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bilbl_superThis morning when I logged into MyFItnessPal, as I do first thing every morning, I saw that Tinkerbell was taking part in a 30-Day Squat challenge that one of her MFP friends posted about.  I’m always up for a challenge, being the competitive girl that I am, so I decided to join in.

And you guys know me, not only did I join in, but I jumped in with both feet!  I Googled  “30-Day Squat Challenge” and found a couple of great sites.  This one has a bunch of awesome 30-Day fitness challenges, so you know I’ll be coming back to it again and again. (In fact, I’d love to get votes on which challenge I should complete in September, so put your vote in the comments). Google also showed this FitSugar article that shows lots of different ways to complete the squat challenge.  I’m all about variety in my workouts, so these moves will come in handy and help me keep things interesting.

Squats are particularly interesting to me because the results are almost immediate.  Or should I say, the pain is.  It’s that great, sore feeling that let’s you know you worked your body.  And without sounding conceited or full of myself, I have been complimented on my butt in the past (maybe the very distant past, but I’m getting back to it slowly but surely), so anything that helps me get it in better shape is something I’m all about.  I came up with the hashtag #rockhardassbyAug31, and the MFP challenge came with the #getlow hashtag.  And of course, as a SweatPink Ambassador, I’ll be repping the #sweatpink hashtag.

Being the organized (some might say anal) person that I am, I’ve already entered the entire challenge into my iCal.  Taking the time to do that insures that I won’t make any excuses.  It’s scheduled, and I’m going to complete it each day.  You should, too!


So….who’s in?!

(I’m seriously so pumped about this that I’ve decided to complete a challenge a month for the rest of the year (and beyond)).

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