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Happy Friday, Everyone!

It’s rainy and cold here (they’re saying we *might* get snow – the first time since 1976), and I thought it was time for a fun, this-and-that post.

Ouidad, Where Have You Been All My Life?!
As you guys may know, I have naturally curly, thick, somewhat-coarse hair, and I definitely have a love-hate relationship with it.  When it looks nice, it’s the best.  But when I’m having a bad hair day, forget about it.  A few weeks ago I was reading Stacey Ballis’ blog (she’s one of my favorite authors, and if you’re looking for a good book, read Good Enough to Eat) and she mentioned that her hair had never been better since she’d tried Ouidad.  (She’s got curly locks, too).

I’d heard of Ouidad for years and seen the advertisements in the magazines.  I just never knew if it really worked, because I’d never known of anyone who used it.  All I can say, is “Stacey, a million thank yous for mentioning this product!”  I went to the site, watched all the videos, and ended up buying some products to give it a try:

Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  They smell great, leave my hair really nourished and healthy.

Climate Control, which has won all sorts of awards.  This stuff is awesome!  It defines my curls but never makes them stiff or untouchable.  It leaves them completely frizz free and shiny.  I’ve tested this stuff in the rain, when my hair usually goes bonkers, and it stood up to the test.

Botanical Boost is another product that I cannot live without (now that I know about it).  Because my hair is curly and thick, I only wash it 2-3 times a week.  It used to look it’s best only on the “shampoo day,” and then I’d have to get creative the other days until the next wash.  Not anymore.  I wake up in the morning and spray on the Botanical Boost and my curls really are revitalized.  It’s like magic.  The other day I’d had my hair back in a low ponytail, the curls all pulled back and smoothed out, then I sprayed some of this on it, and it was as if I had just styled it.  Awesome!!

For those of you with wavy or curly hair, I cannot recommend Ouidad highly enough.  I’ve spent my life on a mission to find THE product that would tame my tresses and make my hair look its best. I can’t even begin to calculate the amount of money I’ve spent on the “next big thing.”  And now I’m so happy to report that my search is over.  Ouidad is my Holy Grail of products for my hair.  And because my hair has been looking so good since I’ve started using it, I’ve decided to let it grow again.  I want to be able to show off my curls more.  (And I also miss being able to put it in a high ponytail now and then).

Cuddly & Cute

As I mentioned, it’s been cold here, and yesterday I was at my computer writing a couple of blog posts (which you really should read, if you haven’t already) when I looked up and saw Minnnie (LC’s dog) and Lulu all cuddled up together in Lulu’s bed.  I gave Minnie Lulu’s extra (pink) bed, but she never seems to want to use it, and now I know why.  It’s so sweet to see them all cozy like this, because most of the time they can be found running around after each other or wrestling like it’s WWE up in this joint.  Plus, who doesn’t love cute shots of Lulu, right?

Ladies’ Night Appetizer Cooking Class
It may seem odd that I’m going out tonight to learn how to make appetizers at this really cute kids’ cooking school near my house, especially since I’m on Medifast.  The cooking school offers adult classes in the evenings sometimes, and tonight they have a Ladies’ Night Appetizer class, which is going to be so much fun.  I planned this event for my alumnae wine club a month ago, before I joined Medifast, and I’m really looking forward to it because these events are a time for me to get together with friends I’ve known since high school.  And the thing is, I’ve learned that moderation is the key to any successful weight loss attempt, and this is no exception.  So, every now and then, probably on a Friday or Saturday, I’m going to allow myself to have a glass of wine or two and some non-Lean and Green food.  (I’m going to make sure to pre-burn calories today with a “new” workout I’m looking forward to trying.  More about that in a future post). The last time I was doing Medifast I became very hermit like, and I don’t want to make that same mistake this time.  I should do fine, because I’ve made a plan and I know how I’m going to fit it all into my food program.

Update 2/26: We had so much fun at the cooking class!  You can view the photos, if you’d like.  I’m so glad that I decided to just enjoy myself and not worry too much about going off the Lean and Green.  I used moderation (except maybe with the wine ;)) and this morning the scale was only slightly up.  Definitely worth it. 

Get Free Stuff, Courtesy of Scale Warfare
Did you know that Scale Warfare is celebrating her 500th post with an awesome giveaway? She’s got some great stuff for you to win, so you should definitely go check her out.  Lots of ways to enter, too.  I think it’s so generous of her to mark her 500th post that way.  I told her that I’ve passed my 750th post some time ago without any fanfare at all.  She inspired me to do a giveaway when I reach 1000 posts, so stay tuned for that later this year.


That’s about it for me.  I’ve got to squeeze all the fun I can out of this last Friday of my week-long break.  Have a great one!

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