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I’ve been wanting to write this post since Sunday, when I completed the 5K, but I wanted to wait for the photos that Ish snapped that day, because I knew she was going to have some amazing ones.

We started early in the morning, because the race started at 8am in San Francisco, but at all the races I’ve been to, it’s good to get there about half an hour ahead of time.  And since AM, Ish, and FavCousin were doing the 5K with me, that meant quite a bit of car coordination to get to the Bridge by 7:30.  So, I set the alarm for 4:45am, and wouldnt’ you know that I couldn’t sleep the night before, so I only got about 3 hours of sleep.  Still, I was ready and raring to go when AM got to my house around 6:10, then we headed to Ish’s house (which was farther north) by 6:30, and after a quick stop at Starbucks for some much-needed caffeine, we were on our way to the City to pick up FavCousin.

As we headed toward the Bridge, we debated about which side we should go to.  You see, the MovFitness website said the race would start on the Sausalito side, but the Active.com website said it would be the SF side.  We went with the SF side because Active.com is a much more reliable organization, plus the fact that MovFitness didn’t even have the date of this race on their website up to a week before.  (This should’ve been a sign of things to come).

We got to the SF side, and we didn’t see very many people at all.  Now all of the 5Ks I’ve ever taken part in have always had 1000s of people waiting to participate.  There were literally 10 people, and no sign of anyone from MovFitness.  We got out of the car and everyone looked fairly confused.  A few of the others said they had gone to the Sausalito side of the Bridge and that no one from MovFitness was there, either.  There was no signage on either side, which was also very strange.

Since we had all been really looking forward to the 5K on the Golden Gate Bridge, (not to mention the fact that we were all up at the butt crack of dawn), we decided to go on the “walk” anyway.  FavCousin was the only one who had ever walked across the Bridge, but that makes sense, since she grew up and still lives in SF.  AM, Ish, and I had all traveled over the Bridge by car many times, but none of us had ever walked or ridden our bikes across it.  The three of us were all really excited to be up there walking on one of the most iconic architectural structures in the country.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite cooperating with us.  It was foggy, windy, and very cold.  But in some ways, that kind of weather is so much better to walk a 5K in, because you don’t get overheated.  The only thing we were missing was the amazing views of the SF coastline that you can see from the top of the Bridge.  But, we can always do this again when the weather is better.

As far as the walk itself, I had the same trouble with my feet that I’ve had in the past.  The numbness started in my left foot, this time, which was different; it usually starts with the right side.  The one difference this time is that the numbness did stay at my feet, and didn’t travel up my leg to my hip, as it had in the past.  The other big difference was that Ish was walking at my pace, so it was fine for us to go slow and take our time.  FavCousin and AM were walking ahead of us, and I felt fine with the fact that we were about 10 minutes behind them.  They had each other to talk to, and I didn’t feel like I was keeping anyone behind.

When we arrived at the halfway point, on the Sausalito side, there were a couple of people from MovFitness, and they were passing water out of the trunk of a car.  The trunk of a car?  Seriously?  I was so pissed that I told one of the guys, “what sort of bullshit organization are you running? Why didn’t you have signs up to avoid confusion, especially because your site had different information than what was on Active.com.” To which he replied, “the information was different?”  Great, glad to know that their representatives are “in the know.”  I determined then and there that I was going to write a scathing email to the “organization” to let them know exactly what I thought of them.  (Which I did, the result of which was that the “CEO” said that he would refund my money.  Because in the email one of the things I said (out of the many things I reamed them for) was the fact that I wasn’t at all confident that the money I spent on the race was actually going to underprivileged kids’ dance classes).

Once we had all given them a piece of their mind, we finished the 5K.  After we were done, I felt tired, a bit sore, and very accomplished.  I was glad that I had done it.  I had a great time with FavCousin, Ish, and AM, and we all said that we’d love to do it again.  A bit later, and hopefully when the sun is out and the vistas will be more visable, but definitely something to do again.  I’d actually love to ride my bike across it, so I htink that’s the next thing I’m going to do.

Even though I appreciated the sense of accomplishment I felt at the completion of the 5K, I was very frustrated by the fact that I am still getting numbness in my feet.  As I said in a previous post, I am not sure if I’ll continue to participate in endurance walks.  At this point, my feet still go numb, and it is the worst feeling.  I already signed up for a 5K at the end of September, and I’d like to try to do it, because it supports breast cancer, but I’m not going to push myself.  I want to continue to workout as I have been, combining biking, swimming, personal training, and some walking.  If I’ve lost a decent amount of weight by the end of September, then I’ll re-evaluate the situation and determine whether or not I think I can participate.  In either case, I’ve already paid the money, so my contribution has been made.

Here are some cool pictures that Ish took during the 5K.  There are some really artistic photos in this group, so I hope you enjoy them.


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