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Bad habits fill needs, so find good alternatives for them.”

– Martha Beck

Wow, this quote couldn’t have come at a better time!  With all of my goals for 2010, I am really trying to replace some bad habits (smoking, overeating) with healthy alternatives (exercising, eating right), and it is tough.  But I know that in the end, it will be worth it.

The “need” my bad habits fill is mostly boredom, to be honest.  The times I overeat and/or feel like smoking the most are the times when I’m bored.  If my mind is engaged in something, I feel no need to have a cigarette or to eat something I shouldn’t.  So the key for me is to keep my mind occupied and do something that’s fun and worthwhile.

Some of the things I’ve been doing to keep from smoking (the overeating thing is a lot easier to curb, but these work for that too):

  • “playing” the Wii FitPlus, EA Sports Active
  • cleaning – laundry, dishes, vacuuming,etc. You name it, I’m cleaning it!
  • organization projects: 1. getting my “to cook” recipes in order, 2. finding photos for some frames, 3. making a goal board
  • cooking – preparing meals for the week ahead
  • catching up with friends/family via phone and email
  • blogging – you’ve probably noticed the increase in writing; typing keeps my fingers busy, plus it lets me get my emotions out
  • playing Bejeweled Blitz on my iPhone – I swear that game is addictive!
  • Facebook
  • exercising – personal training, C25K training, fitness DVDs
  • chewing gum, drinking water/tea/coffee, eating carrots/celery

What are some of the bad habits (and their good alternatives) for you?

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