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bilbl_superSo far this summer, I’ve been doing great with my cardio workouts.  Even last week while traveling for a teaching conference, I got up at 5:25am to make sure I got in at least 30 minutes.  The thing I’ve been lagging on is my toning workouts.  Even though my TIU workouts have been in my plan each week, I haven’t been doing them for the past two weeks.  So, that’s what I’m going to focus on this week.  Here’s this week’s plan:

MondayMaking Waves Cardio (home elliptical) + TIU: Summer Abs Playlist
Tuesday: swimming + TIU:Spankin’ Booty Routine (3x)
Wednesday: Biker Babes routine + TIU: Bikini Yoga
Thursday: Insanity class at 24 Hour Fitness + TIU: Bikini Arms + Sunkissed Abs (Beach Babe 2 DVD)
Friday: TIU/Fitness RX Summer Meltdown Bikini Body Routine + swimming/elliptical
Saturday: BodyCombat at 24 Hour Fitness + TIU: Bikini Abs + Bikini Arms (Beach Babe 2 DVD)

And don’t forget that I’ve started a little challenge of my own – getting in 150 miles by the time I have to go back to school for my first teacher workday on August 15. I’d love for you to join me.

I post my daily workouts on Instagram, so follow me (or look at the sidebar of this blog) to see what I’m doing!


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