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Here it is, Week #2 of the Countdown to Christmas/NYE Challenge, and somehow I forgot to post last week’s update.  I guess we can chalk that one up to leading a busy life, right?

It’s not too late for you to join in on the challenge:

  1. Choose a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve by December 31st.
  2. Post weekly updates (you choose the day) about your progress.
  3. Decide on a gift (reward) that you’ll give yourself when you meet your goal.
  4. Post the Countdown Badge above on your blog when you post your weekly update, and link back to either ScaleWarfare or me, if possible!

My Countdown to Christmas/NYE Challenge was:

  1. My goal is to stick to 1200 calories M-F (1400-1600 Sat & Sun) AND to hit the gym 4 days a week.
  2. I’m going to start posting on Fridays.
  3. My gift is going to be a new pair of sneakers.

This past week I did great on the food part of the challenge! To help stay within my 1200 calorie goal during the week, I’ve started eating Trader Joe’s salads for lunch and frozen entrees for dinner.  While I’m mindful that this might increase my sodium intake, it is worth it, for convenience, money saved, and portion control.  My life is busy during the week and it’s been nice not having to worry about cooking dinner when I get home.  Having the frozen meals ready in the freezer also means I’m not tempted to turn to fast food out of convenience.  There are so many wonderful choices of frozen dinners to choose from in the store these days.  I thought I might share some of my favorites with you:

  • Lean Cuisine has a new line of frozen entrees called Market Creations, and every one that I’ve tried have been delicious.  In 6 minutes, I’m eating a well-balanced, well-seasoned meal that tastes so much fresher than most frozen dinners I’ve eaten, and I think that’s because of the steaming process.
  • I’ve also really liked Healthy Choice’s line of frozen entrees  – Cafe Steamers are similar to the LC Market Creations and just as tasty, but I really like the idea of the All Natural line, because they don’t have any preservatives.  Last night I had the Creamy Basil Pesto, and it was 240 calories of delicious.

On the weekend, I had high calorie days (1600+), but all of the food/drink I consumed was relatively healthy, and I made sure to track every single morsel and sip. I think it’s very realistic to have two more indulgent days of the week and 5 days where I’m stricter.  That’s a lifestyle I can live with, even during holidays.

As far as the gym, I have to be honest and say that I only went to the gym twice.  Both times I had personal training sessions that kicked my ass and burned tons of calories, but I didn’t go other than that.  I have been walking Lulu everyday, twice a day, though, so I am active each day, but I know I need to get better with the second part of my goal.

The result of all of this is that last week I lost 3.8 pounds, so this new plan is working!  I am so proud of myself and I know that I’m going to have continued success.

Now as to my gift, I want to get new sneakers, but I’d love to hear your recommendations.  I’m looking for more cross-trainer style, since I’m not going to be using them specifically for any one exercise.  I tend to use my sneakers as all-purpose for walks, gym time, etc.  I have wide feet, and have done well with Asics in the past, but I’m open to new suggestions.

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