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I’m really excited to share my newest NSV with you! Yesterday when I weighed in at Kaiser, I was so excited about being below the first goal weight, it completely escaped me that I’d also lost a total of 31.4 pounds! Which means that I’ve officially also lost 10% of my body weight. Which means….

I can now wear the 10% bracelet I bought for myself 2 years ago! It’s sort of eerily perfect that I purchased the bracelet back in March 2011, and now in March 2013 I’ve finally achieved the weight loss. I’ve been keeping it in my jewelry box all this time, just waiting for this moment to wear it. Today I donned it proudly:


The charm is actually a key from an old typewriter, which is so appropriate for someone who loves writing and literature as much as I do.  I absolutely love this constant reminder of what I’ve achieved.  I’m going to wear it proudly every day.


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