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As you guys may have noticed, there have been some significant changes around the blog today. It’s been in the works for a while now, and I’ve been dying to unveil them to you.

Once I “got serious” about blogging and paid for my own domain name, I knew that soon enough I would want to create a custom-made mascot for the blog, too. The only problem was, I have zero graphic design skill. I’m great with coming up with the ideas, but not so great in executing them.

And then I saw Skinny Emmie’s blog. I loved her mascot and header, and I asked her who made it for her. She put me in touch with the graphic artist she used and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, meet Bellina, my alter ego. (Bellina means “little Bella” in Italian, or at least in my version of it). She’s feisty, sassy, and knows what she wants out of life, just like me. She’s multi-layered and complex, so she required more than one static image.

Everyday Bellina, who will be the face of my weight loss journey.

Girl About Town Bellina, with Little Lulu (you knew I wasn’t going to forget her) who will tell you about her latest food finds, cooking experiments, and shopping sprees.

Super Bellina, a fitness superhero who battles the bulge in Zumba class, while weight training, on the elliptical machine, and in unknown Adventures in Fitness still to be discovered.

And last, but by no means least…

Weigh-in Wednesday Bellina, who always approaches the scale with a hopeful heart and a positive attitude.

Bellina came on the perfect day – I lost 10 pounds!! She’s a great motivator for me, and a really nice little weight loss reward, too. I have lots of ideas for future Bellinas, so now I have something else to inspire me to drop these pounds.


I can’t recommend Meghan Murphy, my graphic artist, enough! Her artwork is fantastic (don’t you agree?!), and she was so patient with me. She didn’t care if I asked her to add dimples, change the beauty mark, or add painted toenails to the images. She captured me in cartoon form, which I never thought would happen. She even got my curls and eyebrows right! And not only that, but she’s so affordable. Thank you, Meghan, for a terrific job.


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