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I hope everyone has a really fun, safe New Year’s Eve!

This year I have some fun plans – I’m having Nicey and her hubby over for dinner.  We’re going to have Chinese food, because somehow, Chinese food and New Year’s Eve just goes together, doesn’t it?  I never eat Chinese food, because it’s so heavy, but every once in a while it’s nice to have.  We won’t be drinking too much, because Nicey’s husband doesn’t really drink.  I did buy some prosecco, though, because we have to have some bubbles when midnight hits.  Plus, I still have the pom martini mix, in case Nicey would like to have one with me.  I got 500 Days of Summer from Netflix for us to watch, and of course we can play Wii bowling!  It’ll be a really nice, lowkey evening, which is perfect.  I think I’m past the age where I like huge, loud parties.

I’m not exactly sure how to count the points for the Chinese food we’re planning on ordering.  WW has things like lo mein, but they don’t have the honey walnut chicken.  My solution is that I’m going to eat light during the day, make sure to get a good workout in, and then watch my portion sizes when it comes to the actually food.  I think it will be fine, and I have the rest of the week to eat well, workout hard, and stay on plan.

I mentioned the other day that I spent a few hours making a Smilebox “Holiday Newsletter” that was a 2009 retrospective with photos and a bit of text to share with family and friends.  Everyone who viewed them loved them, and I thought I’d share them with you guys, too.  There are 2 because I couldn’t fit all of 2009 into 18 photos and 6 slides – I needed twice that much, at least.  These take a while to load, but I think you’ll find it worth your wait.  Enjoy!!

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Click to play this Smilebox greeting: 2009 in review, part 2
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I hope all of you have a very happy new year! I simply cannot wait for all of the great things that we’re going to experience in 2010!

(P.S. – Tomorrow is Day 1 of C25K, and I’m really nervous/excited about it!  Be sure to check in here in the afternoon to read about how it went).

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Enough of this feeling pathetically sorry for myself stuff. Now it’s time to stop wallowing and start doing something about it.

I followed Phase 1 really strictly and had amazing results — lost 8.5 lbs in two weeks! Then came Phase 2 and things sort of went downhill. I did well enough the first week, but then came the week before Christmas and all bets were off. Not that I went wild by any means, but I just didn’t stick to it like I should be. It was Christmastime and all, but still, there’s always going to be some holiday or some celebration, and if I really want to reach my goals, this has to become a true lifestyle.

So tomorrow I’m starting to workout again. It’s been some time since I’ve been to the gym, but who cares? I’ve got to get back into the habit of going, especially now that I have my prep period back and can go to they gym on “A day” mornings. Ahhhh, how nice it will be to go to the gym and still have time to come home and shower, eat breakfast, and read the paper with some coffee. I love easing into my mornings like that. I’ve missed it more than I can say.

I have strong hope that by combining diet and exercise I’ll start seeing results a lot quicker.

I’m not going to get totally back on SBD until after New Year’s Eve, because I just don’t think all the drinking I plan to do on NYE is going to work well with Dr. Agatston’s plan, do you? I know what I just said about everyday not being a celebration, but I do have some fun plans with CCLuv on NYE, and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, I’m going to try to stick to Phase 2 up to and including that day, until we go out at night. I’m not going to be super-strict with myself, but I am going to avoid as many high fat/high carb foods as I can.

I feel good about this decision. It’s not really a new year’s resolution anymore — now it’s a New Me resolution.

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