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I absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter whether I’m romantically entangled or single (more often the case), this is a day worth smiling about.

It all started with my mom (doesn’t everything lead back to our moms?). She made Valentine’s Day really special for us growing up. Heart-shaped poached eggs for breakfast, a sandwich cut out in a heart shape, a sweet greeting card waiting for us after school, some cute little trinket at dinner. The house was decorated with hearts and pink and red, and we always had special candles on the dinner table. She instilled in me that Valentine’s Day isn’t just a corporate over-commercialized holiday, but it’s a time to show those you love that they’re important to you.

And that’s how I’ve looked at V-Day forever after. It’s a day to tell everyone I love just how special they are to me. How my life is better because they’re in it. And having a significant other (or not) doesn’t change that, because I have lots of love in my life even without a boyfriend to share it with (right now).



...from the heart on my top...


...to the "amore" on my coffee cup...

…I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.  Go tell someone you love them today.


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