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Yesterday I was in the mood to shop.  I’d just woken up from 8 1/2 glorious hours of sleep, after working two 11-hour days in a row, with a cold, mind you.  I was so glad to be off for the day (and to know that I have all of next week off for Spring Break) that I was in the mood to celebrate.

And what better way to celebrate spring than to do a little shopping?  My thought exactly!

I’d just received a  great offer from Avenue in my inbox that morning, so I figured I’d check out what they had to offer.  It turns out, they had quite a bit.  And all for really, really great prices even before the discounts were applied.  Here’s what I got (all prices are the cost before the discount was applied):

Now, I know this Ribbed Cascade Cardigan ($24.99)doesn’t scream spring, but we’ve been having weird weather around here lately, and we may get a few more rainy/cold days before we’re done.  Plus, I like that it will cover my hips.  I ordered it one size smaller than I normally wear just so that it would last a bit longer.

I loved the print on this Floral Tie-Front Dress ($39.99) and I’ve heard that coral is “the” color for spring, so I figured it would work nicely into my wardrobe.  I bought this dress one size smaller than usual, too, because it seems like it will be forgiving.  Look at how cute those shoes she has on are.  They go so well with the dress, but they’d look great with jeans or cropped pants, as well, don’t you think?

My thoughts exactly!  I loved these Shaunte Snake Emboss Wedge Sandals ($34.90), and loved them even more when I realized that they came in wide widths.  As far as I can tell, the “snake” pattern looks more like a croco embossing, which should be really cute.  The only downside I can think of is that they’d leave a hideous tan line on your feet.

Who can buy just one pair of shoes?  Not me.  So when I saw these adorable Kayley Thong Sandals ($14.90), I knew they were going in my cart.  They’re just flat flip-flops, but I like that they’re a bit fancier with the double-band and the patent leather.  I could see these paired with a cute pair of capri pants.  And they’re probably not the best walking shoes, but they’d be great for meeting a friend for coffee or a movie or something.

I got this dark brown Crochet Shrug ($29.99) because I’m not a fan of my upper arms, and unless it’s really hot outside, I like to keep them covered.  Plus, the shrugs sometimes help an outfit look more put together.  I have several brown-patterned dresses and skirts, and I’ve been really needing a brown shrug, so I was glad to finally find one.

I already have two other black shrugs, but I really liked this Crochet Edge Sweater ($19.99), so I got it too.  I have SO much that it will go with, so I know that it was money well spent.

This Retro Floral Sundress ($24.90) was the pièce de résistance for me.  I love anything retro anyway, but I think  this will look really good on me.  I have the most perfect shoes to wear with it, too.

I loved the ruffle on this Ruffle & Bow Tunic ($14.90), and I thought that it was incredibly versatile.  I could see myself wearing it with a straight skirt and a belt as easily as with a pair of cropped jeans.  I’ve found that most tops at Avenue are short and boxy, which isn’t a flattering look on me (or most people, right?), so I always make sure to get tunics from them because I know they’ll be long enough.

Not a bad morning of shopping yesterday, huh? And after my discounts, I got everything – two dresses, two shrugs, two pairs of shoes and top – for less than $175.


I have one more item that I purchased, but it goes along with some great news that I wanted to share with all of you.

I found the most amazing breeder to get my new puppy from!  They’re called Lilly Bits, and they are absolutely the type of place that you’d hope to find your new puppy from.  I happened upon their almost by accident.  I’d been searching online to see what type of puppy I might want to get this time.  I loved the bichon part of Lulu and I loved her coloring.  Everyone used to say she was like a little “teddy bear,” but I also didn’t want to try to replicate her (not that I could) and get another of her exact mix (yorkie bichon), so I found out that the true “teddy bear” breed is called Shichon (shih tzu and bichon).  And then somehow I came across the Lilly Bits site.

They’re amazing people who live near Seattle and Heather is one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to.  She doesn’t treat it like a business, but rather like this is her calling.  She and her family are the absolute sweetest people ever.  They spoil every one of their dogs, whether or not they’re going to become their pets.  Just look around at that website, if you have some time.  You’ll see the plethora of tips and information she puts on it.  When I complimented her on how clean and straightforward it was, she said that she just wanted to include the type of information that she would want to find on a site if she were looking to buy a puppy.  That’s exactly their approach – they treat the puppies and their clients exactly as they would want to be treated.  And it shows in everything they do.

I’ve put a deposit down and I get pick 4 (out of 6) of Lilly’s puppies.  New photos were just posted moments ago, and I am going nuts over here oooohing and ahhhhhing over them.  I have a favorite, although I  think they’re all precious. Please keep a good thought (or a prayer, if you’re so inclined) that I’m able to get “Winnie” because she’s a doll.

The puppies are only two weeks old, and as fate or karma or coincidence would have it, they were born on March 26th, exactly one week after Lulu’s accident.  To the day.  I take that as a huge sign that this is the place that I am supposed to get my next puppy from.

I’ve even figured out a name, after great deliberation.  I loved the name Lola, but my mom and my older niece hated it.  Then I thought of Lucy, but that’s so close to Lulu and my friend has a puppy named Lucy, so that might get confusing (although she lives in DC and I live in California).  Other names that I liked were Gigi and Stella (Streetcar Named Desire!).  But then it came to me –


Inspired by Sophia Loren and all of those other great film mavens of the past.  It’s sassy and a bit spunky.  Plus, it rolls easily off the tongue.  And I just think it’s adorable.

In honor of choosing the name, my other purchase yesterday was from an Etsy store called Coley’s Collars.  Heather (from Lilly Bits) highly recommended the store, and once I saw their collars, I could see why.  I got this one for Sofi:

It will go with the red leash and harness that I already have, and it’s so summery and sweet.  And since I’m going to get Sofi (whoever she ends up being) the day after school gets out, on June 11th, she’s definitely going to be a summer puppy.

Even though I’m not exactly sure which puppy is coming home to me on June 11th, the thought that one of these adorable puppies is going to be mine has really lifted my spirits.


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