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(I’ve been meaning to write this post since Ash Wednesday last week, but the time just got away from me).

Lent_40days_blback In thinking about my Lenten sacrifice this year, I decided that rather than giving something up, I’m going to do something.  As my mom put it, “adults don’t give things up, children do.”  And since I feel like my diet and exercise are already on point, and I don’t have many other things I’m willing to forgo for 40 days, doing something positive that would impact someone else’s life seemed like a much better option.

So this year, I’m giving of myself – donating clothes and volunteering.  Each week I’m going to give back in some way:

  • Last week: I barely conceived of this idea.
  • This week: Going through my closet and donating all of the clothes that have gotten too big.  I already have 4 trash bags full, but I know there will be several more.
  • 3/16: 3 hours volunteering at a county park lake cleanup
  • 3/22: 6 hours volunteering with alumnae from my high school at Sacred Heart Community Service
  • 3/26: 2 hours volunteering doing food sorting at the warehouse of Second Harvest Food Bank
  • 3/29: 4 hours volunteering at Furry Friends dog adoption
  • TBD: volunteering for a local Relay for Life chapter
  • TBD: volunteering at a local small garden
  • Donating a baby blanket that I crochet to the Linus Project

My goal is to do at least 20 hours of volunteer work during the season of Lent, and I think I’ll more than cover that with these things.

Do you do a Lenten sacrifice?  If so, what’s yours for this year?


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