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What a great weekend I just had! It was an excellent mix of fun, organization, planning, exercising, and healthy eating. I love weekends like this one because they make me feel like I used the two days off to the fullest.


The weather was gorgeous and I shot out of bed really early for a Saturday (early for ANY day, really) at 5:45.  Why?  I have no idea other than the fact that my back was feeling much better and I got enough sleep the night before.  LC and I took the pups to Bark in the Park and had a great time.  Lots of sun, lots of wagging tails, and lots of walking. I think I was as worn out as Sofi, so I kept things pretty mellow for the rest of the day – laundry, reading, tv, bed.


Today Sofi and I were up and at ’em early at our Puppy Kindergarten class, at which she makes me one proud puppy-mommy every single week.  I like that the class is at 9am every Sunday, because it forces me to get up and out of the house early.  No lazing around on Sundays, which is good for me.

After chatting with my sis for a while (our weekend coffee klatch), I headed to Yin Yoga with a colleague.  My yoga studio is offering a great “gift” to their members in honor of their impending move to a bigger, better studio – throughout the month of September I can bring 5 friends with me to a yoga class and both they and I get to attend the class free.  Such a great deal!  I have plenty of friends who said they’d like to try that studio, but few of them seem to want to make an actual date with me.  So strange, but I guess everyone is just so busy.  I’m really hoping I can get a few more people to join me, because it’s a great way to be social and get a free yoga class.  Win win.  The yoga class itself was a new one for me, and I really enjoyed it.  It’s all about holding deep stretches for long periods of time.  I could feel my tight muscles eventually relaxing, and it was great.  The teacher was awesome, and promoted a calm, spiritual atmosphere in the class.  Sort of a combination of church/therapy.  I liked it enough to want to make it a habit – I’m not sure I can afford to go every single week, but I’d like to go biweekly, if possible.  I left the studio feeling great physically and mentally.  Really uplifted and serene.

The rest of the day was spent getting organized (grocery shopping, meal planning, folding laundry) and taking care of me (going for a long walk with Sofi, waxing my brows/lip, and setting out my outfit for tomorrow, and making a good dinner).Getting everything all set and organized is the best way I can insure that I’m going to have a great week.  If I don’t have to think about my dinners, I’m one step ahead of the game.

I plan on spending the rest of tonight lounging around, watching all my Sunday shows, including: RHWNJ, Drop Dead Diva, and a DVR’d version of Ali Vincent’s new show, Live Big.  Have you guys watched it yet?  I have no idea if I’ll like it or not, but I figured that since I like all things BL, I should at least give it a shot).

But before I sign off to get in front of the boob tube, let’s talk about this post’s title, shall we?  I did get a lot done this weekend, that’s for sure, but what I’m really referring to is my “get to pre-op weight goal” plan.  Doing what I need to do to get it done.  This was my first weekend following the exact same food plan as I do during the week:

  • Breakfast: Premier Nutrition Bar
  • Lunch: Premier Nutrition Shake
  • Snack: protein-dense (a choice of : raw almonds, laughing cow cheese, light string cheese, hummus with veggies, etc)
  • Lean and Green Meal: Last night I had TJ’s Marinated Ahi Tuna with zucchini and tonight I had a hamburger patty and spinach salad with tomatoes, blue cheese, and oil/balsamic.

My calories stay under 1200 and I make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day.  Today I had 2 hours’ worth! I’ve been getting in at least 64 oz of water (today I was way over that), too.

I’ve found the main thing that keeps me on track on the weekends is staying busy.  I can’t allow myself to have too much down time, otherwise I start wanting to eat.  Even if I’m not hungry.  Since that’s the key, I’m going to make sure that I don’t allow myself too much time to just laze around, especially these first few weeks while I’m building the habit again.

It really hasn’t been difficult at all, and I’m enjoying the lighter feeling I get from keeping my carbs in check.  I’m not saying I’m never going to eat pasta and rice again before the surgery, but I will say that I’m going to make those foods a treat rather than the norm.  Because once I start with carbs, I want more, more, more.  When I don’t eat them, I don’t miss them at all.  There’s definitely something to that.

So that’s my weekend.  If I could hit “repeat” on this weekend for the remaining months of 2011, I gladly would.  I’m going do my best to make sure that every weekend left in this year feels as balanced and as accomplished as this one did.


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