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I love this time of year – the cooler weather, the  clothes, the crisp air, and the early nights.  Although that last one has been proving to be a bit troublesome when it  comes to fitting workouts into my schedule.

Now that it’s darker earlier, I have the tendency to want to stay home and hibernate, rather than hit the gym and workout.

Last night, for example: I stayed at school late to help a few students and didn’t arrive home until 5:45pm.  Poor Lulu was more than anxious to see me, and so she and I headed out for a quick walk to burn off some of her energy.  (Walking her is a great time for us to bond, even if it is dark when we’re doing it.  Luckily her little light I bought helps her to be seen (think bike light, but for dogs) and the busy street I live on provides lots of light from the headlights of cars passing by).  After her walk we headed inside, and rather than changing into workout clothes and hitting the gym before dinner, I changed into lounging clothes, ate dinner, and then vegged on the couch with Lulu.  No workout, not even the Wii.

Luckily for me I usually leave school much earlier and can hit the gym on the way home and still arrive at my house just as dusk is setting in outside.  I’ve been careful to schedule my personal training appointments for 4pm so that I can spend an hour at the gym and still get home while it’s fairly light out for Lulu’s walk.  And after last night’s experience, I can see that I need to do the same thing with my non-pt workouts, too.  Otherwise they just won’t happen during the week.  I get way too comfortable and a bit lethargic once I get home and start to relax.

This afternoon is going to be another late one at school and since I know that even though I *should* hit the gym, I won’t (see above), my plan is to walk Lulu and then get on the Wii and “play” for an hour, just to burn some much needed calories. This weighing everyday has it’s benefits – I’m up from last week’s weigh-in due to a number of factors (water retention, dinner party on Saturday, lack of exercise) and if I want to see a better outcome on the scale tomorrow morning, I need to do something about it today).

How do you deal with winter workouts?


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