middle of a mountain range in Malibu, CA. He said, “there’s magic around every corner and all you have to do is go out and find it. You can achieve anything you set your mind to do.” I really love that, and after these past few days, I can say that that’s so true.

Today when I got home from work, these were waiting for me on my front porch:


Boxes of clothes that Scale Warfare (aka Skinny Minnie!!) had gotten too slender for (she’s lost  over 54 lbs!!).  And don’t be fooled by the “small box” moniker; these boxes were filled to the brim with tons and tons and tons of clothes:


I know this photo looks like a big mess, but I was trying on and sorting through it all.  I have a whole box of clothes that I’ll fit into in a size or two, and an entire box of items that I can wear now and for quite some time.  Scale Warfare gave me everything from dresses to pants to blouses to tanks to cardigans to glitzy tops to pjs to blazers.  The clothes are high quality, expensive, and in excellent condition.  I mentioned the gift to my sister and she came over and claimed a few things that she wants to “borrow.”  (I see some fashion fights in our future, like when we were in high school.  🙂  I marked the second box of clothes “inspiration” and put them in my spare bedroom closet. I cannot wait to wear each and every one. I especially have my eye on a pair of pin-striped Michael Kors pants that I’m dying to fit into.  Talk about great incentive!!

Here’s my outfit for tomorrow, all laid out. The whimsical top is from Scale Warfare and I’m pairing it with a black cardi and a black skirt.  If you come back on Friday for my OOTW post, you’ll see me in it.


Not only do I have clothes in sizes ranging from 24-16 and everything in between, but I’m seeing that there are quite a few stores that I never/rarely shop at that I should be.  Like Talbot’s, Old Navy, and Khol’s to name a few. It’s so interesting to see that stores that I thought were out of reach actually have clothes that fit (and look good) on me.

I knew that Scale Warfare and I had a lot in common, but now I see that she and I have a very similar fashion esthetic, too.  When we finally do meet up, we are most definitely going to burn a hole in our credit cards with all the shopping we’ll do!!

I can’t tell you how thankful I feel Scale Warfare her generosity with me.  Not only did she send me an immense about of expensive, like-new (some with the tags still on!) clothes, but she also paid to have them shipped to me across the country (not cheap at all).  I can tell you that Santa is going to treat her very nicely this year.  Between Scale Warfare and BeautyJunkie824 these past two days have made me feel invigorated, grateful, and very, very loved.  How lucky am I to have such amazing people in my life to call my friends?  I absolutely will pay it forward when it comes time for these clothes to go on to another home.


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Today I had the BEST day, all thanks to one of my newer friends!  Before I tell you what happened, let me give you some background.

BeautyJunkie824 and I “met” online through YouTube, and when we discovered that we only live about 40 minutes apart, we knew we had to meet.  Originally we decided to meet up for the first time at a WLS support group through Kaiser, when we were both pre-op.  We spent an hour at the meeting and then we headed to Starbucks and stayed for hours, just chatting, getting to know each other and realizing just how much we had in common.  BeautyJunkie824 got VSG surgery about 8 weeks ago, and looks fantabulous!  She’s lost over 66 lbs – 30 lbs since surgery and the rest from her pre-op diet.  She’s one of my inspirations on this weight loss journey, and I’m so lucky to have met her.  It really was kismet.

So today, BeautyJunkie824 and I met up at Starbucks again and talked for another 3 hours about losing weight, wls, life, and everything in between.  As she let me ask her “20 questions” (probably more!!) about her experience with VSG, I got more and more excited.  To think that that could be me in a matter of a few short months is incredible.  She said that she felt like VSG was truly a miracle for her, but pointed out, as ScaleWarfare did in her post today, that it is all about the healthy choices she’s making.  BeautyJunkie said that she could easily eat a ton of ice cream and never workout and she’d be putting on the pounds.  Instead, she eats protein first, is up to running a 5K several times a week, and make sure to get in all her water.

I told BeautyJunkie824 that I knew I had to ramp up my exercise (calorie burn) if I was going to see the weight loss results that I wanted, and she reminded me that I don’t always have to hit the gym to get in that extra workout.  Again, life’s not all black and white; an idea that keeps repeating itself to me, and will continue to do so until I start living it, I guess. Anyway, she mentioned that when she first started back with exercise this time around, she began with the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs.  Scale Warfare also mentioned those, and I just so happened to have bought this DVD from Amazon about a month ago.  (I haven’t opened it yet, but I will, this week).  And then I remembered that I have a few Biggest Loser DVDs (Boot Camp, Yoga, and 30-Day Jumpstart) that have been gathering dust in my garage for about a year.

As I was leaving, BeautyJunkie824 told me that she’d brought something for me.  We headed to her car, and she took out 2 huge bags filled with clothes for me!  All sizes 22-18!  I’m not in those sizes just yet, so this is even more incentive for me to keep up my good work and get these pounds off!  I have great clothes just waiting for me.  (On a side note, Scale Warfare is also being wonderfully generous and sending me some of her too-big clothes!!  Between these two ladies, I’m going to be all set until I get to my goal weight!)  I am so  touched by this generosity!  It’s overwhelming, and definitely something that I will “pay forward” once I’m out of these sizes.

Between BeautyJunkie824 and Scale Warfare, I feel so loved, encouraged, and supported!  It’s amazing to have these two women in my life.  They’ve both been through the VSG surgery, so I can learn from them, but even more importantly, they are two people whom I met online and whom I felt an instant connection with.  Like we’re meant to be friends and will always be in each others’ lives.  This is the power of blogging and vlogging that you just can’t beat!  Meeting up with BeautyJunkie824 makes me want to meet Scale Warfare even more, too!  Someday soon, lady!!!!

I was so motivated that when I got home, that I took Sofi for a 30-minute, quick-paced walk and then came home and did Week 1, Day 1 and 2 of the Bigges Loser 30-Day Jumpstart DVD.  Day 1 was 10 minutes of cardio and Day 1 was 10 minutes of upper body strength/core training.  The plan for this week:

  • Wednesday: Walk Sofi; 30-Day Jumpstart cardio (10 min.); Walk Away the Pounds (level 1 – 18 min)
  • Thursday: gym day – 35 min. on elliptical; walk Sofi; 30-Day Jumpstart lower body (10 min)
  • Friday: Walk Sofi; 30-Day Jumpstart cardio (10 min.) (We’ll see if I feel like doing more)

I’m rocking it with my food.  So much so that I’m going to make a video tomorrow about my latest “haul” from Bariatric Choice.  December 17th is totally within my reach, and I know I’m going to make my goal.

Who have you inspired today? 

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Today has been a truly wonderful day.  It’s also been an emotional day, filled with happiness and a few tears.  I’m pretty wiped out at this point, so I’ll try to keep this brief.

Last night I sent out my fundraising email for TNT.  I followed the directions they gave us and sent the email to everyone I know, including people on Facebook whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years (grammar school & high school friends).  Since I have over 275 friends on Facebook, I was hoping that a few of them would donate a bit of money.  Maybe $10 or so.

I went to bed, and when I awoke this morning, I already had two donations of $25 each.  Then I got to school and I had 3 more.  As the day continued, the funds raised kept growing and growing.  People were extremely generous in their giving.  Overwhelmingly so.

A few times throughout the day, I went to my fundraising page and reread what I had written.  Every time I read the part about my uncle, I get tears in my eyes.  I miss him so much, and he was such an inspiration in my life.  I know he would be so proud of me if he were still here.  You see, my uncle always wanted me to lose weight so that I would be healthier, and I know that he would be so happy at all that I’ve accomplished so far.  I know that when I cross the finish line in May, because I WILL cross it, he’s going to be there with me too.

As the day continued into evening, more donations came in.  I can’t believe the amount people are giving in this economy.  I am so happy that people are willing to support me to reach this challenging goal.  So far today I’ve raised $875.  In ONE day!  I still have a long way to go to get to the minimum goal of $2900, but if I have a few more days like today, I think I can get there.

When they say that TNT will change your life, I thought it was mostly about pushing yourself to your physical limits and then surpassing them.  I had no idea it was also going to be about a renewed sense of the spirit of human generosity and kindness. I have been blown away by so many of my friends, family, and colleagues today that I am humbled and awestruck.

If you’d like to donate, you can click on this link.  Thank you for donating anything you can, if you can.  I appreciate it more than you know.

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