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I knew this morning that as much as I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, it just wasn’t going to be pretty on the scale. I did my best with exercise during the week, but since the doctor told me to stick to low/no impact workouts, I had to cut the classes out completely. And as many calories as I burn swimming, it’s not the same as when I am sweating and pushing myself in Zumba or Turbo Kick, etc. (I will say that the rest has helped and my back isn’t hurt at all, so it does make me think that I need to make sure that for every “hardcore” class I take I spend the next day doing something lighter).  And then I made a poor choice on Monday night, and the rest, as they say, is history.

20110727-081535.jpg Which means I gained 2.8 pounds this week, for a total loss of 17 pounds.  The only good thing about that photo is that I got a pedicure on Friday, so my toes look nice.  🙂

I’m not going to focus on the negative here, because that really doesn’t do any good.  What I am going to say is that I gained weight because of choices I made, pure and simple.  And if I want to get the weight off and qualify for the VSG surgery, it’s going to happen based on choices I make, as well.  So instead of grabbing for something that satisfies a short term craving, I have to take a minute and remind myself what I’m doing all of this for.  Otherwise it’s going to be an endless up and down roller  coaster that I’ve been on countless times in the past.  And instead of riding the weight loss journey roller coaster, I want to lose enough weight that I can go on an actual roller coaster someday soon.

In general I make good food choices because I try not to keep tempting treats in the house (the No Pudge Brownies were an anomaly that will not return to my cupboards).  I have learned so much about myself in this past year and I know that I don’t want to completely deny myself those kinds of foods, but I also know that I can’t have them in bulk in the house.  So if I want a cupcake/brownie/cookie, I’m going to have it when I’m in a social setting, but not buy them in large quantities.  I’m going to try to be more European in that mindset – buy a delicious delicacy from the bakery and bring home a single size serving and enjoy it to the fullest, but know that when it’s gone, it’s gone.  That way, I’m truly indulging but I’m also not setting myself up for failure by going overboard.

As I mentioned yesterday, when I’m working out and giving it my all in that area, it definitely carries over into my food choices. So here’s my workout plan for the remainder of the week, through the weekend:

Wednesday: swimming
Thursday: Spinning (6pm) (attempting again to take my first-ever class)****
Friday: Swimming, Zumba (6pm)
Saturday: Long bike ride
Sunday: Walking (around San Fran, with my sister)

That’s my plan and I’m going to stick to it.  You can follow me on Twitter to catch my tweets about exercises (or just read them in the sidebar of this blog).


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I’m finding staying on the fast is very easy for me. Because of the money I’ve spent on the program, I know that I don’t want to undermine my progress by breaking the fast. Plus, I think that now my body is adjusting to the lower calories, and I’m not feeling hungry as much as I was last week. I know that if I stick to this foolproof program, I’ll lose weight. It’s that simple.

My pattern in the past is that after I’ve seen some success on a particular eating program, I start to slack off. I stop measuring my cereal or I stop counting my points. Or I go hog wild and give myself a “cheat day,” and then things go downhill fast. When I was doing South Beach, I didn’t feel this way too often. There were a few times that I eat things I probably shouldn’t have, but overall, I stuck to that program very strictly. I was in the right mindset for success.

The same holds true for this fast. I’m not saying that it’s easy to not eat regular food, because it isn’t. I find myself thinking of things like toast or salads or fruit. But then I remind myself that all of those foods will be there for me to enjoy when this fasting period is over. I know there’s an end in sight, and I keep that date in mind as I continue. Before I know it, that day will be here and so will real food, with all of it’s challenges.

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