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One of my goals for 2009 is to get 30 minutes of activity in every day.

Now of course when I was on vacation, this was fairly easy to do.  I had plenty of time, fewer commitments, and no particular schedule that I had to stick to.  Once school started up again this week, I’ve been finding this goal quite a challenge.  In fact, so far this week I have gotten exactly 0 minutes in.

It’s always difficult to get back into a groove the first week back after a long vacation.  I’ve been so tired each day after school, and I also think I’m fighting off a cold.  Which are not meant to be excuses, although I guess that’s exactly what they are.  I like to consider them explanations.  (ha!)

I’m not ready to give up.  I’ve thought about it, though, because I hate not meeting expectations, even my own.  But then I remind myself that challenges are difficult, otherwise they wouldn’t be called “challenges,” would they?

But in order to ease up on myself a bit and allow for some of the realities of life, I’ve decided to think of my activity goal in terms of WW Activity Points (AP).  When I went to the Activity Tracker on WW eTools, I found out that on average, 30 minutes of moderate activity = 3 APs.  (Disclaimer: This is what I would earn, based on my weight; your results might be different). So, that comes out to 21 APs for a week (30 min/day = 3APs x 7 days = 21 APs).

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to modify my goal and make it:
“Get at least 21 APs per week.”
Which means that I could go on a long bike ride on Saturday or Sunday and earn 10 APs (as I did last week), and get the other 11 APs during the week.  Or,  I could earn all 21 APs on the weekend.  I know that it’s probably better to earn a few each day, but I feel like it’s better to get the activity in, any way I can.

I’m glad that I didn’t let my lack of activity so far this week get the better of me.  In the past I would’ve gotten upset with myself and gotten very discouraged, which might have thrown me off my eating plan, as well.  Instead, I spent some time thinking of ways I could still meet my goal, but within the realities of my lifestyle.  I call that great progress!


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